What Would You Do: Teens berate homeless man on the boardwalk

A group of teenagers pick on a homeless man, offering him a dollar if he does humiliating things. Will passersby intervene?
6:39 | 08/11/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Teens berate homeless man on the boardwalk
Hey, can you help me out? I justanomethingo eat. Americaeless population is on the rise for test ti s0. More thahalf a Milon will sleep on the streets or in shelters T wlato call home. One cause for rise, according to the department of housing and urban developm it's sg rents inig cities. Anose who Slee the reets, they are always at . Breaking overnight, gunfire killed one man and injured an hca in kenng An tudent is nofacing charges afr ss man was attack by a grouof to 30 peoe on a sy train. A there was this Al Dia cently in the news. The latest trend could he asteless, lfies with homeeople. Teens turning the home into props to share online. Since when is it okay for humans to become scenery? What if this new trend led tobullying of the Mone You help out? You want this? R knees anbeg for it like aog Come on, loser. Come get it. Don't you neee ney? We'et up our dd cameras and we'veed actors to play a hn and teen bullies. Om get up. Make us laugh. Eah, get up and do a dance for us. Come on, you got it. You want Arn the Moy? Hese womenook bother by what they are seeing. No. I juswant to get something to eat You he it. They start to walk away until they heathis. Now get on your knd bark like a dog. Come on.bark. Louder. With thatthey March right over to confront our obnoxious teens. I'll give you t10 but you have to EP on barkg. Are you guys serious? That righnow. Hat, that'disgustinghe's a poor guy. Asked for money. So ve him theoney. Don't make him bark like a dog. It's not agt the law. We can do what we want. Make someone a dog? Thassing. What you disgusting. He'sot an anal. I'm gng to fi you doing that. And then it will be on the news and you won't get into E, because'm going to make sure everyone is going to see that video of you making him bark like a We were jusving some Fu That's not fun. Despite her charged emos R the te still gives to a Mann need. Arog. Hi, ma'am. They are actors, he's okay. No, it's a shit's a sho Wt drove you to do th It actualade me Thi I don't want my children doing something like T What would want them to know about this sort of thin To not evet them ki someonwhen thee down and to make a moery of tm. The hardest thin getting uhen you are already down. We're back on boardwalk Up and doome push-ups. Yeah. And many sun seekers get And two. That's bullying people. I don't understand, WRE you lping a meless man bse exactly, he is homeless. Why you taking advantaf don't treat pe like that that embarrassing. He's just a homeless man. He has to enter U is that whaorare to you, enainment? Nowatch, as ts man jump in with a request of his own. Will you go this girl go self? Theye're telling youo say stuff. Ke for you tthat. LE a selfie But what will other Hey, excuse me. Wheasked to te a picture Can you take a picture of us. We can put this on my Instagram. Thiguess. Out of cuosity, I hope you guys don't think this is funny, he really is homeless by the way. It isny. So pathetic. This man th twice as ll. Just Ta a pic so, you gs T lse. You don't make fun less people. Why are you taking a picture th him? Ell, he's gging for ney. W to post it on Snapchat. Ts young guy does take shot. Ou got to hug him. He stink N't want to hug him. Don't be a Y. Ihink he dan last night. I took a bunch of pict. But as he walks away, he has some parting wor You sti You go give him a dollar. Got to givhim a doll. Thanks for the picture. T you. Our bullying trio is at I one last time. "What would you do?" Homeless has Bark like a Iyou want the dollar, you have to bark. Are youerious rht N you're G to make aan bark for a dollar that's homeless?s working. Youhoam yourself. Rept after , I lor. Come on help me out. I just wt to get set eat. No, you have to everybody se. Listen. Parents are. You should be ashamed of yourself. I'm a si mother ani two kids and you're ditiyosting. We're just trying to have some fun here. You're using. On't you he fun, why don't you go drown. Though. He should earn it? Sha heart ansosion for somebody. Why don't you have a job and do somhing for yr lives? E needs a B. He needs a job. Maybe he can't have one.yohat that M be through? Now, like tidal wave more help comes rushing in. We'retrying to have a good T That's a good time, at medy else's Pense? How about have a time at yourenhow about at? Would you like me to get you down there and make you LI a dog for dollar. It's okay.atou the money. Ll a freaking huma being, unlike you, you're a freakinger. Iasn with my frs. Ifuu know whafun and Ni? Givinghe guy a dolr and say take yourself, do your best to get back on feet GE that's's nice, that's being creative. HT, we're eaking it, let's do it. That's doing what the world ou, you did E right ING. Oh, MD. S "What wouou they're actors. Yoalght? Yes, I'm fine. Youot angry athese boys made you act so louy? B don't likpeople mistin it'sot what the world's T. Wee all here help each other and take care of each other make evebody a better Perot degradi peleng little them. No matter what the situation is. Hanks for lp, man.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"A group of teenagers pick on a homeless man, offering him a dollar if he does humiliating things. Will passersby intervene?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"57140002","title":"What Would You Do: Teens berate homeless man on the boardwalk","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/teens-berate-homeless-man-boardwalk-57140002"}