FiveThirtyEight: Roundtable discussion on 'Creating The Next Bechdel Test'

FiveThirtyEight staffers involved in the "Creating The Next Bechdel Test" project sit down to discuss their findings.
17:15 | 06/17/18

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Transcript for FiveThirtyEight: Roundtable discussion on 'Creating The Next Bechdel Test'
All right I want to thank all the that's coming you were the folks who did all the research when he came to actually watching movies code in the movies behind our investigation into what the name. Expect him look like. So Juliet you did a lot of animated movies with surprise you that those. Well first apprised them fat sausage party is not a child me. I don't. Talking. IS. On the scene. One's seen girls. Especially in. Girl works with. Our other. All. Animals. It. Your honor. So that was the Hagan test and then that is actually is half the supporting cast women. And is the first cracks. And only five movies passed it hasn't it that's so wrong when like your trying from our nation and is presumably. Actor's house he now. Actually easiest numbers it. About Ethan Allen 43% you know still like to hear ran dry Asia haven't like I'm Harry onscreen but none of these watcher cost. Can you talk a little bit about why we did this test because I remember. After watching the first communities as it might we have to do this early can't we cut corners on this and you sort of explains. Why these one scene rolls matters. According to the USC Annenberg the Annenberg inclusion initiatives like 35% of roles in movies television that speak. Go to women which is that the huge. Disproportionately well there's no reason that 65% April's -- men and when you don't have the opportunity to be erased a number one you know that have the opportunity to mean like friend of character who speaks of three scenes the that you will have a lot of supporting characters in these movies. He will allow crowd scenes in these movies but if they're disproportionately go to men then women don't have the opportunity to announce that on there resonating with. Where he even a suspect in her sexuality tests and how to some really bad. Through all these these kids like Italy for the Tina characters even ghost busters that I can call female Catholic. The three white women Wear the scientists found a black character was the one working in TA like why can she be in a higher goal. So I think I was like that's going terrific while these are the ones it really. Are just terrible to me. So let's talk on it and that did on that week we looked at three different tests that really so honed in on an essential components right so lean awaits test was is there a black woman. With power any healthy relationship in the films five films past and it and believe it was and again I don't want to put words and around I think what is an illustrator is. There's a real problem where there's not lot of movies where. But women are not in a relationship and not in a crappy job and I think that finding and movies and actually elevate them how few and far between they can be is pretty grafted. At this spot while watching storks and generally a lot of its. Animated movies I think for a lot of those movies so that they have a really interesting beefy Malick believe he announced her great great arc. And then. They all on all the rest of the click supporting cast questions and a lot of the race crashed and it's like we think so much about how these movies. Have moved the needle it's like created an immigrant and gopac and watched through this once I get out one category pumped up. Everything. In office or. When the naturally brought up that that was privileged and was and the intersection test how do you represent. A character. Like a Latina character was and that the more five is store or something like that. And not. Total over the line stereotype or you know like accents that are offensive. But still make it clear that this isn't. A white and that more five's stork it's a Latina anthropomorphic a stark. The party Hewitt little girl Hough. What it I mean look. I'm of that. An interesting way with seeing. Balancing act. Young woman Aliph and was not really racially. On now she's in and kind app back anything. But her family's. Wit had sort of like black. Coatings and the way they spoke and thinks about their family. That kind of rent on screen since. A kind. By association like this main character it's mystic he. And African act in what. Or some of the characters that you can't tell which ones can stand out as either illustrated than the bad trend to or being really kind of a future and for the industry I mean garlic anise problematic. I think in. In many different ways that they think the way that she is shot and trained in that movie with a camera panning up and down her body and for like an extended period of time is pretty disgusting and kind of surprising that that movie did so well in that. It seemed like that sort of thing just as like in the background you don't realize that when you're watching them able and looking for that sort of thing. It's like you gross like and how did that passed like there was no but it is they know. I think that Rachel and I attack. It isn't legally bond act dead pool are. Could not Carrick there the main command character in that movie is lake. There's literally a line in manor where he's like it's like a cheap joke but he's like tonight design and allowed for myself because she's so. She's like super hot soup brands are having sex Alice time. But also cool accidents snatched I was anxious. In. You know all things in Lima beans continents. And so I. But she's also liked me yet. And that is now there's tank and not like we've known as the prince. A basically. A process but look at who. Is in lake killing in it so I stick my. It's not like there's anything wrong with all of this things but it. Like the joke that he needs is actually literary happenings which is back. Whoever does that mean it was like where it make that perfect girlfriend. Some resentment. About. Shirt. And so we're really excited I mean like I had seen it before and going academic scaling. Are scoring on these was utopia. And then actually going back there and seeing howling development you know character. And like she's deeply floods she makes a lot of light careless reckless mistake straightening is part of the test on the test. I think it's something that's interesting and look at regulate look. That's how exposed to each he may not be the perfect character. But she does clients like a very positive person early positive character for children is to unite she went out which ones he accomplished the very male dominated field and not really cool. I feel like we should give a shout out to you bad moms. There wasn't any particular character and it definitely traffic and stereotypes about pressure. But. It scored pretty well and I tests and the best thing was the best it has aided the twelve test stands pretty critical. It also I think what our tests captured pretty well and bad it's like a classic example that would cut talked about is like. Women behaving as normal humans are like having flies ward doing things are crass or making mistakes or behaving like. Very multifaceted ways instead just in one when is. Makes an eating well. I love bad mosque because I think it really kind of showed how deep bench true Leon's. Day in a lot of other movies any of those women would have four lines styling it would be a small part it would be in supporting a delay in that movie either. Any there upwards of like a doesn't violate really powerful enough actress is in very good meaty roles and and I think that so many of the tests are kind of showing us how tough it is about supporting tears. And I think that miles really succeeded and showing it now you you can have characters if they don't want to be like a big kennel kind of had talent arcs of the course the movie there at that. Andy Elson doing any characters. You know actors in their movies and on. I think. And it. Has about raping me and bat with he's noticed that a lot of this morning. Isn't yet isn't one. Mama there of course he. It's so frustrating. One might. I mean. I like it packed in its wars. Being beaten and topical. And I the last. I'm. Broke won a precedent it would contact you sky. Just because it made me and it's not so but it falls into this category in play. Women woman like breaking down barriers overcoming like on these men doubt her. Which is a good story it's how. But it keeps telling the story where if you are woman succeeding years like you know scoring and it's inspiration and Stan saying. It kind of goes sheer bad months point nine those kinds of movies are my favorite that rights made this Atlantic. Women are people and they're kind of gross because their people enough like meal that timing perfect and they I think those are good stories to tell along with these. Overcoming on stories. Haven't people here savior. And how we have had too much tequila it's accessible live like that's part of it I know we talk about a lot of these. Three films on the test one test and I was dead pool doctors change in the spirit like pets so if you watch his movies what did you Kynan notice that low level is experienced. One thing that I was adjusting and and that I didn't actually realize that the auction on the cost one of the tests. Is that even with twelve tests when you sort of think about these movies and he compared Doctor Strange ones a career move it to really well with suicide squad another. Says that's what was. Sort of aggressively. Unfriendly toward women in the way that it portrayed them whereas orchestrate I don't think most people would watch it and think you that really was bad for women. Ran and so it think that's sort of speaks to you like even though we mattered all of these things happen. There there is no like one sort of test that is gonna like solve the problem representational program Hollywood especially when it comes in the camera stuff which we haven't really talked about. He was that there is like some really grow shots right of our equipment and what. Until you look at behind the camera. You don't really realize that no it twenty people were specifically to make that one shower as gross as atlas is delighted to cost him the actress didn't you date yes I have somebody hold the camera he had some pretty move the camera. Somebody trance and that is immediately there's a whole group of men who conspired to make that shot and a lot of times it's behind cameras that that seems to kind of leading to the frame. Yeah best point is there's really surprising to me when we came together and we had all of them like that mom speeding out configures its. And I'm not sure which take fanatic that's like. You know don't assume movie is good just because of sort of the onset or Italy you set part of this was a test of the tests and maybe there isn't failure there. And I I don't know if that's just look to keep. Trying these on movies going forward and and start CU in the larger aggregate we see patterns but it definitely get forced need to like. Not necessarily assume like old black woman is a lead in this movie therefore. Representation koppers. On the hand figures pointer and it. Lake it's rift came home to me that. When as like this topic isn't Hollywood and the battle tested like Marlon non until there are winning and in these positions of power in Hollywood until the system isn't like okay we did something bad here like let's correct it might go to the next. Obvious correction thing which are like heroic. Inspiring stories like you're not getting catlett the full spectrum. Of like when stories that you could get. It's this article and where. Comment and one man on the story in the air raids but it is being questioned like Atlantic a movie about 102. It's going to be on the what can you do and I had to be really surprised because. When I imagine and I know when it. Like I live that I get it yet if you're taking into note individual tests and they're gonna now. Or individual movies and it felt eased past because there I think there are specific and that there were these testing at its let. This shows that over. If you think about for example how few movies. So black when the relationship that apparently maybe not every me. Would have a Blackman. Has the story is about. But still the patents. Of and did pretty telling. I think that's lake for an oral Richard something I see come up a lot in people's and a fantasy where a lot of times the Buick element fantasy world like. It's pseudo medieval times so of course women are treated like this or no birdies out gay or whatever and elect her on an airline is light because I. I never understood that only few of literal dragon. It passed a U. Like why we're making everything else. So we looked at the films of 2016 because the box office was and they were excess wall that. There's been a year since then and I don't listen to have been much movies in that yet I was wondering are you watching movies any differently. Use and look how teens and my plea. But you know. Thirty people on the scene and Mike only ten her money like this like not a pop in my head because it is so who's. The three posit that. It's more than ten people. I watch recently. That. And me. I guess that's the conclusion of the story was like there's a lot of work to do. Here and an off camera and that you could see dat ethical eclipse this year like all the women clearly felt like Natalie Portman. Carol male nominees for investor actors like there's clearly a lot of working on an off camera. It's kind of my. Conclusion proven wrong. It really watch movies differently. The crystal sort of judges. On the whole is like. Did that feel it is government and it investment trend but this sort of pick a state where formulas and stuff and that's where almost all the movies failed sort of shocking. But. Sort of hope that if more attention is now problem that may be it will sort of the pipeline in fact those decisions being made about issues women who to cast and you know how your and I enemy team. Are this sample from where I store in all of this sort of small things that. I think one thing that I really appreciated from this project was it like so there's a pipeline problem is put up the other point there really isn't late. We talked a lot of people were very qualified. And who work in this industry we lost on movies and we kind of sauce and specific examples where he didn't. Trouble filling at that bench it's not really adrift on his trip opportunity for the town that already exists. There's no way till it pinpoint. Blake as guest says it's like is this a good many for miners as of Batman me for women and Mike. You know these tests are really helpful. And you have your gut feeling about it. But ultimately I think that that would be like a tangible thing. That until you get those women in his positions of power and behind the camera and all those roles like fundamentally fundamentally allergens pointing out. How bad it is you know you can't be like RA let's get six more female protagonist this year like that's not gonna correct that stem the tide a lot of stuff. Well all right. So we will be having. Box officers went to finalize priests and volunteers. Plus all fifty movies last year. And we do know a lot more. Committed to this. Excellent.

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{"duration":"17:15","description":"FiveThirtyEight staffers involved in the \"Creating The Next Bechdel Test\" project sit down to discuss their findings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"55953184","title":"FiveThirtyEight: Roundtable discussion on 'Creating The Next Bechdel Test'","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/fivethirtyeight-roundtable-discussion-creating-bechdel-test-55953184"}