What Would You Do: Manager tells man he needs to remove his MAGA hat

A restaurant manager wants a customer to remove his "Make America Great Again" hat or get out. How will diners react?
8:03 | 08/11/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Manager tells man he needs to remove his MAGA hat
I'm sorry, sir. I'm Goin have to a you to your hat. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know hats weren't allowed. Hatare fine, just not that hat. E agree with at that hat represents. If you don'te it, you'ret going toe served. S making ns all acro the coy,ab altercations bet customerswearing ma aat agaits. Eugenior seph says hade threats towards him, intimid enre famil all he wearing th hat you S right there, make America great again. And thoseho don't aee with those hats stand for. Wata man not only St a teen's ke america again hao throws him. Thesi you ain't suting We've even seenmp nistration officials called out publicly. Staurant ts weekend ere I attempted he dinner wmy Faly I president trump. Shame! Shame! Today at our diner, this manager hadecided 'S not going to serve this customer within hilegal rights, because of his opposin and thatat. If yodot off, U're going have to leave. You can't refuse me service or kicme out jusbe my hat. Clothbe a symboof pride or protest. But what you wear in PC can be very disive. T nt where T managerefuses toernese he's wearing that hat, which supports president trump, or this t-shirt, which clearly does not. Should personal politics date where you can eat?hat would U do?" I have the right to wear this, or whatever I want. And I have a right to tell you, you have to get O Brian is settling in for a bite at the Randolph diner, in rsey. Far either way, rigr left, poti and that why we' chosen it as the setting for this hot buttonssue. V on. I'm going to ask you to remove your hat. I'm noting off the T. Hat is upttg to op restaurant Y don't lo upset to . As this first set of diners get their S -- Yuys already got your food, they won'tven take my order. Twoman seemto agree with ourager. Should Ju remove Yo hat, th I don't want to remove the St want to eat. He found something offensive about it I'm not gng get involved. But, I do have to say, if you want to eat, he's asked Yo removeou-- Does it bother you? Does it bother you? It doesn't bother me that you O wear it, but I don't support it. Bou didn't say anng him, did U? What? Because he told me people are sayinghings to him. Nidn't.because if have something to say,it to you. Hy Ong. Well, thank you. Ae, these minials clay overhear what's gng on. Hey told Y to take yr hat of Yeah, Ty won't E me because of my hat. Really? Yea Oh, my god. You have a right to wear that hat.absolutely That's terrible. . Oh, my lord. We send Mike in to check the tathey've gosome Quon WOU serve him? I meae's our president. Yeah, come on. Nd he has right to wr th H whether or to, like, disrupyone here. The hat is DI It's not disruptive to me. If I sai'm a trum supporter, would you not serve me? Younot adverting that you're a trump supporter. It don't feel rht he's not doing anything actually wrong. But the stands foso many things that are wrong. That's your opinion. That's an opini What woulu do if has wearing a shthat said ump? That wod be fine. And my family, we voted for trump. But, listen,end to death ur right tfrm of speech if he'not intiting me, Ong me feelncomfortab an fine with it. When Mike leavee table, they welcome B to their pa Would YOUTO join us, Yeah, W Y jus? Go over there, join them, in them. We can split checks. I would, K you veryuch. No problem. Why did you guys stand up for me? Why guys stand up for ? I mean, you're doing absolutely not wrong. Yeah,e th wrong.ou seem to be a nice. You're not bothering anyone. You' jaring a hat. And I thitonsense, guy tried do to you. Ll right, here we go, we're Goin Oh, my gosh. How youuys doing? It's "What would you do?" Ogosh, I WATC show all of time. Made a judgmof that gentleman sitting there just based on his hat. And not based on his character, lihoa person H was. And I think that's jreally wrong. I don'tnk that poti is a justification for not rving someone Ith, we're blessed because you can have an opinn, wear a sh elinion, or or whatave you, a you don't go to jail for it. Right? Doan he has let go of his thghts, his morals, his convictions. When youin someone enronment, the respecul just remove it. This customer offers to help our disrarded dine I you wt Mede you want, and give me E money , they tell Mike hiseh bad for business. We're buss owners I town patron Thie, and we know a lot of people who do. Thp, really quick. Stop really ick. We're ring again Allowed to we hat. I can express myself how I want. T expression this is hate speech. This is of misogy, homoia, racismbigotry, lamophobia I could and on. The second these diners C wind what'spening. U you take at you will not be served. I'm not tin. Well, then you will not be seed in this R Ty're shocked, angry. Are you kding M you've got to be kidding me. We should aet up and leave. And they act quicet's go. We're out. He just told I woulder stay he. Ou'rmaking him leave? Yon't serve him? We wot serve hiwhile he's wearing a hat that represes E Represents wh resents -- Make er again, that's B Ming great is an expressi of -- Of nothing. But a nice hul thing. I wod here. F her lead, sets of dinerso disgusted, they head for the door. Ou're gog to be on the ws. Wure this is put call ne.hat they don't know is that they're already on television, me to tell thems "What would you do?" Oh, my sh! Come on uhe what were yoinking? I was thinking, this is horrible that this is our country, america. And he had T hat on. And if he likes trump oesn't trump, th's okay. Didn't love O busupported M president.I was, rememe was elected? Said, you know, let's give him a chance, let's see haens. No matter who tsident is, you have to rethem. Right. As bethe president. Right. Oour country. It's our untry.it's frustrati

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{"duration":"8:03","description":"A restaurant manager wants a customer to remove his \"Make America Great Again\" hat or get out. How will diners react?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"57140000","title":"What Would You Do: Manager tells man he needs to remove his MAGA hat","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/manager-tells-man-remove-maga-hat-57140000"}