What Would You Do: Groom gets wedding-day jitters and runs off to the bar

A groom is nervous on his wedding day and runs away to the bar. Will customers support him or tell him to go back? What will they tell the bride?
7:47 | 07/14/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Groom gets wedding-day jitters and runs off to the bar
The invitations are out. Thgagement photos . And the day is finally here -- but someone is missing. He's not here. Who's not here? The groom. What's going on? Steve's NER Anybody call him? He groom im.I.a. Give me ane. I don't kn how to work this. Here, sweetie. Hello? What's going .where are you? I was outfront. I just left. I can't do this. Oh, mygod. Arrie. You might R aimilar scene from the 2000 film"sex and T city." He's T here. Who's not here? What's going on where are you? I just left. In the movie, the groom tries to things right. But H a bit tool. Our groom can't say the same and he ducks into the old glory en and spirits in key New Jersey. Can I get a shot equila, pl? If you saw this groom -- hat happened? U got coldeet? Wal in to a bar, instead of walking down the aisle -- Yeah. Oh, geez. Let me make thouble for Yo hat would you do? N I just get a sof quila? Tequila?'s wrong? I don't know. I'm getting cold feet, I guess. These first customers are quickly ged. I'm married years. It's nor to be nervous. Yeah,u going to have anxiety. It's a nervous day. They try to eas of the tension in the room. Well, how crazy is her dad? Igp you deci. Be O ease the groom'nerves. How long you Een together? Been together five, engage.y much know everything by now. It'ly Normal. I got married at 33. As a nerve-wrackday. What do you think I should do again? What do you think I should do?won't giveve a straight answer. I don'tw. It's a tough question. I don't know yoersonally. But they do recommend that he take at least one course acti. You know what you should do? You should call onour buddies 'S in youredding party. I'm our bride-to-be is freaking out right now. On her just sig there wondering. That's nice. 'S sweet. Okay, I think we can break it. I apprecie you guysaking the. What's your name? Steve. Greg. I'm John Quinones. It's part of "What would you do?." What did you think? It's anxi you get anxion your marriage, right? You weren't goio him don'to You canay yes or no to someone you don't know. It's a sentiment we hear and over again. I think you should go there, ma And talk to her, . Customerst won't tell our groom to say "I do." Eve it's not an happen, at least you guys should be honest each other and have a conversation face-to-face. Instead, they draw upon their own experiences. It's a --tied, I can tell you that. On't want to divorced. No guarantees. I never thought I'd get divorced either, but I had a good marriage for 20 years. Just gld. Thixtr jokes that our groom has more to lose than a brideou already paid for everything. Let those tequilas kick in, do what you go You'ralready the. You don't go, that's kind of, like, a rash decision. I think you're just having a moment. Fors couple, standing the bride - I knew it. I knewit. Is just not an option. No, that wouldreoo many peoples' hearts.have a drink and up. These next women do what moms best. Well, do you want her to marry somebodye? No,olutely no They ill confidence and Y to comfo Steve. Come on, we're talking to you like mothers. You have to breathe, baby. E raise the stakes a bit, and now ask the bride to call Steve. She's calling you? Yeah, she's calling M You got that call, baby. Take the call, say, I do love you. M nervous. I'm co. O wan to tell her that Yes. She gy takes the phone. Hilauren. Your fia he's right here. She personal makes the bride a promise. He says not to worry. He loves you. Thank you. Please tell I LE him and care lot about him. All GHT, sweet That was nice. So, here's the deal. When you're on theeymoon and it's and you're relaxed, two old -- at the Dar bar and they set me straight. And now it's our her stht. Ths "What would you do?." It's an it ve show.what did you think? He's a great actor, but he's got her. I was thinking if rey daughter, I'd have to reach acro and give M a sh this is what you get for speaking to strangers. I ought to just mind my business. Tst couple has been dating for 12 years and aren't rried. We're both divorced. We were mad to other people. But that doesn't stop them from reassuring Steve. You think this is Normal then? Yes. Bnd petrified yeah. I've never felt this level of nervousness be But you said you loved her. I do. Well, if you love her, you're G to make is the worst day of her life. You got to do what Y heart's telling Yo Feel like I got throw up. Go to the bathroom. Right now, it's us, and not his heart, telling him to step ay I feel like I'm gonna be sick. All right, bri in E ide. And now, here comes the bride. How will they react when mas her granpe There she is. . Thiss great. Yre groom? Yes. He's not feeling well I ink he wen the back. But he's here? Yes. Ox. Okay. I couldn't get in contacth him. With the bride unable to get ahold of him, Thomas Donahue does it for her. Hey, shhere. You gotbe kidding me. What do you mean, she's, like, front? Sittinght next there you were. E convinces Steve to speak now or forever hold his pe I'm freaking ou I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Let's go outside. But be they heaout -- Oh, I gotta pay. I gotta Thomas and jaav parting or the bride groom. Hey, we gt. Don't worry about it, go. Good luck to you guys. Good luck! Hank you, both. Good luck! Ith the hacouple headed for the altar, there's only one What can I get you? T was a tough one,? Yeah! And then she Ed in. What Dou think of that? Holy -- What'e key to a good tionship? Trust. Compromise. Actually, I compromise. And I'm as It's a message our groom will forever chris he lives happilever after. Happy wife, happy life. Announcer:hat's jus a

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{"duration":"7:47","description":"A groom is nervous on his wedding day and runs away to the bar. Will customers support him or tell him to go back? What will they tell the bride? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"56578856","title":"What Would You Do: Groom gets wedding-day jitters and runs off to the bar","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/groom-wedding-day-jitters-runs-off-bar-56578856"}