How the Atlanta attacks may activate Asian Americans politically

The crew discusses the Atlanta attacks and how Asian American political participation has evolved in recent decades.
51:05 | 03/23/21

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Transcript for How the Atlanta attacks may activate Asian Americans politically
Hello and welcome to the 530 politics podcast ideal interim. There were protests against anti Asian violence across the country the weekend. They were in response to the killing of eight people in three massage parlors around Atlanta six of whom were women of Asian descent the protest also a good dressed the broader context of anti agent rhetoric and violence that has increased since the start of the Coles at nineteen and today we're gonna discuss the killings in Atlanta and take a closer look at anti Asian crime data. He credited a can be difficult to collect but according to the center for the study of hate and extremism at California State San Bernard you know. The largest cities in the country saw a 150%. Increase in anti Asian he crimes. Reported to the police on average over the past year. Also there to look at the political response to these attacks and talk about how Asian American political participation and influence is a vault. Particularly given that people of Asian descent are the fastest growing racial or ethnic group in the country. Here we need to do that our editor in chief Nate Solder pony. Everybody. Calls us politics reporter Alex Daniels had Alex. Kane and and also joining us is change and political science and gender studies professor at the University of California hello and welcome Jane yeah. And also with us is carpet run a Christian and professor of public policy at UC Riverside and founder of a API data welcome court. Thing. So. Let's talk about the specifics of the attacks in Atlanta to begin the suspect a 21 hurled white man has been charged with murdering eight people six of whom as I mention women of Asian descent. Asian Americans have said that the murders are part of a trend of rising anti Asian he crimes during the corona virus. The suspect described his motivation to quote eliminate a quote temptation because of sex addiction and his former roommate described him as concerned about well. Falling out of its courts. The evidence so far suggests he was targeting women he perceived to be selling sacks. There are a lot of layers here so just to start off how should we think of the different forces at play in this attack and Jane you can. For. A lot of different ways to think about this problem Ninan it is. While it is something that is obvious and apparent in this moment it's not as if this isn't isolated incident. So as the data will show us despite as difficult as it has to collect. This kind of violence happens on a regular basis and that violence isn't always reported in this particular way many of these crimes happen. Within the context. Either domestic situations. Or within the context of a number of different ways where we might think about crimes that are not as. Price level of murder in as it did in this case the rest of the global being mass murder as this ends but in every day. Slurs and negative attitudes and behaviors so it is not within the context. Not just only Asian Americans in this moment and think it's important to think about. There's also being relevant to immigration and immigrants to women. In particular and I think as a reflection more generally. A white supremacist hatteras normative behavior. Anything that doesn't fit within the context of what is supposed to be whites on top men on top. Christians on tile and heterosexual people who should rule the day. This sent behaviors isn't really any different than what we see on an everyday basis which isn't to say that it is an awful situation. But it is to say that this is a continuous. Lion you can drop all the way act to be nineteenth century in the United States. Yet Arctic air Ari. Since really hard to. Get hard data rate and terms because we know that there's so much and reporting running constant different acts. Violence and discrimination. In 2016 the national Asian American survey asked respondents. Whether you believe that effort and threatened or harassed. And we found that 9%. Asian American respondents said that they had so. You look at figures today in terms of over 3800. That have reported being. Threatened harassed or other kinds of hate incidents that they've experienced. If we had to actually look at the likely number is probably on this Q of two million. Or probably even higher than non rate because that was from 2016 before he's this massive optic. After after the nineteen. And the kind of rhetoric we saw from the president on down. In terms of scapegoating these communities. We're finally seeing the kind of recognition it's it's really. Tragic that it takes these mass killings for this to be recognized as such finally cuts out. That's where we're that are. Get outs you've done some reporting before this attack. On the experience as Asian Americans during the corona virus pandemic what did you find. Yes so what we found was even before the pandemic. With various you know this is not the first time Asian Americans and and you know quote others. Four Asian Americans in particular there was the yellow peril stereotyped fact emerged in the late nineteenth century. After an increase of immigration. To the US from China when the west's essentially realize that Asians. We're strong asked as a political economic and military threat to use surpassed the US and what expert I talked to bat but it pretty succinctly in the way she explained it was. You know. There's this idea of going to peace. We've seen this with. Pandemic it's beyond coded to Wear. Often. People of color people from marginalized communities get others and then received yet taxes Patton and fortunately. I think Georgian attack which has. Probably it is the biggest culmination of what we've seen so far. Regarding violence against some of these groups. You know in the aftermath of this attack in Atlanta we saw. Pretty quickly police were reporting on the suspects motivations. Christopher ray the FBI director told NPR report that it does not appear that the motive was racially motivated. Officials in Atlanta said that nothing is off the table for our investigation. And we've heard a lot from the Asian American community activists in particular that you see this as racially motivated. You don't what's the divide your why are officials saying you know this may not necessarily be prosecuted as hate crime. You know at the motivation is unclear it may not have been racial. Verses what we're hearing from activist communities. Twenty I want to point out was his perception from issued hearing daily news track at this earlier that there is this perceived you know. Quote completion act he spies relies on these longstanding troops about. Businesses like fees and about Asian American women in particular who have long been at its highs as sexual partners so. In other words a suspect's choice of victims and the ration hockey team were telling an end up himself so he may. At explicitly said that race was not a factor but his actions and it to reasoning here at the suggests. Different interpretation. I think it depends on how narrow lead you read motivation. There's a whole bunch and things that informs. People's thoughts and opinions about who was worthy who was not worthy who can be controlled who cannot be controlled its that are. Who deserves to be on top in terms of positions of power Jeanne talked about this earlier. So it it just seems absurd to Manny not only and Asian American president communities but I think Americans were generally. Who attuned to how race actually works in American society. To say that race has nothing to do witness in a bar where he's been he's chosen as opposed to other types of venues but the immediate temptation for someone's. Hutus who claims that its dues acts addiction. So just doesn't pass the smell test or whatever other commonsensical tasks that one could think of to say that. Race is not one of these factors here. Most people go to commit a hate doing so. For a long standing deeply in baton reasons that they think that a hate one group or they don't necessarily have to be. So for example a mock artery is murdered chopping through and they earn it. That is as clear in my view as a hate crime as the senate murders last as well. And federal law will. There there's a wide range years so could be a fatter and this is also obviously Georgia State crime so. It depends on the type of jurisdiction intensive loss I believe after the. A mock artery shooting there is and killing there is legislation. Or gone through. The George sent legislation hate crimes which has not existed prior to be there. I mean when lasting advocates were actually open as well. Which populations. Come sex workers also not to test for a race is racist country itself to me it's like. As someone who. Does not happy expertise on. Women's issues is at rest the panel to kind of service. The media reacts to certain things that mean. The temptation at kind of Gary finally parts. The killers motivations as opposed to saying it's kind of alternate ball probably has seemed content. Ridiculous. And arts. There is a long history right from the eighteen hundred's if you look at that he's acts in the 1875 that was specifically. Designed to control the entry of Asians and geek because of either the reality or the stereotypes and some combination thereof in terms of what it did gender labor look like. When when Chinese immigrants came to work on the railroads. Fast forward to the nineteen hundreds in terms of US military interventions. Abroad. As well as US military bases that exists to this day. That created all sorts of problems in terms. Oh how. How vulnerable. Now sex workers and just Asian American women throughout the world in terms of US military dimensions military presence X. What we're seeing here should not be seen and isolation that larger historical and can program it. And I think it's quite important years history. And context in which he stereotypes evolved so he mentions the patient to agents and this is prior to the first. Major federal legislation. 1882 Chinese exclusion from the page act is. Created in part not because Chinese women are necessarily. All prostitutes it's created. In part to reinforce that stereotype and to stop. Asian people from multiplying in the United States because if you'll allow Asian women into the United States as you. A lot of Asian man in order to man the the work on mines in laundries in farms. Then what you'll do is produced more Asian peoples so it's explicitly in the congressional record one of the things we want to do we need in federal government as to limit. The expansion of the Asian population in the United States and that is part of the reason why paycheck. And the insanity is passed and it's passed because under the justification however it's going to be limiting moral turpitude. But as it turns out it says it's instigated in order to stop. Asian men from reproducing with Asian women. Now to the extent that they them get with white women white women lose their citizenship. Status in the United States because if you married a nation and a time. He would lose your citizenship status by definition your children not become citizens so it's not until 1952. With McCarron Walter that in fact Asian Americans can become naturalized citizens. So it's it's important to consider not only the immigration issue catcher in the reasons behind this the long standing ain't anti agents yeah. We just different in a way but also very similar to how it is that the United States cheap African Americans during this period. What they were not even. Humans. And they were still at this time. In the mid eighteenth century or nineteenth century. Not included into the body politic. It's important also consider the colonial imperial history of the United States. In the very recent past who do we tape as an entire country. We take the Philippines. And the Filipinos in the United States where I believe. Perfect correct me if this is and correct the second largest population Asian Americans in the United States. The Philippines. Remains a part of the United States until it's given back to the Philippines and leave and the 1930s. And at this time even now. The American colonial imperial influence can be felt in the Philippines in the same way. It is felt in Korea and in other places in South East Asian Vietnam among. When we think about this it's not just a question of military involvement that's not only Americans. And keeping none other than the example. That euphemism of comfort women which is really. Term that we should stop using an instead recognize that women that are taken by the Japanese imperial army around it's colonial. And imperial ambitions in the eighteenth and nineteenth century are the sex slaves and women who were primarily Filipino. And Korean. So this isn't a practice not just American militarism an American imperialism this is a practice of patriarchy. Wherein a euphemism something like comfort women serves only the man. Service culture how does it to scrap the woman certainly does not comfortable for her to be it sex lane. So the point here is that it's not only the American military or. Out white people who inflict these kinds of crimes and suffering. On when it's. It's people in general when political structures and systems. Two. Death suit you talk there are a lot about the history. People of Asian descent in the United States. You I think the stereotypes today are quite different. The stereotype that you know Asians are made in America. The data shows that. Asian Americans her earned the highest incomes and any racial or ethnic group in the country. And you know that top line kind of overshadows a lot of diversity across different Asian American communities. Critic you talk a little bit about that I know you conduct the API survey answer you have more granular blocked pat watched. The Asian American community looks like that we get from some of the many other surveys that don't survey and ask people of Asian descent actually understand that community. Absolutely it's a one word you hear time and again. Money here aren't organizations. Is does need to dis aggregate. If you just hate the Asian average or sometimes when you say eight languages Asian Americans of the counter. API Asian Pacific challenger. Homogenized is an experience. And a set of outcomes that just gross injustice to the kind disparities. Within that community. So a big move that happened in 2000. Was to have a separate racial category four years and and other Pacific islander and that's important and hope. That even when we see here irony here idea those are actually two separate racial groups. Did reason for that separation was not only to understand this past. Different history and also the kind of coherence of the people's if you will of Pacific islander populations. And what that experience is that. Out but also to recognize that it's a much smaller group. But when they get locked and what that Marjorie. An American group. You don't see that the vast struggles they face economically. Health wise and various savage indicators. That same article also ties with and the Asian American community while it should be at that's important to note is that. During the kind of Mickey's. A massive increase an Asian American unemployment that has not been adequately appreciated. Right so he's Americans used to the lowest unemployment rate when you look at that average even though you diversity within the community. Now you're seeing this massive increase in. Asian American appointments that there are unemployment rate is higher than it is among knobs it's. So even when it comes to those average view Asian Americans. That needs to be updated. Injuring the panda. Now within that average you have massive disparities southeast Asian populations. Refugee populations and how. Much worse outcomes when it comes to poverty when it comes to educational attainment when it comes to wealth. And mental health outcomes a whole host of other issues so that's something. As often. Lacked recognition. People just think of the average and that don't realize how many populations that are struggling. Even within certain communities like the Chinese American community. Your house this massive bifurcation. You have those higher educated individuals who or. Engineers or doctors but lawyers. That you also have those working in restaurants are working in convenience stores. And and so it's important to pay attention to that diversity. And the inequality with and Asian American you use. Everything current accent is correct I wanna. Expand on that little that it's not just normal distribution by ethnic group. Whether that's a function longstanding. Imperial and colonial subjugation. And or whether it's a function lets say immigration policy more generally. I think it's important to consider variation even inside the group. So consider Korean Americans for example. Most people they treat Americans if you look at that Americans are doing pretty well in terms of income and educational attainment. And remember that great Americans come to the United States apparently and certainly after the 1960. Immigration nationality act courage and some possible. And in fact also. Excluded by federal law let me give you an example of how it is that crane Americans are not just. All you know. BMW driving. Gated community living southern Californians. Let's talk about Young Kim efforts apples she is newly elected. Republican member of congress and 39. She takes over after a very close election prior election of eighteen when Gil cisneros. Winds that district. Young Kim is a conservative Republican. Korean American immigrant. And yet sheets of paper Taka and why is that it's not only just a principal reason it's because there are many Korean Americans who are. On unauthorized un documented in the United States so it's not just a question of every person who's Korean American who is in this case east Asian. No higher. Relatively speaking group based. Socio economic status. But there also there's variation even inside groups. And even if you are let me just put a finer plants. With the personal and to. Even if you are a university professor. It doesn't matter so rigid in an example. And Chicago. And a wonderful place called the green mill and Anthony you know it's an art he's he's he's seen it sent its performance and now. And in this place quite some time ago in the ninety's. And sitting at the bar with a friend Anderson man there who looks at me wistfully incensed. I'd like to buy it would shrink he could you remind me my Korean prostitute when I was in the war. Now this can happen to you as a function just what in Brooklyn he doesn't know anything about me. But he simply knows that I'm an Asian woman. There's probably Korean. And who reminds him of his prostitute. Back when she was in the war or when he was this culture wasn't in the war when he was a soldier stationed. In Korea. So it doesn't matter in many ways what you're socio economic status as you can be a university professor. With a Ph.D. And Orrin in the United States never set foot in Korea and he's still have to stereotype attached to. So. I think it's important socioeconomic status end. Movement through. The social Herrick in the United States is important but the racial hierarchy and the gender stereotypes. Attached with notes. Are as important it doesn't matter to this guy. Who murders these women. Whether she is an MT going in for. And neck adjustments. On her massage or she is the proprietor. Ordinances. Because he's gonna shooter anyway. So why add one thing to this. Cleric Claire cannon. Wrote an excellent piece. Few decades ago. In in the light you know thinking about crane Americans and Asian Americans were generally in America's racial order. And an important contribution she made. Lot of people have about Asian Americans is what they used to call middleman minorities are middle minorities. And this is not just in the United States but abroad as well where you have. A dominant group mean including him in many parts of Africa for example your report colonial power. That was dominant group politically and and you have been disenfranchised group. And they have Asians occupying his mental status that makes them especially vulnerable. Because they don't have the same political power has in groups some economic power within that system. Now that the ever more powerful than they are releases. Straight to that was an thinking when you think about Asian Americans in many. Parts of the United States that are shopkeepers what's Howell owners things. What Claire Kim showed was that wasn't simply that one dimension. Who's on top and who's on the what she showed instead is that there is as other dimension not of who is superior or inferior. Who is an insider vs an outsider who was a foreigner. Persons who is one who was who is a native. And that's where Asian Americans one of our colleagues and I want you the sixth generation Chinese American. But it does not matter. G zero industry. It kind of stereotype as this is. Where she is more Americans than being at the Americans in the country today. That is that dimension of that perpetual foreigner. That really. It is something that that. It's not unique to these American experience Latinos experience too wish there's presumed illegality. If you see someone who. Mostly Tino you presume not only that there an immigrant and undocumented immigrants and that's how. Powerful some of these racial stereotypes operate but with Asian Americans is that. Forever foreign perpetual foreigner. True that that bet that. Comes through time and again whenever there is any massive. Foreign policy threat. Or say. Terrorism threat or in this case pandemic. Wraps. All of the ugly aspects of American society. Because of that proceed foreigners. So you talk there are some of the dynamics year all of I want to talk a little bit about the hate crime data I mention it at the top 150% increase. Across you know major American cities on average more in some cities less in others. Neat what are some of the challenges in collecting and tracking this kind of data. I mean there it sure does and any type of crime data which is that a lot of crime Cisco reported. That's what they grow how you define a hate crime obviously can be fraught. Oh Howell. Report a certain crimes but yet it did progress the panel here but credited apparently. It is difficult where people maybe. I'm. Here to report crimes committed against them. Especially in particular at least you know people would support them but it. Get outside and if you go. Looking for certain type of crime and it is even more awkward you may find it more hours or if it's difficult. Piggybacking off Clinton Yates had victims are also on my Bleacher Report to police because of a number of reasons including sometimes language barriers immigration status and and distrust of the police to which makes it. All the more harder to collect a comprehensive list of he crime data specifically. Over the last year's out. Are you how these. Grassroots efforts like stop it here he. That that emerged out of California but it's collecting data nationally gas and other efforts but DC it's well. And Kennedy. Did show more incidents than what these hate crimes statistics have show. Partly because these hate incidents and not necessarily crimes now. Some of those could be crimes as if it went through that process. Those being reported and the state. Governments deciding to prosecute those ads crimes are as opposed to just treating them as incidents don't. Reached that level of crime so there's there's there's a lot of gaps between incidents occurring. And that is being classified. As a hate crime either because it does not consider it's not reported. Dias reported that is not deem to be criminal act. Or obscene that is reported is deemed to be criminal arm that has not seen as racially motivated as as the debate and is occurring right now. It's pretty clear that crimes of occurred but these murders. Even with what seems to be relatively straightforward claim that race played a role here in terms. How how the menus and and and the victims were targeted. Two to see this kind of keeping and even at this stage I think is. Doesn't speak well in terms. These are victims. You know committees facts when they bring up something as a haters here. It also like to highlight. And elements. And that is consistent. Winners. Other types of crimes that are heavily under reported in those include sexual assault and sexual harassment. Keeping examples of some of more recent. I once about politicians in new York Republican and democratic. Women are reluctant to come forward. About sexual assault and sexual harassment in part because they feel that it is bears. It is shameful. To be because. That act happened. Was it something you can't. And prosecutors. Or defense attorneys long term. Strategy making them asking the woman re drunk we we're in a tight skiers taped lancer. Short skirt. All of the things that calm waited shame and embarrassment for being different for having been singled out. These are all reasons behind also limitations to reporting. And I think that the one thing that we can say going forward. It's that. Hate crimes applying to Asian Americans and the further. We would never want circumstances like this to a car. But the fact that they happen -- people are speaking out about it and that on this very podcast you are doing. A show on this says a lot to me and that I do you think the recording will get better. Because. Of all of the reasons people have suggested. And those limitations can come down. But at the same time because this is a political issue. This is a political issue. A racial. This treatment gender mistreatment that are finally coming to light painfully but nevertheless coming to light. It's an issue for Democrats and Republicans. I want them move on and talk a little more specifically about the political response and Asian American political participation broadly in put just a start things off what kind of political response have we seen two this attack in Atlanta. And to you know anti Asian incidents over the past two years since the pandemic. Began. Crystal ball to happen Asian American as vice president. She's African Americans of Israel's eyes with her inherited. And spoke pretty powerfully. The day after he. Planning murders. That that is huge contrast way. Happening. You know president trial. In many ways exacerbating the situation of the rising. Entire classes of Americans. You know during the time that are calling it as buyers and any other awful things. That really increased. Tensions have increased. The kind of the the racial tension in the country. And more tightly. Associating. Asian Americans here who we're with them. We've seen Republican members of congress especially. Crane American members of congress recently elected also speaking relatively strongly on this that this. This generally speaking and we saw this in the post nine elevenths period skewed way. Different group of Asian Americans were targeted. Got the Democratic Party and democratic leaders just tend to have a lot more credibility. And a lot more authenticity when they speak about I really speak out against hate crimes we speak out against xenophobia and violence. Republican Party and Republican officials tend not to have as much credibility on that that's part of why you see this. Continues. We use our the last twenty to thirty years as shifts. Among Asian Americans away from them away from the Republican Party worsen. Yeah so that's the response from you know the White House and the parties but in terms you know Asian Americans themselves we mentioned that is Americans are the fastest growing racial or ethnic group in the country. Euro almost 6%. The country and ours people dissent. You know how it does. Today however is an American's political impact of vault over argues that originally more Republican leanings now more democratic leaning. You know what are we chalk that up to you. And where are we seeing it you know is American voters' confidence in points to back. So there's two sets of Packers want is that it is. The growth of the Asian American population and their increasing political engagement and involvement there was a person and talk about. Operation supports high so. Where Asian Americans are growing the fastest. Tends to be in states like Georgia North Carolina Texas and many of these other states. They're also. Trending more purple in the next day haters who. So that's what makes it. Incredibly interest thing. Asked one of the factors that makes it incredibly interesting to pay attention to where he. Asian American electorate is growing the fastest in transit. In terms of their proportions. And we saw that in George we saw that in Georgia. In twenties when he. As well as early twenties when he why would with this runoff races where. Asian Americans they're not move bars and tried to their share of the electorate. Hardest part of company look. You know there there there's share the electorate. Now pegged it had little under 2%. In terms of their share of the vote operation but it was a substantial increase over what these arms when he sixteen overall Asian Americans how tendency under participate. Compared to Americans ore or whites. Especially when you control orders those economics. A lot of that is because of lack of party and we have attention to these populations. Over a century ago you had political parties and machines that. Tried to integrate immigrants not isn't aggressive and are qualified to naturalize let alone vote. That you had to be some immigrant populations that were mobilized pretty machines you not seen that today's news is next. It is changing whoever in some of these states and in some of these congressional districts. Like in Lawrence county. Like in faces certain districts in New Jersey Virginia and elsewhere where you are starting to see this mobilization. Now this other question in terms of why he's Americans have become Democrats over the last two decades. It's a sad if what I and others Collison cool factor isn't push factors. So the fact that the Clinton administration did a lot of outreach to Asian Americans. People like Norman at pointed. Out to a cabinet position and in general. And Chris a lot of Asian Americans to run for office Judy to Clinton presidency. Those efforts to try to attract Asian Americans whereas the Democratic Party. Post 90. Can't emphasize how important violent ones because what you saw with nine Latin was the rise. Whatever you want to call it ethnic nationalism white nationalism within the Republican Party sought a strengthening of Christian conservatism within the Republican Party. Those were sort of push factors. Combined with the racial profiling of many Asian Americans. That made them feel much more at home. In the Democratic Party and the Republican Party and there's different kinds of research including experimental reserves. As well as observations these urged that all reinforce this notion that. Discrimination. Tends to favor the Democratic Party over the Republican Party when it comes to Asian Americans that are there. So people often ask why me to Asian Americans trail in Terna behavior. Other groups of minority Americans as well as white American voters that is the case that. In terms of not only voting by the eligible population bank I registered voters and Asian Americans to devote at a lower rate. And one of the main reasons and explanation for that is that relatively new status. A citizen. And voter to Asian Americans son army decent examples. In the state of California. Using Public Policy Institute of California you keep yes he data from 20/20. Among Asian Americans who are registered voters had the naturalized citizens so imagine that as much much higher. Then any other racial groups so in comparison. It's the case that 9496%. White and African American voters in California. Our native born US citizens who by definition can't vote the moment they turning can register to vote by the time. They are eighteen. Latinos in California are 70%. You last Warren who are. Registered voters. And what this tells us is it's are relatively new experience for half that Asian American voters at least the state of California. And those numbers are much higher in other locations. So if you look at the total Asian Americans in the United States that those who would be eligible to register and vote. More than two thirds of them are foreign born. So mansion in any fuel your listeners moved to a foreign country. NC France or something and then it takes awhile to figure out who to vote for takes awhile to figure what your political preferences are. And so that lad can account for a good amount. An individual level Wyatt is an Asian Americans turn out at lower brain. The same time in his current mentioned earlier there is not as much mobilization on the part of the parties as well as by. Community community organizations and other mobilizing agents. But I think that some of these events whether it's a pandemic the anti Asian violence or generally can step in to create. War mobilization I think group because if we can recognize. The structural conditions more evident with the structural conditions marginalization discrimination and violence are. And that leads need to highlight for you a group to watch. So long Asian Americans. Something like at least in the state of Californian among registered voters 64%. Asian American voters have a college degree. Now this is 20% higher than whites who common 44% of voters with a college degree. And also higher than both African American and that next populations at 35. And 20%. If there's an activation of anti Asian. It's knowledge information. And if what you are looking for its it group or activate voter registration. Perceptions. Issue positions in his college educated Asian Americans. There's a political candidate. Chicken in a proper respect and activation which. I'm. Historically are currently also. Asian dealers are cut nearly concentrated in. Not swing states of the population. Your questions or Hawaii California Washington New Jersey. About. New York Alaska Virginia Maryland. Work and it's wrong. I had historically people in its dispute over race. Letter the senators that the party's stance. You know less emphasis on voters who were. As much wrong. A duty to states like Texas Georgia and Arizona North Carolina where that I wish commissioners as early. The fast and packaging it's actually. But you know the kind of crises if you will an Electoral College credit against. Urban states in Qaeda in all areas. Asthmatic historically Asian Americans had been. Less powerful would be based partner there rusher. Innocent people to specialists opposite states weird. Where written their vote matters S. Alex I know you've done reporting. And you know Asian American very preferences in Texas would did you find. So it was pretty process in Texas I think the population is you know less than 5% Asian Americans it was hard to actually teach this in Texas. Well we found overall is that Indian Americans. Overwhelmingly tend TP. More democratic whereas we had a Vietnamese Americans tended to the more republic and and then. Either Asian American groups had to be more split. What problem all this interpretation. It goes back to look at an earlier is that if you out of group that's. 4% of electors. In the sample sizes. Are much smaller during a survey and Sony apple are conflicting data potentially. It exit poll Peter principle issues that. Truck actually gain among Asian Americans. In 20/20 not team but the sample sizes are. Small enough combined with the other property exit polls we hear matches lot of uncertainty about that. Are there is he's there is more certain not happy with what happened among white orders for example. So collecting rich. Granular data. Down the precinct level can properly worm. Our doctors and or it could Justice Roberts. Second man in. Probably the best way to think about this would be to look at precinct uncles and if they're available to them. Nine pence of that census data also want to note that and I think you. Alluded to this me here. Each election remember everybody each election is distinctive electorate so where they got done tension mosquito abatement in some Chicago election. In in 2017. And then you go on eighteen has apparently differently. So making comparisons between sixteen and twenty. Army with hero because of course the electric was much larger in 2000. Also want to act considering. And as we think it changes over time with respect to tests specific. Asian ethnic groups. Outs he mentions. VB's in. Texas. And in east Texas surgeon from being used in California are different from Vietnamese moves you know. For example and we want to think about. Not only change its distinctions architectural environment one is out in terms of Republican member of congress written. And within those groups because politics is those streets are very different. But also consider the generation replacement and changed its underground there. So I think that among Vietnamese of the Vietnamese Americans who come to the United States has spent teaching populations. And very much opposed to. Hop parties. If that were considered to be sympathetic to Communists. Are then moved toward the Republican Party. But asked those generations are replaced by younger generations. I think the best researched the has been done yet these populations this happened and ambition. One of them easier and sir UC Riverside. And others. Carol you honor at UC Irvine. About changes in the perspectives. Vietnamese Americans as generational replacement of current. So what's the older generations aren't hurting the voting rolls and younger ones are coming in EC Vietnamese. American voters moving toward the Democratic Party. We did see in this past election in 20/20 eight. Two Republican women of Asian descent. We ended in Orange County in California and and flip some districts districts where Democrats had you know made gains in 2018. In a white hot what part of the political spectrum. Asian Americans do those two new representatives represent. You know is are there parts of the Asian community in America are trending more to the right or find certain things attractive about the contemporary Republican Party. It had always been you know what the parties. Especially California to the extent that. And the candidates in this case they're not super conservative Republicans need additional steel. Who defeated in this case her Ingrid what's the first termer democratic congressman who won. Just by hair in 2018. As well analysts don't Chan represents at least 39. Formerly represented by first term congressman. Gil cisneros are areas that are. Asian but not maturity Asia so that we believe a couple of districts apparently and stated and in California. Federal congressional side. I think you find in in those two races they were very close of times. What I think you find is the activation of Republican white voters in those areas who make up a large proportion of voters spoke in Santa Ana has clones and leave the area Huntington Beach which is where shall Steelers scrutiny and Ron. One. But the point here is that it's not necessarily Asian American voters that bring these two Asian American women in congress in the in the 20/20 action. My guess is it's as much she activation of more white Republican voters who come out to support child in 20/20. Lets those two candidates over the top. The more important question for us to consider is why everything Ronnie who put them there in the first place the Republican Party. An interest only in this case in California is looking for women of color Toronto on the Republican side this is a relatively new on the. If you look at the Republican congress now. And of the Republican conference the delegation. Republicans and the current United States congress it's obviously among Republicans happily happily me. Whereas the democratic side as they went 40%. Yeah. Republicans have a long way to cash in instead of running bare white sisters they're running. Women of color in particular Asian Americans. In these districts in California. It's a strategy. I would imagine. On the part of Republicans to try to bring in a broader group. And then acknowledgment. That Asian American voters could be swayed by coat and ties Oracle racial ties as well as. A potential new. Where Republican. Or in general more conservative. It's. And it really would apparently it struck matter what rhetoric did you get things that I beat front conservatives here my conservative friends would respect. What they think. We are doing better is right it's kind of treated bring. Killers that you hear. One theory is that. Talk of socialism. Democrats as the party Ernie. Well it happened that in certain. Class he left where the United States. Socialist. Societies. Who is an estimate. On the police and people are concerned about crime. Its users' sensitive spots. We ask you with education. Schools standardized testing. Issues it's weird. That word. Revisions criteria so those are things that. I think consumers would say. Are the reasons that there. Were chants. It's RO possible and their possible for any sense voters and with the exception potentially the number 31 when she raised that you standardized testing and in this case and missions that our race based cell. That would be an anti affirmative action position which back most Asian Americans are for affirmative action whether. At least in Californian house for a national polls demonstrate that they are. At the best ones are. Asked poll polling data can demonstrate that warm Asian Americans are in favor permanent action broadly defined. And yet at the same time aren't worth the potential weak spots for Democrats yeah AR. But there are many as many weak spots for Republicans. Need purely racist strategy. Bringing voters in whether it's white supremacist explicitly or otherwise pretty much works against Republicans. You know strategies that are anti science. And and whether there was at their positions on climate change or. Mask wearing or. Vaccine taking. Those don't sit well with well educated voters so that works against Republicans. You know in in the case. That previous president's administration. The immigration policies that specifically enacted. In the context. H one B visas so that is to say eases their professional. And job related. Which systematically favor Asian Americans a reduction in announced at the executive branch level are not popular. Policies. Are. News a GOP strategists in the Houston area and this was pre 22 funny in Houston is one of the most diverse cities in Texas. But essentially what he salmon I asked him how the party was making inroads with Asian American voters is. He said that if Republicans and Texas watch you making intimacy and each move beyond this Brandon being the party of old light to its end. To do that who he said it was really a matter of convincing people of color Asian Americans in particular that. Republican and traditional values align with teens minor minority groups values in us. Jane are saying I don't know how much headway they can make with chest that argument. But the fact that Republicans seem to be aware of the fact that they are losing people of color and their ranks. I disinterested this he how aptly happens teacher election cycles. Yeah all right well we've covered a lot of ground today is an important conversation so thank you Jane Alex Nate Arctic. For speaking to. Figured. If you. Think you know. My name is Gail injured Tony chow is in the virtual control room Claire editor Curtis as an audio editing you can get in touch by emailing us at podcast at 530 dot com. You can also of course greeted us with any questions or comments. If your fan of the show leaves or reading or review in the apple podcast or. What does and what about us. Thanks for listening and or. I.

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