New York City Marathon Canceled in Wake of Sandy

Mayor Bloomberg caves in to public outcry over resources diverted from relief efforts for the race.
3:00 | 11/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York City Marathon Canceled in Wake of Sandy
As we come on the air, there is late news about the devastating storm and one of the biggest athletic events in the world. Under enormous pressure, new york has canceled the iconic new york city marathon for the first time in history. 40,000 runners from all over the world sidelined. And even a lot of those athletes wondered how anyone ever thought they could possibly run when so many communities around them are suffering. Abc's dan harris now on this huge controversy, the big decision and the bg news tonight. Dan? Reporter: Diane, good evening. As you know, the mayor really wanted this race to be run. He hoped it would be a sign of unity in this crippled city, but he admitted it had become a source of controversy and division. It was scenes like this is your house right here? Yeah. This is my house. I used to be over there. Reporter: Jux posed against scenes like this that forced the mayor to cancel the marathon. Today, we saw them loading in cases of vodka. Private party going on in here. And pal lets of water and food. This is a lot of provisions. Can't go in this area? But the pictures that truery did not sit well in this city were hundreds of thousands still don't have power, four large diesel generators. How many homes could these things power? I don't know. Reporter: How do you think your neighbors without power would like this thing? They'd love it. There's children out there who are without blankets, without anything. And then these generators are running. Reporter: The decision to cancel the marathon came just hours after the mayor publicly defended the idea. New york has to sw that we are here and that we're going to recover. Reporter: Tonight, on our local station, wabc, the head of the marathon said it was the toughest decision she'd ever made. It was time to just, you know, make this decision and this became a psychological issue for the city. Reporter: She apologized to d to the tens of thousands of runners who trained hard and traveled long distances in many cases, for a race that is now yet another casualty of hurricane sandy.

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{"id":17630225,"title":"New York City Marathon Canceled in Wake of Sandy","duration":"3:00","description":"Mayor Bloomberg caves in to public outcry over resources diverted from relief efforts for the race. ","url":"/WNT/video/york-city-marathon-canceled-wake-sandy-17630225","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}