What Trumpism has cost the GOP and the nation | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

The crew reacts to a mob of Donald Trump supporters storming and occupying the U.S. Capitol.
42:44 | 01/07/21

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Transcript for What Trumpism has cost the GOP and the nation | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
Hello and welcome to the 530 politics podcast I'm do you want to root. This is not the podcast that we were planning on recording today. We were reading for a projections in the Georgia senate months before sitting down for court podcast after last night's election. While we waited fathers projections pro trump extremists violently occupied the US capitol. Lawmakers hid under their tasks were told to rack gas masks and were evacuated. They were unable to complete apparently the Electoral College votes the final steps in the transfer of power. Trump. Has refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power during the election he's primed his voters to believe that American elections are fraudulent for years. He's focused on false claims of fraud almost exclusively. Over the past two months and encouraged his supporters to gather in DC today. And then during a rally directed them to the capital. He's periodically refused to condemn his extremist supporters and told him today while also asking them to go home quote we let you know you're very special. There's a debate over to call this a coup attempt sedition and insurrection. Needing my colleagues have thoughts I'm not but frankly I think describing exactly what happened tells you all you need to now. I try to keep this podcast fun and sloppy but frankly it was a shameful and sad day. And I don't think we can mince words here today pour the fruit of precisely what trump has sound during his campaign and his presidency. So we're gonna discuss. Where we go from here as a nation how our political leaders respond. And we are also eventually direct talk about the Georgia election. Last night so cured meat you talk about that our editor in chief Nate Silver Haney. Our regular. Altar of us is your politics writer Perry bacon junior hitter and you. And politics editor sir frost and sent its our thinking. You know I there's no way to to a software. Or use of polling or some kind of horse race one key question. I'm just curious to hear from fuel. We sat for hours watching on TV as something we never. I guess imagine happening. In America took place one acres evacuated the capitol building. While trying to you you know for Fella process. That's par transfer power. Neat what did you Nikko what you saw I would characterize it what does this mean for American politics. Moved. Easy question. I'm an epic like so much of American politics and that from there are made before it happens from there it is kind of imaginable. It's a little different maybe visualizing it and seeing it play out in real time right I mean trump. During the debates and over the campaign clearly. Clearly did not pledge a peaceful transition of power. He said we say you know stand down and stand by whoever the probability is right. Between sixteen he was encouraging its you know protesters as rallies potentially violent action he gave a speech. This morning right I mean clearly like. None of this is that surprising. In some sense. That these protesters were able to real action by the protestors are those of fraud thing right that is. Similar peaceful many them we're not. That there were a group of people were able to reach the capital. Is I think shocking news story about security around capitol police and whatever else the mean you know I don't know I mean I frankly think that like him. We're lucky you got as far as we know. No members of congress. Were killed. Or injured you know I mean it felt like it was gonna come to that at some point. How many more steps there Wordock where that would have happened and know that interior of the capitol complex and what that looks like and what that. Which entails. Yeah I nationals or say here that. We were all. Covering events from our homes and it's gonna take a while before we understand exactly what happened Howard on folded. And this is obviously a story that's gonna take us. Many days and weeks to cover parent to your chance to weigh in on your heart you saw what was happening. Gender is this lasts it's not quite when he Mars yet if I think around 1230. You had reverend ward won the Georgia race it was call and he gave us each around 12:30 eastern last night. It definitely felt like last night was a repudiation of trump we'll sort the back you've been no Democrats won two since he's probably in Georgia. So I again had to do anything it is that she did a sort of take some of the win noticing Nelson's contesting election effort. And then around noontime might and at that statement in which he says. I'm not going along with its usually masks much ability to changing he sort of was using up the president a little bit more than use. You had a simple or were Mitch McConnell sort of very regretfully. From order from nearly laughed let's move on from this. And you had Republican members who like you know like just Ali like it gurus like the least we don't know real elegant members. Still contesting. Still rain election but I thought this may be cured out slightly recounts a 2 o'clock we might you know set up a point where we get it AF and that way. Of the also the last year after this and a strong. Protest about the election and it sort of move on. Side tests done this Ian did what happened from what to look for where the members of congress all bowl parties. After clear them kept it cleared the capital that almost never happens. Com end and work over the place says gunshot. R.s two hours and hours are from two to three was released Guerin. And even now it's sort of scary to think that there was there was and really. You know some people lit up what it thinks and many in the that would occur as well blended up Ian. Hello Steve are close one of the Indian in this year where the presiding as he sits in the senate let this was an incursion. There was not there was not stop and this debate about is. On the game which we're supposed to determine who wins the election instead. Trump says. I don't respect in the and his supporters and it's you know really did. Stop the process. One of in the notice Joseph Biden around or clot in his speech and he says. Mr. President at least condemned this end the president yes gives this sort of one minute to yield we're EE. At the beginning it into that it uses. Basically. The east put additions go home but in the middle and it keeps inciting them by saying it was stolen it was stolen so. Again we're still in America we have we have almost president Joseph Biden we have someone who. Is unwilling to sort of lead the country in the right way list two weeks left. I don't I would just add you know I'm Matt you know one thing we had known after the election was that there was its large level of mistrust in the results rate especially among Republicans. But there have been reporting from the times they didn't really nuanced piece that kind of dug into what OK if polls say. 80% 90% if Republicans don't trust the results. How much of that is real verses for tore. And I think today we saw what the repercussions. Of that we're tour was some Americans do not believe that the election was fair. And those are tramps supporters and we saw them break into the capital that today and I think. If something Perry in Joliet de Julius sorry we're talking about earlier this week is what has been so challenging about this administration particularly when it comes to coverage. Is the way in which they break more and sneaks it. There's a whole system in which you can respond in meets legitimate opposition really difficult. Two wheeled and some ways what happened today was both surprising but the not surprising at all and I think it's the tension that and trying to comfort back. Which is so typical right now. So I mean when it comes about a question. How. Does the opposition respond or how it is even the president's own party respond. What we know about that the president has what does thirteen hour days left in office. What happens. Well I mean this is something we're ready Communists in this it might seem at a date right. You know you had Coles pilot the National Association of Manufacturers to my parents think taking about the 25 amendment thing which says the president is basically not. It to hold office. Apparently it was vice president parents. And not trump who called the National Guard witches. Although a lot of crazy things and that's a pretty disturbing story into itself there are at this very count. I think thirteen or fourteen Democrats have called for were. Impeachment essentially moving up the ladder very quickly they're probably be some multiple that at a time you're hearing this right. I mean I don't know how this ends right this is not normal. You give us immediate question of like what's gonna happen to that. Electoral College unification. Will roll. Josh holly and Ted Cruz. Kind of pretend that you could have this kinder gentler version purpose will they be decent used to that notion. If you're everybody's used to that you think today plus losses in Georgia the combination of that with Mickey pretty. Stupid but you know but you never know so I don't know I think I don't. I don't really know I mean you know I think there's scenarios where. Trump does not and these final. Thirteen days. In the White House because like this is actually to a point where it is kind of these I would complex once there's two things people can envision Wright but like. You know we don't really kind of exactly. Know. What the president's doing a who's in charge if it. Hey I mean there's a lot of of certainty here. Depth Harry you actually. We're talking about the kind of debate within the Republican Party. That was beginning even before these trumped supporters occupy art. The capital which is given that Warren are ones there's projected winner last night and now this afternoon. Also also became the projected winner in torture given that equation and it seemingly trump contributed to Republicans lost. In Georgia that perhaps Republicans were starting to turn a page and we're at least there was a rift within the party about how to handle trop. Going forward. A hot. Does that in combination with today. Me question easier for the party. Judy really want to turn the page now are people that are still excited about the trump vision of the Republican Party. I mean obviously our voters but I mean aren't there elected Republicans who are still excited about you know drop us. I don't live million excited I was looking for a team on some of the statements made by Josh Ali and cruise Jim Jordan of the people who. Whether trump you're not be little or supporting this. Question in the election results doubles look all of tweet orbits at Lama lines. We support peaceful protest but this is gotten out of hand on the capital. It should stop so they weren't necessarily weighing in on whether sort of certification. Fights against and you were not. We might know more but as well and our guests actually gets out what. We're a ways away and not just two weeks and I guess maybe two years knowing exactly. Where the Republican Party views trump and also global Davis the question I am. I am most focused on my question is more. Elegant up house. Four million people voted for Ross I don't want to can him anywhere near steady for me to we Jonas of the 400. We're scaffolding and 87 an important. Yes that question but I don't want to condemn all but a lot of Republicans. Or Republican values on all. Our close a portion of it but I didn't do. I am concerned about. In coming of the capital the plot is sort of deal the governor base like weeds you have me. Extremism. Problem that is on the that is on the right Morton. It is beginning to actions that are written members of congress elected officials. And we don't and we and I know I don't think I think mr. O'Connell has no problem condemning that but Donald Trump isn't an acting doesn't. Doesn't condemn those in the way he should in these next few weeks and then going to coordinate that thing and most worried about it like. Is long is Donald Trump is a prominent the year is going to you if not. He's not reasons yes in Canada and he seems stoking anger resentment it is will be. What a John McCain and Mitt Romney did and that's the kind of things I'm would like you know John McCain I was at a rally. When John McCain and Sarah Palin doesn't meet and he protesters get really aggressive criticizing Obama and John McCain himself condemned them I just don't see. There is a violent element right. He Donald Trump to condemn it and he's wouldn't do that. And I'm worried about it getting stronger not weaker unless he's gonna. The site T. What percentage. Of this country are we talking about where this extreme examples because to East Point there her. A lot of people who voted for Trent who weren't at capitol today in voted for him for very different reasons but. One example we really want to dive into its not perfect analogy it's one of the better ones to help understand this moment is after Charlotte's. When you had another violent protests rooted in samples of white nationals. A change public opinion do we see something like that going forward you know one thing we've talked about political science literature is it's hard to know. When they will be a Parikh and in in power in Republicans speaking out against is this that watershed moment. If there was an impeachment polish and does it change in ten Herring house Republicans joined act. Those are questions we are looking act. But I think something else you know we'll touch on this little bit later here it's for thinking about Georgia results is while it is. Undoubtedly this story that two Democrats won in that race. And that now Biden will happen trifecta entering office is also very close race despite all of this going on happening right and so. It goes back to something we would have sent in November about the divisions in this country that are still Neary Robb in realists we saw on display that day. And how do it how to cover that and Howell we start to beat build trust in government trust in the media. And what those currents look like in society when you happy active vocal section that has very little trust in anything inside for the president has sent. So we've had people like an expert on can spears theaters column on this part counts before to talk about some of these things and essentially. What the answer the question of how do you get people to stop believing conspiracy theories if the people that they trust and I have faith and so even if it's not the mean institutions of government and the media or even church or their family. The people that they do atrocities from B white conservative talk radio the president himself. You know whatever meters there may be in congress that they trust have to be the people to like teach them along for. So I'm not gonna ask. Probably naive question like will trump you don't want to do that. But are there other people within the Republican Party people within. Fox News RA and news Max. You're conservative talk radio. Art fair people who work with in Republican politics like Ronald Ronnie McDaniel wore you know. Other people like that who will take the risk bomb. Perhaps. Tune their power to use their career success etc. to try to teach some of these people. Along for the journey away from these conspiracy it's. That's a hard question to answer I think one thing we can point to today something Peary actually point pipeline is. McConnell didn't acknowledge Biden had won the election until mid to senator. It is my old mid December it ended November 7. But today in congress before it the protests disrupted proceedings he'd given it very impassioned speech for McConnell to say hey is this is where actor outline this this is. This is enough we had a free election people spoke and I'm not going to object these results. Again I don't know if McConnell is and now August says Josh holly he's not different brand of republicanism. But I do think the fact that. Someone like hand and it's not just Romney or Catholic speaking anymore. If you see more of the act. That might be here point Keylon way in which. Some of the distressed. Started to be counter acted. You one thing I've kept coming back to today as we covered this was something that the EPA published back in new vendors. But it was saying that there was that there is the sense within trump administration. That they weren't going to win the lawsuits but that that was fine it was more important that people distressed at the institution. And thought trop had been cheated out at the election. And that's hard at months. You know he contested the election twice sixteen when he one. And so trying to counteract the last four years. I think it's going to be a real challenge both the GOP officials. Democrats and how they choose to handle it really the whole country. Sure this is wholly conspiracy question I don't know the united an interview all. In May be that some of them probably do know something about man and we. Ask them seven different ways you might acknowledge me I want it might be may have affected by the and I think part of it is like. There is a real vision about on the century. In. I mean some of the election discourse in Georgia I didn't love where it's like basically. You know both for the corrupt. Senators Dorgan who were trying to embezzle money and take all your money or are both of the marxists socialists so one might you know like rhetoric on the right is worth where similar can be bad it is not rising. The problem we had it in some ways like. And I beat her and that. Richard. Ben win but when people are talking that's at the end of America. You know or as you know it's you the other party wins I couldn't get. Why in the Donald prompting them but. I ain't been bad I don't need it. The stakes feel so what we're telling people outweighs the snakes the politics are extremely hot. He Americans know it is you know what might be over so and so wins so Watson's. You know trying to shoot the governor of Michigan is now on its is a terrible response that I think that's part of what's going on here is not the people are missing. As other people are bleeding things of this of them there is also the believe that's opened and they may be maybe Joseph Biden his win in debt is so terrible. I want to stop him from taking our commitment that's part of it as well. You one quick note on it Perry said earlier in the summer Maggie Kurt and chimes under at freelancing here for 538. Did a piece that was looking you know trust in democracy among Republicans and Democrats wanting me it's down from pew research from 94 to 2016. With that it jumped from 20%. To 50% of Americans who sent that they saw the other side it's a threat. And so great when when that is what we need stakes of our election it kind of buckles and evidently to an outcome that we see today. Are preparing it like bit. Conspiracy. Theory in this information came just kind of scenes. To me right it's like trump is encouraging violence in fairly direct rhetoric. And his people are very loyal to him and if you tell people you're the president and you tell people that like violence is okay. Then. Probably is actually a minority of them right let you know practice supportive forest in the country. And 110. Of those people behave violently we have option according abating violently right 1100 it's still a problem. If they convene in one place. So that's the issue of who you gonna mean. I want to move on and talk about. Or not south elections before we do. This is going to be an ongoing story for the coming days and weeks what kinds of questions you'll want cancer. Some of the questions I'm picky about one like. What is going on the security check it is a little weird. Didn't seem like a lot of officers there in the first place he seemed overwhelmed quick bleach you need. I know that normal capital is this is you know this were a free country we went on current protests or that. It seems like today that the security situation was not handled well. On February in the question and an expert on this question about. If he's protesters were black or they were Latino wondered where they treated differently because they were mostly white and it's a real question. Is window in terms I think their situations like. Exactly how was the National Guard and well and we think there are questions that are like do you apple listeners ask us questions as well as their questions. About what's happening there and not just about. Trump did something bad I think it's pretty clear there also was indium rate down to DA in exactly. And in on the capital property itself it is. You know we go around of the greatest country in the world we can't. Protect this that you noted that this certification. Of the election results may weaken did you doubt they are exceptional of them a day a little bit and this is like you. You described as. Into the war years ago I would have been astounded we can't secure that capital when Donald Trump's. I'm innocent protests in the capital whether the surprise invasion. I'm sharpton's of abuse made nothing was done about it prepare Adams negatives at a low preparation what happened today. I mean I don't know I have questions. So much is like a just waiting to see how things unfold. You know adjustment every in taking this trip with some pretty incendiary tweet. You know fight to guess that think he's due to be banned on Twitter at some point. And should be I don't know I mean you can't just kind of let this stand is the problem and also looking binoculars like these members. Of congress. Probably felt like they're life. Was threatened today and some of them like Mitt Romney also been tentative. Approached by caught threatened by protesters and other environments like an airport on a plane yesterday right. Such restriction is a little bit more. Personally you know so I think this impeachment train might. Be interesting to follow and I don't know. And therapeutics and he could also banned them from any props to accuse. If you peach and loosen. Are well. Of course you know pastors really and recordings podcast I'm sure something else will happen and we're gunners. Continue to be in touch about all these funds as they do you happen. But I wanna talk about the election. More outs off. Before we do in the podcast. So essentially the holes were more or less corrupt. Why not and also are projected to win their senate races were not by seven tenths of a point more then. Us off. And on so that changes a lot. The expectations for the next two years. Democrats will control the senate. The it will obviously a tie that president vice president commoners will be able to break. So you know big structural changes I guess that's a question about whether or not it accomplished not when. A slim majority but there are things that they will be able to accomplish that without these two seats they would not have been able to. So. I'd just like to open the floor a little bit how much does this change the calculus of the next two years in terms of what Democrats focus. So I mean that is so. There's handing having that control of insanity adding different so. They're what is required sixty votes butter three things that dumped. One Biden and probably you know as will be able to get his cabinet approved. And you saw today announced that merit Garland. An announcement. Is a quarter admit error Garland who. Whose district court judge were also hurt EE. Attorney general met freeze by enough to Natalie replaced Garland but potentially also. You know one of Biden promised in the campaign was appointee first black email some rewards yes that's so debt. Now that now the Democrats a majority of votes they can disputed justice. The black Manama so McCourt owned the majority they can pick other judges so cabinet members one. Judge's seat supposedly gains were now the Democrats I thinking it goes at regional him Orlando's that the big gains. By making room. And the third thing is in the process called reconciliation. Were a lot of missile bills. You cannot you'll need 51. Votes for a simple majority to pass I think you're likely to seek and will be hoping to release bill. We're say there's chicks in the Nazi Dallas recipient dogs some items Kobe relief bills likely to pass now. They had lots of the to states and lots more money this is overall so basically those three things written. Mitch McConnell would be opposed to but I'm guessing most democratic senators will be support. I still think public option re new deal. A lot of the bigger ideas and still are still going to be really hard and you but I think there is much rumor Biden. Is there any expectation. That Democrats. Would get rid of the filibuster where that slim majority and can they even without. 51 actual. Senate vote effort some debate. Over whether Connolly Paris to break ties. On the question of Robert archer removed the filibusters that debate basically over at this point. I don't know the same question about pummeling air us all out of the first question seems even more importantly I think the answers. Joseph mentions an increase in bad about not believe in the look so that's a similar views. Don't really matter. Oh. In the long run there. Parodies and stories rate and longer and they management implications of mores. The violence today in a number one Joseph Biden's can get to form. His government is cabinet picks right. Republican done that before war with Murkowski and round in what now announced persecutor. Number two Joseph Biden's going to be able for current term to replace Supreme Court justices Breyer with retired as a Republican that would retire. Armor passed away. That seems like it's very important. Three is Covert relief right. For war is a mean. You know this is where I adapted for the Perrier whatever that what's filibuster noble way isn't right. There will be pushed like election security. Good government bills that will have union and the support from Democrats may be enough support from Republicans that. Probably not the full HR one. Stop that house passed last year and it may be. Some milder versions of that right I think he would have Republicans be more careful about what seems like. Pure obstructionism. In the weight of the promise like. You don't charge alone makes Europe look like more good loser. It's both substantively important because they lost control of the senate right and if you look at several track record notes are looked pretty mediocre. But I'll symbolically important Georgia's state media after taxes the Democrats have been trying to win forever like those polls now won it right. The fact that you had. You know black. Pastor at what the thirty something you know. Jewish guy elected from George. Neither of commitment in office before and that's pretty. In significant. You know army units in the fact that you have this usually yet to act despite. It was a huge repudiation. Of Trout right you live from. David Perdue reading. By two morality. And you think ordinarily well elected and you would think there'd be shipped against an academic terms that just by a few points toward. Democrats right that's pretty usual historically. And so I mean look I think what you implications chewy to its advances like. The notion that kind of kinder gentler. Prop is me you can harness. For electoral effect. You know I think that hit if you had some bedding market I would be really short. Josh holy winning. Presidential nomination I think trappers is gonna be indelibly associated. In people's minds with violence. And associated with any action happiness that's elect Orly either. And the combination of those two things I think used. Is going to be pretty toxic which is an accident violence can't prevail maybe it will I don't know right like. Yeah I mean it's also bad opens up the question to what is the alternative because. Kinda small governments. Conservative. You know even when it was somewhat more moderate like with McCain war. With Romney who is quite conservative but more in line with democratic norms. That wasn't working either so so you know I I think there is going to be a question for Republicans. What is the path forward. That works and if that alternative is not easily find double. We may not see the repudiation of that gentler I port trop kinder trump ism that you're talking about. I figure it's definitely an open question and it's up to the people involved in the process. To use to determine the answer sir I mean you have thoughts on you know. The Georgia election being seen as a repudiation. Trump is and then what that means for Republican part. Both. In the city of a question you're getting at last night on the lives. Leon about how much changes the 20/20 Mary at saying no. For me coming out the Panthers kind of the disconnect between where the generic ballot was and how Democrats did down ballot in here you know use. Not only Republicans lose turnout in her pop. In Georgia and a runoff which has not happened in the other run offs. Besides Democrats game you saw the share of the black electorate in the state grow and really. Be responsible for Warren in essence victory in the state especially in the metro Atlanta area. And so I think there are at these questions then. The electoral map he'd meet the point that you know Ohio's now maybe not in reach for Democrats and I think what you saw last night in something period done quite a bit stressed on the site it's like. How much Georgia has shifted. Blue I think we can see aid. Yes Georgia it's a swing state you know there so a lot of uncertainty there yes it can go. And to your point. As this country continues to shift as education. Geography become bigger dividing lines I think we've seen now it pass in the sun two win as a Democrat. And two winners are quite liberal Democrat we have talked throughout this on the podcast before but brought well worn out and John also off. Word not blue dog Democrats they were white. You know knee you mention this in a video we reported last night. The perhaps extremism are Republicans might meet one rocket also what kind of moderate but in the historical sense. The country and the kind of politicians that historically run in the south when I can also orchestrator liberals. Yeah I think so regular delegates or popular or not because like I think. Like coded. As a liberal cancer blocked sometimes more than a few weight but like ammunition you know like they should not. Joseph mention blue dogs other Democrats beat two incumbents in these racist Hume and Adams and real incumbent has left but was appointed. But like being an incumbent in Georgia. In this. I brought up which is a very good for Republicans right that he want accident that you know the November race like two points. When the plurality to lose that is like. Is like a pretty big repudiation is not that easy to do it suggests that like the GOP is the problem is likely before like where that role models for republicanism. Without company that's part of the problem here right. So with the Prius you could present before trump was. George W. Bush. His second term ended very unpopular interpreted repudiated him and then it gets which isn't in certain ways to primaries and it's please go back to. You know what's themselves problem that were popular retirement right. Before a valuable is its top two candidates who lost Romney and McCain in and and Bob Dole lecture forgetting some here right. The first bush lost his second term mines are also now going back to it. To Reagan. As a kind of previous WC is a winner and that's like. You know a rake in voter who turned eighteen and looked for Reagan in his second turn 84 is now going to be 58. At the next election. Right certainly is like a generation even generation. Half ago at this point now so there's like not really these obvious role models release of people in the states and there are lots of fairly popular successful Republican. Governors you can kind of imagine you know look at. Mike DeWine or somebody right kind of running and I'm not. Moderate I'm not. Again I really think this maybe it seems I don't know. It was a hot today I really think. That these last 36 hours through 24 hours right will. Really cause people to re evaluate. The politicians who are seen as not having enough. Distance from pro that's not saying they can't win obviously he had like factions aren't predicting it and you had. Explicitly trump distance some encompassed an anti Trappist right. I would short the explicitly campus presidents. Possess candidates after. After today I mean this is that I don't think I quite agree reviewed by you know we have time we have time for us all. They've just lost Georgia they just tossed georgians alike something which was only kind of what parents spend what we saw today right after he. Or you know in order to keep in order to keep her mouth. I feel like it's those kinds of messages. That resonate and so it's just it's still a real risk to sacrifice. While that for now to try something neo. You know I don't usher will did not get to the status matters there's little bit about this but I don't know that the conclusion that come to you is that you know. The hold up experiment. Fail to be on past. I mean the celebrity appeal part of trump. Is non trivial right the fact that he had this kind of built in name recognition. From years of being a personality and being on television and being famous for being famous right. That's. A pretty unique and hard for other people's that it replicate. Com. And that's where I think you know the kind of moderates stop the GOP base there's a little bit of that's a huge. It's part of an diagram right but there is some there and I people who just. Think it trump as an outsider at the track with us adding this has been think that compass funny. No I mean I Eastman when I was like listen to possibly consulate in Lebanon that it really cool right anywhere people like Edward Mattison to politics and has quickly engaged in light. And they give you Truckee might get the capture that back with that pale imitation. Of Trout. But it doesn't question. It's something youth argued for a long time it's like trump space was never enough for him to win right he had to expand his base. Where do these people go. Hang at their returns back to let gain analysts talking about earlier in the you know. Two different people in the Republican Party come forward and repudiate what trump has done just that help fix of the divide but it's hard for me to pictures. That they just kind of seat back into the act now with the levels of distressed that EC president and the doesn't mean that I think. The brand of trumpets. Is well and strong and continues to be something that's well within the party. But it guess what I'm trying to say is. It's it feels a little too earlier premature for me to tell because such a strong art faction of the party does believe this some form. The future of the party lives in the primaries. Which Democrat has actually at the beginning of 20/20 we did the partners project which if people can remember all the way back. Feel it five years ago. What kind of kept it can Jack Republicans to turn out in significant numbers during a primary. And I don't know that that's like twice. I could be proved wrong but I think it's somebody who has a little more you know red meat prostitute. The base then. Somebody. At this point has seemingly moderate as Mike to wind. I don't think that you can in another context comic and that's immoderate. Bites you know given where the party starts. Honestly we're gonna have a lot of these discussions and we're going to talk to people and parties and strategist and so on net and try to understand. Your air shattered the next 22. Four years. What about. Nonwhite Republicans. What about Nikki Haley went about Tim Scott. Because trump did have some success. An increase this year of anomaly though. And if I were Republican be intrigued by that. After listening it sees art room Marco Rubio for two years in the products here the Republican primary in 26 team. I remain skeptical but I'm open. I think are not revising their Pryor's enough. Based near its investment hours just in terms of did this Georgia thing is looking back we had a pipe like right after the election. And I sort of like we have to dutifully cover is Georgia race. And it. Everybody sort of Republicans win race tonight's the night and I and I thought the polls close tonight a lot of resentment I was opening it and it. Are my friends there had to let you know or does he 1%. Let's look at the property one ability to do oh it'll be close. You know the Democrats just lost that race in Maine for goodness sakes are they getting into bed and Georgia so. Well like you like polls were closed tonight was but I was getting up processing. A black pastor and in mill T shirts one a student race in Georgia is still worth price you'd never tell us oriented and he Jewish man in his there are reasons could run V documentary. Film company. Along with little viewed as an editor Stuart mean these are still these are still. During usual senators from anywhere particularly from George so I'm still profiting machine. How big one I'm bill would let us more. About these things but. These are still like the Republican Party at every day they could ended in winnings to rape cases. In the Democrats did tumor basically Stacey Abrams Ralph ward. It's McConnell odds you know kind of flabbergasted by this happening in it is it's a huge story about. How American politics in decent need not shocking the surprising how dynamic it can be. Yeah now I think that's. Are really really good point and I think that's the portable and aren't. We have a lot of progress as a matchup probably three times earnings forecasts. We will have more broadcasts and we will talk it. But it is getting rate and up for a long time and we're going to be up early tomorrow. Saleh you all go but thank you Nate Perry and Sarah for convening this evening after it won't call. Thank you. My name is to enter Tony channel is in the virtual control room you can get in touch but emailing us at podcast. Tacit I'd thirty dot com funerals of course greeted us and any questions or comments. If your friend of the show leaders are reading a review and apple podcast store or tell someone about us extra listening and we. Yeah. And.

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