FiveThirtyEight's sleeper Final Four picks for the men's 2019 NCAA Tournament

Neil Paine tells us who else might have a chance to reach the Final Four.
4:05 | 03/20/19

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Transcript for FiveThirtyEight's sleeper Final Four picks for the men's 2019 NCAA Tournament
Well that's when he nineteen incidentally men's tournament brackets are sad and to no one's surprise duke is the overall favorite wearing them by 38 models we give him in 19% chance of winning the instantly turned. In fact. We give the number one seeds in each region the four highest percentage chances of winning holt earned the so. Maybe that's an argument just make it shocked bracket and in those number one seed no you don't wanna do that that's boring nobody wants to do a talk bracket and all number one so what you wanna do here is game used sleeper final fourteen. That might have a chance of making some noise even though they don't have the highest odds. Take a shot at some of these teams see how it works out starting in the eastward duke as the number one seed art sleeper final four team is Virginia Tech. Give the Hokies a 10% chance of making the final war. Credit and commerce statistics Hokies and while that's and it when he bit deep in the country through their well balanced squads and our projections give Jimmy 62% chance of reaching the sweet sixteen where most likely they would be facing those with ago. If they do make it that far we give them a 26% chance of knocking off duke which isn't terrible by the standards of duke opponents this year. If the Hokies managed apart that colossal upset we also have been as slight favorites at 55%. To make the final four over whoever takes it out of the bottom half of the region. Okay now let's move on to the west region wigand's Agha is the number one seed. Are sleeper final four pick Bayer is the number four seeded Florida State Seminoles to whom we get a 7% chance of making. At issue is a really tough defensive squads and ninth best in the country are core upon statistics. Now like Virginia intact at this you would have to go through their legion number one seed in order to have a chance in the final four but an upset there is not out of the question. We give the seminoles eight point 4% chance of beating the zags if that match up were to happen. And then from there it's kind of a short hop skip to the final four just one more tough game against maybe Michigan or Texas Tech maybe even Nevada border have to face we get forest 8848%. Chance of winning. Advancing to the final four. What are the south now where the number one seed is Virginia. In Virginia is an interesting story in and of themselves trying to bounce back from sixteen over one humiliating upset last season but may addition to eat up all night worried about watching tape about the number sixteen seed Gardner-Webb that they'll have to face this year. But instead focus their attention on the number six seed Villanova which is our dark horse pick in this region. With a 5% chance to make four. Powered by an incredibly three point heavy offense that ranks among the top twenty in Palmer is efficiency ratings. They will need some luck to make it back to the final four that first round match up with the eleventh seed Saint Mary's is tough. And of no that meets Virginia in the elite eight are predictions give them a 44% chance of winning the game. And lastly we've got the midwest region where the number one seed is UNC but are sleeper pick is Auburn the fifth seed. Didn't we get an 11% chance of the tigers come into this terrorist red hot having won ten of their last eleven games and again if all goes according to their plans they would be meeting the number one seeded Tar Heels in the sweet sixteen and if that happens we give opera a very promising 38% chance of pulling the upset in reaching the elite eight and from there directly favorites against the bottom half the region and 53% chance of finishing the job going on. OK there you have of those where are sleeper picks for the final four and just for fun let's say. All four of them make. The final four who would have the ads while we give Virginia Tech a 28% chance of winning the championship. Now slow down Hokies fans maybe you should go about ordering NCAA championship gear right. But as far sleeper odds you could do a whole lot worse former predictions and coverage of the entire term in both men's and women's please check up 538 dot com throughout the rest of the month.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Neil Paine tells us who else might have a chance to reach the Final Four.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"61820731","title":"FiveThirtyEight's sleeper Final Four picks for the men's 2019 NCAA Tournament","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/fivethirtyeights-sleeper-final-picks-mens-2019-ncaa-tournament-61820731"}