Not all Americans can get a COVID-19 test when they want | FiveThirtyEight

Getting a coronavirus test may depend on the color of your skin.
4:46 | 08/27/20

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Transcript for Not all Americans can get a COVID-19 test when they want | FiveThirtyEight
If they're over. For me. And it's in the past and an. Ounce on the east. I and in many cases. And it. Greece. ET ABC news and AD it's who has access to testing in. We found near his areas majority black majority. Is at our US cite her as the majority white adds even account for that means that even among corny it's. Black Hispanic communities are accurate testing facilities then there are parts. And so he's he's truly staggering. Take San Antonio Texas abusing senses the kids see how people in different adds as well as news. Then we isn't this. Testing facilities in June this year to figure out just how to get a tax sir. Citing you might think that the US government might keep a list of testing facilities and but mrs. exit so easy. When you ask if it's you can see they're unleashing green meaning higher numbers this of these terrorists now doesn't mean. It's as you can see is. The busiest. In fact it's not expected to test. Was prices this. That and I suspect in the eighties was even. San Antonio to get any lacks. Access but it's not the only major. Themes. A number of cities are in the testing needs citizens and the curtain on this question. Take. The on the the potential communities mean vaccines. And it's in majorities. It was funny. With us. On. Each day I mean. By way. It's important that we didn't account for actual meat house for example we did in fact that essential workers in many cases are disproportionately. Acts. So these areas are also working for testing even ask they have viewers liked cars. We also didn't with a number of tests the Sudanese are able to process nor any restrictions and abilities is what it sure adds. There is these disparities are we longer commutes to pass its longer time. That's an understaffed this case. In one. And we. People are waiting sent out to get it passed and they are encouraged to show up with a full tank of gas is in there are it's its. For many people this means just not getting us now. So Larry scenes. In many ways these tests in his eighties and the result of pre existing inequalities helped next the federal government. Has little guidance states and its many states ended up putting its existing medical. And they attend Seymour is in wealthier whiter beauties. These inequalities are also when we how countries. And it is all. According to the Pope attacking. People act I have 2.5 times the white. And of our 823%. Of all of that team that's where races. Some urban areas taking steps to address. Is the ads to help reduce the test is. Actively it. Governor at this acts Steve apps. Including setting up those hundreds states or six and its communities. Next. And it Ernie me at a meteor steady announced free he asked for every. Assist these changes that testing gap between the weight areas and predominantly minority areas and strong from more than sixty yes. To 24 hours without these its citizens who would most like these eaters are in his. Many other cities and more recently started acts to contact. East. Both cases and hostile nations continued acts those efforts VE two 28. And oh.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"Getting a coronavirus test may depend on the color of your skin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"72652386","title":"Not all Americans can get a COVID-19 test when they want | FiveThirtyEight","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/americans-covid-19-test-fivethirtyeight-72652386"}