How we’re preparing for election night and what we're watching | FiveThirtyEight

The FiveThirtyEight staff share how they are getting ready for election night and what they will be watching as results come in.
7:56 | 11/03/20

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Transcript for How we’re preparing for election night and what we're watching | FiveThirtyEight
I'm me. Taylor is Galen and it is finally Election Day it is Election Day morning in fact I think it'd be a good idea that you give my fellow Arctic eaters. A ring. And see what they're doing to prepare hey Claire. Hi Galen call Hagan. Is yeah. L land work hasn't started yet why you bother me. I hope boasts not politics editor of five. 38 today as you're being free and dance for Watson that. That's great Leon. Do you. Medium. Hitter five fox the gala. Is it just don't think about how unlikely events can still happen want jobs there with the election morning. Yeah how well you just cut me actually I'm write about me than Athens out of him. Yeah. Caring for election night she announced behind my back channel ready think you know. Starting off at that. Ingenious. But for some reason I don't know you don't sound quite right fight youth boxing right I'm dean honest. If that Jewell we don't. And now. IRA OK you know honest I know this call us if I mean but it flattening out I had. Some other things they couldn't get out that you know some pretty important calls. After the talent we have five in fox did via this. You know they're real right now lots of people want idea videos to hide its. Election morning. Well I'm doing this puzzled. I not try not to think about the election. I was actually just chapels and firewood. And keep the fire burn it is Wheeling and it actually act and future student roster Oslo and where where are you wanted to know what you're up to an election morning I am having a few last relaxing comments out the dog park. Here's my dog. We are it payments will. And I'm just decompress before tonight by yet. Knitting and watching Star Trek. Well I just traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan and obviously traveling by any means that I am in quarantine. Stuck in his bedroom for a couple games. Sugar any quarantine on election that. That is correct and those in the election dating from my argument. It's the big day. In a program. Or to be yours now. What are you up here. Oh election I'm and I wish I was asleep. My. What you're doing where are unintended. And pulled the graveyard shifts like I get as much sleep they can in the morning before it tomorrow morning. Election Day is finally here what are you hearing to prepare. Normally you're probably go see a movie or maybe she let it didn't when he 16 June 8 I looked good so much. On election days I am so like kind of nerve youth. And anxious feeling good about them that's how that's how much election they've stuck. Are you all seriousness as we start getting results this you today had we start covering the election. Really in earnest. What you're going to be watching. I'm definitely be an eye on my a home state of Ohio. Which is you know currently Smith slightly favored. For president trump. But it's a lot closer than I thought it would be this year and so I'm really should deceive whether or not Ohio is now the big. Surprise that. First thing that I'm going to be watching throughout the day and into the evening and may be in the days after the election. He is what happens. They want they hand it to be keeping a close eye on is the state of Florida if we have a clear result there that could tell us a lot. About what's going on overall. Tonight what are you going to be watching for as the returns do you start. We didn't get California's Canada headquarters of blue America. But the big question is there three propositions on the ballot in California that I think we'll tell you how lose California. An immediate watching him. And there's things that doesn't make videos for the site and basically just going to be pestering you all evening. When I can't get over as what states we're talking about where it's a one to two point margin. It's not just gone Sen it's not Michigan. It states like Texas and Ohio and to be clear that doesn't mean that there is day. Huge schools water ask realignment at stake here but it could mean that some states vote differently than they have in previous elections. When it comes to you tonight what are you going to be watching for any particular I'm calling you all ought to get a sense. What you. We got but that's going to be posting online blog so every dynasty is called it will host and if there's surprise relative to our forecast. Elizabeth surprised that he and that is going to be watching that but making sure that nothing is going. Well I think that I'm going to be looking for war is paying attention the election technology that we use. I suspect that there might be a few glitches here and there and that the few areas and particularly interested in Georgia for example give him that. And we we are and yet much of the boat and Seoul next day. That. Amenities paying special tonight thank. Counties and states where we do have most of the bug. In those states I think we still learn things based on the margin. I'm. Even and safely Lewis fleet red state because the country and and the move that's one. They're always you know a couple. Irregularities in some places their long lines there are people being turned away because it on my. That always happens to some degree and I think that there are concerns that it might happen. More this year than that that's something I'm going to be watching. One dangerous marching from the Texas house Democrats actually have a chance to control the truth in them seated at table and redistricting. And prevent potential Republican actor I also cannot count matters that could be potential interest for example Puerto Rico is voting a straight up or down vote on whether they should stay no that is non binding Democrats likely to control both us. House and presidency next year. Maybe save it from Parikh and on the table what you're going to be watching. For this evening as we start to clear. It's a little tricky because we kind of have a binary. Election right leader Joseph Biden wins some of these southern states like. Florida or Georgia which may be called earlier Carolina right now I think it's pretty big blow. Or are these are. Trump Windsor to post a call and like you know that we're all going to be line. Near the mode for another ten days writers or few days at least we morsels from Pennsylvania Wisconsin. Consortium and I think super you know it's election morning we'll tired. Right well there you have it there is your key behind a curtain rip my fellow colleagues here at 538. As for me I'm probably gonna go for a run spend way too much time reading the Internet. And also came out with my friends read overseer as we watched returns come and then and try to imagine what the elect format could look like this evening. We are also going to be back through out the night we have all kinds of updates with my colleagues here. We talk about the trend that we're seeing what counties states are. How that returns and Angel capital forties who definitely come back here with us tonight on the part that he YouTube channel. They're not want to staff.

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{"duration":"7:56","description":"The FiveThirtyEight staff share how they are getting ready for election night and what they will be watching as results come in.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"73978463","title":"How we’re preparing for election night and what we're watching | FiveThirtyEight","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/preparing-election-night-watching-fivethirtyeight-73978463"}