Who's the most chaotic fictional football coach? | FiveThirtyEight

NFL analyst Josh Hermsmeyer looks at how head coaches are depicted in football films.
5:33 | 12/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Who's the most chaotic fictional football coach? | FiveThirtyEight
When you think of football movies. What comes to mind probably remember the titans. Maybe varsity blues Oliver stone's any given Sunday anyone well I recently watched nine football films both bold and it. To see if I could figure out which don't have the best head coach. Hollywood has depicted many types of head coaches from your inspiring mentors young man. To the cruel violent wind and all cost us. Best of course this objective here. And I tried to judge coach is based on their decision making their relationship their players as a teacher and mentor. As well as wins an actual in film play calls when it was avail. Because of this I thought it best that you are these coaches on an alignment. In the start being lost as a coach means adhering to the law general. In cases where coach deviates from established storms and there were at least remain consistent with respect their world news. Conversely. A chaotic coach would be an individual who's willing to buck norms and traditions in pursuit of their gold. Examples of good. To be someone who is selfless as a leader and puts the needs of others ahead of their own interests. And evil codes and is willing to actively harm others suggest. To realize that the best coaches the ones who are the most effective been beloved by the players. Seem to be the ones with lawful good call it's. All right listen up Bob coach pool. Would tell you all about how much. Foreign you don't have this season. Take Denzel Washington's coach Herman Boone for example remember the titans is widely regarded as one of the best football movies ever made. On the field it's hard to argue against coach Boone's effectiveness. And the film is titans went undefeated. And he was clearly a competent and successful coach. But Boone can also be described as firm and demanding. And while I happen pretty high on both. Certain scenes in the film did make me question how Ohio I should replace what pitchers. In the water break you need a water break. What is a countless more that makes you weak. One is a washing blood off that uniform and you don't get no blood on my unit that's why you must be outside. In the real world the evidence is clear. This type coaching is bad for team building and for the players. In fact. It's deadly however despite moments like this you still end the film thinking he was a good coach had a strong bond with his players. Which is why you find him here on my only mature. Another coach in this area is Billy ball Hortons coach Gary gains from Friday night live's. Though spoiler alert. This team doesn't win in the end. Now in the opposite quadrant you have a coach like coach bud tumor played by Jon Voight in the film varsity blues. A weapon that was fun. We'll keep hug. He's really that. I mean. Being a verbally abusive coach who manipulates his players take shots so that they can play on injured me. Andrew pressures another player play through concussion symptoms. And who physically assault another player. And gets the entire team to mutiny. Means you're definitely going to be on the chaotic evil and torturer. That's the part. For the most part the coaches in these movies fall into two categories. Lawful good. And chaotic but there have been times when Hollywood seems to be your away from these two types. Like went Alpa chino played coach D'Amato. A selfish controlling head coach of the Miami sharks in some ways the chaotic stone calls for a chaotic coach. Now which you know is exactly that. But in the end he transforms into a selfish controlling head coach with peoples' eyes. When Yale. As the game. We're gonna crumble. Bench by bench play by play tour finished. Finally we have to be a stroke. Head coach the north Dallas bulls modeled after real life Dallas Cowboys hall of Famer Tom Landry extra there is close to true neutral. He has a belief system and he adheres to its just that it's morally ambivalent coolly analytical and human. Now you might watch these films and disagree with where I place them under. Maybe you think coach boon shouldn't be so high on the list of best movie coaches or I stand by my choice. I do agree that Boone isn't the best of all time that honor goes to coach finale of air I mean come off. It's a Disney movie about a football catching Golden Retriever finale is about as lawful and good as they come. Though he does technically allow dog places. You want their voice that ain't no Golden Retriever. That there is a golden. If you like this video where you want to argue about who the best movie coaches let me know in the comments. And remember to subscribe to 538 on you to.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"NFL analyst Josh Hermsmeyer looks at how head coaches are depicted in football films.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"74531599","title":"Who's the most chaotic fictional football coach? | FiveThirtyEight","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/chaotic-fictional-football-coach-fivethirtyeight-74531599"}