Zika Virus Hits Home

There's evidence Zika-transmitting mosquitos are now here in the United States.
3:26 | 07/30/16

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Transcript for Zika Virus Hits Home
We begin with that breaking news in the battle against seek out the virus now very likely being spread by mosquitoes white cure the United States the Frontline in the battle. Florida and tonight the search for the infected mosquitoes is even more urgent inspectors are on the hunt and spraying neighborhoods where they might live. What can the virus be stopped ABC's Eva pilgrim is in Miami tonight in the neighborhood considered to be ground zero for the fight. Tonight for the first time evidence of the can spread by mosquitoes here in the US. This morning we learned that four people are state likely have physique a virus as a result of a miscue by. The first suspect the case was announced July 19 in Miami Dade County two days later another case in nearby Broward County. That on Wednesday the Health Department revealing two more suspected cases in both counties in South Florida. We think about this just like we do hurricane. The way you do things and due out this as you get ready. So far 1658. Reported cases of cica in 46 states but these four are not only to travel outside the US. Or sexual contact with some what in fact it. All cases stemming from this square mile. Just north of downtown Miami where we were on the ground today workers going door to door reminding residents to take extra precaution. Just days ago ABC news was there with mosquito control as they sprayed affected areas and collected samples. So far officials at tested 191000. Mosquitoes none of them testing positive for cica. DK is especially dangerous for pregnant women while the sentence or opted mild the disease can cause severe birth defects. And starting today blood centers testing detonations for cica. Tonight cancer neighbors telling us they're nervous. I cannot my act Pamela count Karen out. That are at. And even program join us live from one of the neighborhoods affected by the physique of mosquitoes evil officials warning there could be more you get cases coming should travelers avoid Miami. On the CDC says they would not be surprised if there are more reported cases in the coming days as. Weeks but and this time. They are not recommending limiting travel here to Miami the mayor here telling us that he's confident that mosquito control can contain. This outbreak town. Eva pilgrim for us tonight Eva fake UA BC's chief medical editor doctor rich bastard join us from rear vision naral tonight the side of the upcoming Olympics. Brazil of course the hot bed Persico where it started. Doctor best shall we just took you the pilgrim reporting the CDC is currently not advising travel restrictions to Miami is that a responsible move. Well I think it is a responsible. This this is not a widespread outbreak across Miami it's limited to one area. But what it says is that we have the conditions in many parts of America we're CK can spread from local mosquitoes. So people in that area really have to take this seriously and all travelers especially to the south have to understand that this can occur. So for those in Miami and everyone concerned how can we protect ourselves. Well that the big focus is on protecting pregnant women so if you're someone who's traveled overseas and you come back. Use a repellent for three weeks if you're going to these areas. Use a repellent if you live there get rid of freestanding water repair those screens and make sure you're not the one who spreads it to someone who's pregnant repeat you'll lot of harm. Doctor best are from Brazil for us.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"There's evidence Zika-transmitting mosquitos are now here in the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"41007473","title":"Zika Virus Hits Home","url":"/WNT/video/zika-virus-hits-home-41007473"}