What Would You Do?: Imperfect Parenting

Who will step in when a mother lets her two children run wild in a clothing store?
6:50 | 07/07/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do?: Imperfect Parenting
Hello. Yeah I don't wanna call it running to break. Tracy's digital addiction here is Smartphone. Has made a red distracted Perez and she's certainly not the only one. CN landing just came out with this article about the dangers of distracted Karen Twomey. The headline news when it comes to children's development. Parents should worry less about their huge screen time meant more about their own. Doing well. So you're out shopping in a nice boutique when you see kids out of control. Her mother of doing nothing to stop them do you speak up and reprimand them yourself for. Do you stay quiet because they're not your kids. What would you do. Kids shouldn't even be allowed in the storms. Our hidden cameras are rolling at angered clothing store. Guys stop mum on the phone it's my day off. Editing your own thing these two clearly see what's going on. Same thing. Well yeah yeah. Somebody. I'll tell him. Yet. They seem to have compassion are stressed out. But will that change as kids being kids becomes. Kids being. Do straw did. Kelly ode to Ortiz compassion has now turned to concern that she's searching for our mom. Community. Yeah. Its clients buying gadgets find they're just plain could happen it just weird. Holiday. Oh okay okay no worries about okay thank you. There's kids. We rally it. Or. I. Think he should. Found. Depending on the peace after Kelly finishes paying she still has her true says. Left over for our mom. It's not really that's my folks. I'm Jackie. Okay. I. Think they're oh you. Here that is I checked the hunter when I was cleaning up at all sorry. Girl you told us there my acting out more than anything I'm telling you need to be saved from. Her being saved from. Right away this woman shocked by what she's seen yeah. She turns to look for our law yeah. Kids you can have fun. And yeah but says nothing as she walks bonds. No that's me let me finish shopping. Do you can't beat do you have. OK I don't think it's scary movie like yeah. It's not a scary move kids television. While you do. I thought the look in your face was priceless really you were stunned. Kind of mother lets city kids do that we wanna see how people should react to what advice you would have for them definitely discipline your kid is nobody no kid should act like that's received public. Throughout the day Ava and made me run tired Molly behavior label. Playing under we'll. I don't see. Phillies don't. Yeah. Even throwing things into occupy dressing room yeah. But no one reacts to our disruptive duo like Cindy erupt following its I have an excellent job. Yeah very ready I like that. Change. I'm ruling today. You can do about half alone first Cindy looks or Helms. And then she has into a dressing room while other shoppers react to haven Aden and read decorating that dress. LA just guys bring me along right now I'm busy it is as my weekend terror suspect. What. Alex I'm mind then did you learning important. Formal enough kids will be kids back but the best this hours. Anybody who can be no vacuum that dressing room Cindy over here's what's happening in the capital back any longer are you. Slimy it's Saturday I am not gonna sit here and take care of them all. Oh yeah. That won't happen. Produces kids being kids I. Yeah. Why did given permission to do day. War why are you. Yeah yeah. Want to know why they night. One I just think everyone should mind their own this as he ruined my. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. In. Okay. Oh. You know I'm yeah. Lonely and be ahead. Actually yeah. I lowered my. Yeah yeah okay. Yeah. Wow yeah wow. Yeah. Felt compelled to citizens is as parents they used the like this all the time and it's really disgusting you know whenever seven and I'm just not the type of person sit back.

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"Who will step in when a mother lets her two children run wild in a clothing store? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"31897584","title":"What Would You Do?: Imperfect Parenting","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/imperfect-parenting-31897584"}