'What Would You Do?': Customers confront man wearing Confederate flag jacket

In this scenario shot in New York and Mississippi, "What Would You Do?" explores what happens when a man publicly wears a jacket displaying the Confederate flag.
7:55 | 07/08/20

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Transcript for 'What Would You Do?': Customers confront man wearing Confederate flag jacket
Fell as an actor playing a proud southern. And the confederate battle flag he's wearing on his jacket. You know that's a symbol of racism and hate right as offended our actors Gabriel in Brooklyn and pillow and Hattiesburg Mississippi maybe you can just like taking jacket off. The Mississippi State flag made its debut in 1894. During one of two periods when the building of confederate monuments spiked. The first during the early twentieth century when segregation was spreading due to Jim grow old laws. The second decades later when the civil rights movement began. Noting the timing of these fines the American Historical Association says these symbols of white supremacy. We're used to intimidate African Americans politically and isolate them from mainstream public life. When we shot these scenarios more than a year ago are actor Phil faced resistance from customers in both locations. At. Back since it ever hear where plus. And we're still roaming first off and Mississippi where several customers duke come to fills defense. And it's tough talking against Sony backed. Senate confederate flag him display an homage to my heritage. Heritage. These first customers quickly find themselves caught in the middle class economy room just seeing him win and a public kind of makes me comfortable. And in the end it. Cause any concern for anybody what if I felt lake. The confederate flag represents white supremacy not only did notice 57 whole way around they wait for our offended customer to leave. You know it. And then immediately they engage our actor wearing the confederate battle emblem. Only no offense to anybody is just part of the. Because should take the Jack and all. Okay. When it appears bill is also making an early exit. Now I'm you know I'd certainly didn't want to offend anybody. They reassure him one last time is it racist and well I mean why is it. OK let's break it lets. Find out why. I think it's. I don't believe me like long it's an attack on ten. World to the black man in the white men as being rude. In his opinion do you think at stake race tightening of slavery. Yeah nice is it. How are people in their heart and felt like I think as a symbol of racist and an event that is thank his parent it's. And you just heard about it. We're rolling again and Automask in his name you can just by taking jacket off. And immediately we see some of that division. As more southerners defend fills confederate pride. You know my third. It's. An insult you're taking him that way we don't do your wife Jennifer are right. I don't know. You know what it means to black folks though amendment do you know what that means the black folks I don't want. Unbelievable thing what the dinner of the conference on let it. It's painful it stands press slavery. I'm just what we went. They'll miss it's easy for you say has no more you know we're we're. He's wrongly equating slaves to European indentured servants they would eventually earn their freedom. That was not the case for African slaves who were considered property. For lying. If you took the job and a half interest rates and diminished Marcus Williams funds it's just that that confederate flag represents such hope it will. Things to black folks in this country and our racism and segregation. Slavery and the construction should return the chargers. Yeah launch and. Looks back toward. I'm from Mississippi man's man hassling them down there in Brooklyn residents tried to reason with bills is that wrong. Yeah it's just my heritage guy has them an absolute horror you superstar would be a huge. There's just a battle flag a planet. Like wishful awards go forward. Before walking away he offers filled some advice. Remember yeah. It was a resurface. That's exactly what this next customer tries to provide yeah. Is it is offensive deal. Prevent this from slavery and oppressed people for under in the years. Have cables actually commanded to take I demand that you take at all I can't look at. Your afternoon. The future and we'll let anybody in this. What about his right to Wear whatever he wants not disputing his right to Wear and just disagreeing with notices that are surrounding. First Amendment thefts from speak for everybody in the deeply he has the right. Somewhere. As we roll one last time excuse us. Why you weren't a jacket it's just an honor and my ancestors you know Soledad this match shopper isn't. Even in line with our actor. Right now schools or wherever it but he takes a moment to give his opinion. While many thing by Andrew. About being easy again depending. And father have made as filled gain some support them. Gabriel finds themselves on the defensive culturally that means something. Well I don't think it made us again. Could you understand his. I do. Definitely. Get over right. Let's find out more. Shoes he should accept. Through harder things didn't want the banana letting go. I was amazed that would come with the rays were raised by how pathetic our pets. For the first time ever on our shelves someone cuts in on our interview she's this woman's neighbor when the topic of racism hits home. Every week. Kelly and I don't get enough and got shot down hallways and Sutton back. And everybody in August I was never. We wouldn't be. It's your given. This wouldn't there's something about I'm glad. And won't be mentally he's done and hopefully gain any time they get them. Four million. Some Americans the confederate battle flag represents slavery. One of the darkest chapters in our nation's history. It's crucial to listen. And hear that pain. Now. More than ever.

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{"duration":"7:55","description":"In this scenario shot in New York and Mississippi, \"What Would You Do?\" explores what happens when a man publicly wears a jacket displaying the Confederate flag. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"71662832","title":"'What Would You Do?': Customers confront man wearing Confederate flag jacket","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/customers-confront-man-wearing-confederate-flag-jacket-71662832"}