What Would You Do: A woman keeps a stranger's forgotten money

A rude man leaves behind an envelope full of cash when he exits a restaurant. A woman sees it and grabs it, intending to keep it. When he returns, will anyone tell him she has it?
7:43 | 08/11/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: A woman keeps a stranger's forgotten money
Hat would U do?" Nt we saddle bro diner and Vince is having Su bad day, he S everyone life miserable. Irder here or what?n't have a D By coming theorld's biggest jerk. Is it me really? When he stomps ofraci spots something unusual. Someincily es behind. A bank enlope stuff W $100 bills. Wow, I T . Is happened unit was cut Ona. Ree kids fm colodo, found a wallet with $700 of cash whilen their way me from the playgrou what thedn't expect hat eyally being recorded. Kind of like "What would you do?" And theyassed the test. We found yoallet outse of your car and we jthought we give it back to you. So going to put it over here wi people allow Traci to keep the money, just because the guy who lost it is a total jerk? What would you do if Y LI A hot decaf tea. That's a cup with hot water and a tea bag that says F on it. All right? I mean, unbeliev. And as Vince storms right, can't get water right. G. It must be Traci's lucky eeping it. He's a jerk. Don't saanything, okay? B the guy who clapped Vince's it now entas Vince'pr The woman found money on the at there. Id? I'm sure he'll back. Well,uess WHA moments later, he is. You see an enveloith money in it, anybody? No?it $T. I'll give you a reward if you ve it. Nobody is saying anything. Keeping trs secret. Htal jerk. Yea he deserve it. Hundre you nt some money? I'm John Quinones with the shwhat wouldouo?" Did you think of the guy? I thought hs an ass. Nonice person oud and obxious. Everything you don't want in being. He comes back a you didn' lling. He doesn't deservit. Hgodeserves. Yes, tly. Were rolling ag hat is T A cup of soup. A cup of soup? I said fruitalad. Keep your eye T I'making my business somewhere else. Yoould do anything else but this. Hisearaci find the money will change faster than the d'sci He's gone T right. You shouldll him. Oo, no, no. At first he wants trao give they back, but wait. If you give me a hundred won't say anything $100 top silent. That's the deal. Tracgoes bacto her T, counts the lost lootthen offers even more cash to M quiet.now, he'll take $300, but when E returns. Ias sitting right there in that chair. Did you guys sn envelopeon Yeah, she has it right th What? Just like that turns tra . I thinkfell arounth talk to there. In the ac Yes, please. Do you ve No.hin here is in at you, that gentleman is point at you. o,ave it. Are youurit, becaing to call the cops.'m not sure. I can' You saiyou saw itbu you didn't. Ar I don'tt to get iolved. But tracian. Id you ratout? I told him I knew nothing. Does he still wahe money? Herchwant? Whatever you think is fair. Yes, he does. No, that's all right. N he doesn't. Ant answers. What's he re how are you guys doing? Right away, the firstng I said was, "We should find the guy and give him his ba."ould've been thing to do. UT then shas "You nt some ofhe money?"u said yes at first. Ies, yeah. Who's going to say nree new? Hen you tht about it. Then I thought about it, ah. Doing the right thing, you would've not been taking whicdiit. We ll again and this customer takes a different approach. It's borderliidiculous. He's a ticking I really need to say somethinto him. To take myusere because yot get T tables. When I discoverth stack of hunlls -- Hleft a pilof cash, right? L me see ife's outs You're giving him his money back? Yeah, I'm goi his money .T's the right G to do. He takes action, to return thney. INT him. E bomb goeoff. He doesn't even see me or the camera C work her butt off. Hs so workeup doesnotice me. And the only reason I D that is because I'm an honest about it. Stv show, "What would ?" He's an tor. Well,s not righto treat peoplehat way, er. Don't keep the money. Dokeep what'urs? Why shoulyou? Did I ea it? I found it on thound, the Rd every day. $1,000. Lling one Mo time, D these cuomquickly fo a posse. Toraci to co clean. An enve full of sh She's G I who?t one withher. She's goth.ithout a doubt you have my money? Don't know what you're talking about. Tgentleman'telling move it. U definite S Yes. Allight, I'm ING to Cal Whevince leaves, the custeros I don't know whou're lking Abou Are you kidding me? Just give the money to the wont know and you why is eryone use Y don't you just LE have the money? Give him the money. That's disgusting. I look bad. Wow, wow. Disgusting. Let's B. You doing? A ratted her out right away. Y. She chief. Lutely. You don't know the guy. It doesn't matter. It's right thing to do't sit by, have to And what about vis lost money? Well you'll be interested to thanks R watching tonight.remember, hat would

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{"duration":"7:43","description":"A rude man leaves behind an envelope full of cash when he exits a restaurant. A woman sees it and grabs it, intending to keep it. When he returns, will anyone tell him she has it? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"57140005","title":"What Would You Do: A woman keeps a stranger's forgotten money","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/woman-strangers-forgotten-money-57140005"}