'What Would You Do?': Applicant denied bartending job due to age

An applicant is interviewing for a job as a bartender but the manager tells them the job might be a little “too fast-paced" and they might not “fit in.” Watch how others react.
7:20 | 08/12/20

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Transcript for 'What Would You Do?': Applicant denied bartending job due to age
Hi there. I'd like to apply for a bartending position. It's a tough schedule. Well, I'm sure I can handle it. Things really pick up here on Friday and Saturday nights and the crowd and the staff are a little younger. I just think it might be a little too fast-paced for you. In recent years, there've been countless reports in the news of alleged ageism. Two longtime Ohio state university teachers reached a settlement after suing over age discrimination. The women claimed one supervisor even called them "Dead wood." We've also even seen it in the race for the white house. Biden will be 78 years old on inauguration day. Yeah. Is he too old? Donald Trump is the oldest president to assume office at the age of 70. Can you be too old to be president? I'm just saying, you might not fit in here. But if you really want to fill out an application, go for it. You see a job applicant being discriminated against because of their age. Wow. What would you do? Sutton foster! How are you? Joining us to take it all in is actress, singer and multiple Tony award-winning grodway star Sutton foster. Sutton's character on her show "Younger" tackles ageism in the workplace by pretending she's in her 20s. How is it that the older and more experienced you are, the less desirable you become? Tell them you're 26!"younger" is a lot of fun. But ageism is a real issue. Yeah, it's been an interesting show to be a part of as I'm navigating my own second act. This afternoon, Sutton is with us at the blue moon Mexican cafe. As we watch, we'll be able to weigh in. You're making me nervous. Diana enters the bar. Hi, excuse me, hi. To inquire about that job opening. I saw a sign that you're hiring bartenders, I'd like to apply. Are you sure? You're -- Am I what? Right away, these two are listening in on the uncomfortable exchange. If you don't mind me asking, how old are you exactly? They are left speechless. I'm an experienced bartender, I don't see why that would matter. Sorry, but look at me and look at you. We leave Diana at the bar, filling out that application. That was, like, really bad. I'm so sorry. And this customer is compelled to reassure her. It made me feel really bad for you. Oh. I've interviewed like people at my job before, and I know that you're not allowed to ask that question. And she's right. Employment laws protect job applicants from discrimination on the basis of age. And so, Diana continues filling our her application. Okay, you're still here. I am. You haven't even looked at my resume. There are a lot of young women looking for work here. Oh, god! I think it's clear you have experience, but there are a lot of younger women that have been looking for jobs here. I'm sorry, where's your bathroom? When she steps away, they turn the tables on our manager. Imagine if that was you, and suddenly, you're like, oh, I don't have a job right now, but I'm older. And someone was like, well, you're old so we don't like you. I just feel, like, now she's like crying in the bathroom. Yeah. Diana comes back in and the customer extends her an offer. I know you said you don't have any office experience. No, I've been a bartender for years! I've got to -- I was going to say you can come down to the jcc if you want. Oh, thank you so much! Aw, she just offered her a job at the jcc. Before changing careers, Diana gives the interview one last shot. I have a lot of experience. And I'm just trying to save your time. That's when this group across the bar jumps in. Like, how could you even speak to someone like that? As a human, with morals? That's disgusting. There you go. Everybody is weighing in. You shouldn't be in this business. You shouldn't be in this business, sweetie. And it shows character. It really shows character. You should re-evaluate that. She tries to talk some sense into Diana. You want to work with some people who stand for those values? Who's finally had enough. All right, let's break it now, right? You're literally wrong. You're 100% wrong. And we step in. Hi guys, how are you? I'm John Quinones. I knew it! I was like, there's no way this girl is real! This is Sutton foster from the show younger. Hi! Hi. I was so nervous! I was getting so mad. I was so proud of you. Thank you, I'm always like, What were you thinking? She's just trying to get a job. It felt honestly wrong. It reminded me of, like, my mom trying to get a job. Yeah. Yeah. I was like I hire women like whatever at my job all the time that are like older, and they're I like hanging out with them, telling them my stuff. Yeah. Why can't she like work here? I was like, if you're really looking for a job I could, like, interview you. I was like, maybe she's going to get her a job at the jcc it was like, that would be awesome. So you turned around from all the way out here. I was like, this table's going now, too! Your message for people who think like that? It doesn't matter, what race, or what our hair looks like, what age we are. We're all the same and we should all treat each other the same. Diana is already filling out that application when these friends take a seat at the bar. Listen, you filling out this application is a waste of time, okay? They sit in disbelief of what they're hearing. Look, I can't have a slow person behind the bar. I'm sorry that you think that I'm too old. But I'm very -- I'm very skilled and I'm perfect for this type of a job. How's your balance? Can you handle a tray of drinks? How's your balance? Are you able to handle a tray of drinks? I am just speechless because the way you're talking to me. When Diana can't find the words, this customer steps in and fills the silence. Did she say something about your age? She said she's -- she says I'm too old to work here. You need to get her information and report her. Report her. Uh-oh. If somebody's going to ask you about your age and can you balance a tray and talk to you like that in an interview is ridiculous. Why are you bothering my customers? She's not bothering us or whatever. You're very rude. And then, they take on our malicious manager. If I was the one applying for that job and you spoke to me like that it would be a whole different ball game here. She needs to report you, I already told her that. You guys should just mind your business. Excuse me? Who's your manager? Oh, my gosh. I am the manager on duty. Then you shouldn't have us in your business, you should be speaking to her someplace else. Because when we're sitting here, trying to enjoy our lunch. And don't you ever tell me to mind my Business. Time for us to say hello. Excuse me? I'm John Quinones with "What would you do?" The TV show. Oh, my god. Why is that important, to speak up? Well, I mean, any time you see somebody being abused in public, you should have to do something. I mean, that's ridiculous. When she told you to mind your own business -- Then it was something different. She almost had to call the

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"An applicant is interviewing for a job as a bartender but the manager tells them the job might be a little “too fast-paced\" and they might not “fit in.” Watch how others react.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"72317913","title":"'What Would You Do?': Applicant denied bartending job due to age","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/applicant-denied-bartending-job-due-age-72317913"}