FiveThirtyEight: What's happening to the Republican Party?

Donald Trump's improbable rise has revealed a rift in the Republican Party and raised questions about what truly motivates Republican voters.
8:19 | 06/21/18

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Transcript for FiveThirtyEight: What's happening to the Republican Party?
Let this. Somebody else becomes present would that be horrible I'd like to have the election tomorrow I don't want away. Us has become a dumping ground for everybody else's problems nobody nobody will be pushing us around. The rise of Donald Trump has raised a bunch of questions about the Republican parties and Republicans didn't really have a great vision for themselves before Donald Trump. Which is one of the reasons why he was allowed which Iraq's. If you ask me. A year ago what the future of the Republican Party was what type of nominee I thought they would choose. I would've said that they would've chosen someone who is an ideological. Conservative someone that the backing of the establishment because usually that two Republicans had chosen they're chosen the most electable conservative candidate. Donald Trump though. Is not conservative on a whole host of issues and instead. They've set up policy ideas and uniting minority. You know Ronald Reagan temple call Sharman national defense and small government socially conservative. You're basically saying all parties. It's possible that's now united I. Cultural grievous. And its last ever won one therein I'm so what is the Republican Party. Richard Nixon had a choice after. Lyndon Johnson had essentially as Lyndon Johnson said himself. Surrendered this south. Through the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And some of the legislation that followed. The Democrats had isolated and then disenchanted. Those in the sciele. Some of them for idealistic reasons such as State's rights and so forth most of my thing. Because they were just flat out racist. And what the Republican Party party did very simply would say to these people come into my party and we'll take care of and that started the Republican Party down the road which isn't derived. Today I think that Republicans this has been a big criticisms are now actually live Republicans that they are a party of nostalgia. How was looking backers are always invoking Reagan but there was a lot of forward thinking about them. What is conservatism mean. In the 21 century Ronald Reagan do solemnly swear there isn't. Two generations out there are animals that don't have any relationship connection to Ronald Reagan's legacy Ronald Reagan is is long gone as. Abraham Lincoln for some folks. And so I think the Republican Party hats to use modernize. Their message home. The Republican Party has gotten whiter. And older and less educated as this country overall has gotten. Younger her. Better educated and more diverse and so what you're seeing as basically the Republican Party pulling away from the country overall. And nonwhite voters are increasingly young the Republican Party as hostile acts. Chamber president. Could be in the Republican Party why did we lose. You had the growth and opportunity project report which has become politically colloquial Lee known as the autopsy. Which pretty much said that the reason why Republicans lost in 2012 white rock needed in the White House. Is because Republicans didn't do well enough with female voters think African American voters Latino voters young voters. That the party needed to do stuff structurally to become more effective in two really broaden its outreach. If you're gonna win elections in America these days need twenty more than more than just wake people up there is a census projections last year that said. Half of America will be the number of minority driven by 2044. It's a shame because I thought that this election cycle would have been opportunity for the Republican Party to. Finally bring its message to. A different audience Democrats have been very good this will be made that emotional connection you know people they're in the communities. There on the ground Republicans are terrible in this part of it because it's not something you can just do a couple months before an election. They don't make major changes if they don't revamp themselves. Open the tin. Invite in women invite him minorities and so forth they're doomed their finished. You're a winner Nino. Yeah. So in many ways to kind of grievance that. Trump has happened to you could see coming the Tea Party. There were confederate flags at these rallies there whereas all sorts of rhetoric. That sounds very familiar to a trump proudly wearing a situation where economically they're not doing well we see that. Exposed in a number of ways the worst ways racism. And the worst ways include. Xenophobia claiming to people were foreigners immigration is one of the best predictors of support from trump. And Republican identification. And that sort of aside from the policy position a proxy. Pearl for cultural conservatism. The GOP has become a party of white identity that is. And someone is unhappy with the direction of the country is going yeah. So she so dramatic. I don't think it's a good thing and he represents a step backwards and it's a good step. That's why I'm voting results the idea being the nobody cares for us. We have to care for ourselves and been involved for people. Even if we don't agree with them on some of the issues at least. They're with us on the idea being that we've been screwed over. Important lesson takeaways with it you can't just say as a party. Let's embrace comprehensive immigration reform last in race gay marriage let's embrace all of these things. And magically everything will be fine because there is a push and pull there is attention. Republicans shouldn't just try to become the Democratic Party like and think that they'll win elections. Unless we have someone. For the Republican Party who comes in with a clear vision as to what federal government can do in limiting government so that it doesn't do the things it should not be doing the Republican party's not gonna have much vision and therefore not much appeal. There has to be some serious soul searching for what the Republicans have allowed themselves he become what the eve allowance cute except. What eighty set a different standard that is unrecognizable. To many of us who have. In a part of the Republican Party unity and fought for those ideals they're all in question. The country needs to parties to viable political parties that's our system. If we don't have to viable political parties were in trouble. Even think about Donald Trump as somebody. Who shows up to the party win a big crew design and makes a lot of noise and kind of noise all of the other guests that are there. And so a lot of the other guest just kind of me. Little sun when Donald Trump leaves the party his buddies although with them. Who's laughed and if he wins he does at least for the term that he's president get to define what the Republican Party me. He's tapping into these four says that. Have been boiling the Republican party for some time trump has exposed that seems in the Republican Party and the question now is. Between those scenes rip apart some marine. Or. Yeah.

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{"duration":"8:19","description":"Donald Trump's improbable rise has revealed a rift in the Republican Party and raised questions about what truly motivates Republican voters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"56072256","title":"FiveThirtyEight: What's happening to the Republican Party?","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/fivethirtyeight-happening-republican-party-56072256"}