Could Sanders Sweep Iowa and New Hampshire?

His polls have improved in both states, but Iowa is close and New Hampshire has a history of surprises.
2:50 | 01/29/20

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Transcript for Could Sanders Sweep Iowa and New Hampshire?
So in the last week or so. The most the pulls it come out had been pretty good for Bernie Sanders. So that is. Increases chances of winning the nomination for our forecasts. And I think we're your particularly seeing that is in some early state polls. Iowa. And New Hampshire New Hampshire specially. Obviously every poll has come out last week yourself a New Hampshire has Sharon Sanders out by at least five night. Low double digits 1012. Points and so dad has definitely helped him though I should say. That New Hampshire has in the past at times. Surprise people in the 2008 primary for exit for example. Barack Obama won a really close race in Iowa. Heading into New Hampshire he's leading in the polls there and then Hillary Clinton won it very narrow lane New Hampshire despite. The polls had Obama ahead so. Shouldn't exactly count manufactured to precisely think you lie. Given Sanders from there he won big there will be six team in the democratic primary you'd think. It reason he's at the polls and in history and back next month. She but in Iowa also you know Sanders and actually had a couple polls weren't very good for him. I'm that had come out and we can half or so ago. Two weeks ago but now all senators and Biden. Basically tied our polling average this route twenty to 20% from both then and and if you look at our forecasts. I'm which brings in some other thing stick to considers well. Both of them have about one shot of winning the most bits and if you're taking them together if he wins Iowa plus New Hampshire. I would. Set him up historically to be in a very good position to win the nomination but basically since Iowa became important which goes back in 1976 caucuses Jimmy Carter's. Kind of out of nowhere rise all the latest Democrat nomination. New candidate has won both contests and then failed to win the nomination I'm cracks so. You'd be really running its history. For Sanderson now in the nation now. It's given the rules in the democratic side. I'm very proportional delegate allocation and also the fact that Sanders. It's definitely not a favorite of a lot of people in the Democratic Party. Establishment. It would be very sing to see where the race went from there but at least historically standards. Would be in a pretty it's gone and Jeffrey skelley. And I'm elections analysts at 530.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":" His polls have improved in both states, but Iowa is close and New Hampshire has a history of surprises.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"68619074","title":"Could Sanders Sweep Iowa and New Hampshire?","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/sanders-sweep-iowa-hampshire-68619074"}