What Would You Do: Man asks woman to split the check with him

After a woman tells her date she is not interested in a second date with him, he tells her they should split the check equally, as friends do. Is this fair?
7:14 | 08/17/19

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Man asks woman to split the check with him
These two got matched up online. And today, it's their very first date. Here you go. Change is inside. Thank you. Yup. Thanks for taking me out. It's been nice getting to know Yeah, you too. But just after he pays -- Hey, we should do this again sometime. How about next Thursday? I know this great Italian restaurant. Look, I think you're great but I just don't think this is gonna be a match. He gets shut down, but what about that check? Check out this story which recently went viral. An Indiana man sent a woman a $40 invoice. He texted, asking her for a second date, she ghosted him, refusing to talk to him or, return his texts. Today, how will customers react when James asks Sarah to pay up? Okay, well in that case you owe me $40. I'm sorry, you're asking me split the check? Mm-hmm. "What would you do?" It's a beautiful day for a first date at the sunset pub and grill. Well, thank you for this. It's been nice. It seems to be going perfectly. He's happily paid the check and they're getting ready to say good-bye. If you're free, I'd love to see you again. Maybe next week? And that's when things get a little bit awkward. Oh, it's been really nice getting to know you, I just don't -- I didn't really feel the chemistry. This man is tuned in. I know it's uncomfortable. Yeah, I appreciate your honesty. So I should probably get going. Yeah, as long as you want to do half of it. I'm sorry. You pay for your half, I pay for mine. Since we're not going to see each other again. I'm sorry, I really wasn't trying to hurt your feelings, this isn't going to work out but -- I think it's totally fair for you to pay for your share of the meal. I'm going to head to the men's room. Get your wallet out. Get your wallet out. When we send our actor away, he tells her straight up. Wow, that went bad quick. Did you hear this? The whole thing. I think you should run while you can. I think he's weird. Why are you waiting? I don't know, I feel like I'm in a bad spot. He already put it on his credit card. Get out of here. I'm gonna go. Yeah, sure. Thanks, guys! I'm coming in. That was funny. Hey, how you doing? It's "What would you do?" The TV show. I said I felt bad for him. That was cheap. You told her to run? I told her to leave, yeah because why have a whole altercation over a meal? It doesn't guarantee a second date? You never know where it's gonna go. Now we're going to go again. Where's the restroom here? This time Sarah leaves James alone at the bar while he generously takes car of the bill. I'm on a first date right now. Oh, you are? Yeah. How neat. I'm engaged to a girl I met on match. It's not easy finding somebody. It's not easy. Well, best of luck. And out of the blue he shares this warning. Just watch, that they, you know, I was used as a meal ticket, so many times. I got tired of it. Is that right? They acted all, I'd get kisses and then the next day was like, I didn't feel anything. I said, oh, you didn't feel that way before the check. Right. Yeah, totally. So there's a lot of them out there taking advantage of us guys. Now, we wonder. Excuse me, can we grab the check? Of course. What will he do when he hears this? You're a really nice guy. You seem great. I just don't see this going anywhere. Okay. So you wanted a free meal? So you wanted a free meal? No, I was hopeful we'll be friends. Yeah, let's be friends. Friends split the bill. Are you serious? I'll be right back I need a minute. He's taking his side. He's really angry that this guy is being taken advantage of him just because I didn't want a second date. I'm aggravated just listening. "We're friends." She said there was no connection. So what do you look like? Santa Claus? Right. Your beard's not white. How you doing, sir? I'm John Quinones. They were actors? Yes, yes. And you offered some good advice to him. Us guys have to watch out for each other. Somebody said it's a game, it's not a game, it's people's lives and emotions. So that's what kind of stinks about it. Throughout the day we get different reactions to our bill splitting dilemma. If we're just friends, then we should split the bill. This man has a simple solution. It's easier just to pay the $40 and get over with it. But he's acting like I owe him somehow. You don't, but it's cheaper to get rid of him, somehow. 40 bucks. This trio sides with James. Oh, I agree with you. 10 bucks, she doesn't come back. Really? I bet you she's gone. And this man puts Sarah's safety first. To be safe, maybe you should just go. Just go? I'll walk you to your car if you need me to. Nice, nice. Break it outside? You just want to be safe. That's all that counts. We meet up with him in the parking lot. Hi, sir. How are you? Oh, man. You did get me. What a gentleman. I have four sisters. You know what it's like. Well, no, I just would take care of them so I'd hope somebody else would take care of them, too. And now our actors are finishing up their final fake date. Can we grab the check, please? I really don't want to hurt your feelings, I just don't think we're gonna be a match. Yeah, you owe me half now. I'm sorry? These men clearly hear James state his case. Any other guy in my situation would do the same exact thing. I'll be right back. Get out your wallet. Are you kidding me? No. Wow. Good move. He invited you here, and then he wants you to pay half of it? They rule in favor of Sarah. You're being honest, and that's good. You don't think I have to? No. I have two daughters, so you don't have to ask me. And now he's about to do something no one else has done How much did the bill come to? How much is it? $80.42. Here, put this on my credit card. You're off the hook. He's paying for it. Are you serious? Yeah. You're way more of a gentleman than he was. I wouldn't go that far. Count yourself lucky. Hit the road. I should leave? It's paid. Say good-bye, you're out of there's a saying that there are more horse's -- in the world than there are horses. That was a horse's --. Thank you so much. All right, we're breaking. Cheers. Better luck next time. How are you doing, guys? I'm John Quinones. Hi, how are you? What were you thinking when you heard that? I felt very bad for him. Personally I would never ask for half of the money. You asked her out on a date. Be a man, be a gentleman.

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{"duration":"7:14","description":"After a woman tells her date she is not interested in a second date with him, he tells her they should split the check equally, as friends do. Is this fair?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"65025231","title":"What Would You Do: Man asks woman to split the check with him","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/man-asks-woman-split-check-65025231"}