How to watch skateboarding like an Olympic judge | FiveThirtyEight

Olympic Judge Alexis Jauzion teaches us what to watch for during the new skateboarding event at the 2020 Summer Olympics.
4:38 | 07/20/21

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Transcript for How to watch skateboarding like an Olympic judge | FiveThirtyEight
Skateboarding make its Olympic debut this year to a death Olympic speed ring judge elect is Jesse on. To teach us how to watch the competition like a pro. There's going to be into the city's cost one was the one we cool streets. Which is just get talked with a stay cool ledges and drills staffs banks and the second one is what we cool part reaches visited bold. In part the judges score the skaters on 3452. Runs in which they can do any tricks they want. In street the judges' score two runs as votes by individual tracks. Both streets in the run the pick this incident the difficulties is one of the main criteria and demand facto. But also acquitted soup execution. You can do three news amazing tricks. But every time you lend them physicals drug. All you threw two hand on the brawl. And it's look nice and also on top of that the use of the court's. For the rest if you spend your rug on the same obstacle doing CytRx. That's that's really what the judges one a city. For the individual tricks in the street competition the judges first look at whether the skiing or fully execute the track and sticks the land. Then you get the treatment if you cutesy abuse the if if you do just that simple treat you're not gonna get a high school if you do one of the portraits of development or even. A tree that nobody has sinned and fall but might reading gore in the high. Not pull off you get pretty much the same. Right yes one of the things that is that we have to different for fox is deferral and delight. Lo and lines refer to how well skeeter string together tricks on the course and style with which the skier executes them. In the street and park competitions skaters have unlimited freedom over which tricks that you and there are hundreds to choose from but here are few common ones. Do what is the district at all ever skills than that there are you to perform and Ali you need your back foot tees it ill or that the skateboard. Not exactly the same time but kind of overlapping. School eye movements would default foods. That is going to pushed us evolve into yet so what makes a difference between two Ortiz is the hides its abuse the do weights and executed for example a noted where the ball with is to this way and yeah and the horizontal. It's not nice you cannot Ortiz people that are doing Ortiz and in good way to booking their Ortiz that back foot is not sticking to the ball old that scrutinized. Kick flips and he'll clips are other tricks are your industry competition. A kick flip is when you your foot to keep your board to flip it horizontally. And they didn't think is the same thing but do you hinting to boost side of the ball we do appeal and other tech trick is to grind on common crime is the fifty. 5050s is basically when you won't jump on the ledge and both of fuel trucks around things that are holding the wheels are grinding. Bound. The edge of the image and then there are mudslides. You can basically it's I don't treat fox and spit ball. Whether artists details. The back of the ball the mule in between the truck's open rules when it comes to talk of just who you gonna see. Aaron hill's there's a lot of Brooke patrons we say it's a backside now for inside out but folks say they'll backside Isaac who tongue yet. Most strict today are combinations of other tracks taken three succeed kicked off knows ground for example you basic individual ball. Making it through to sixty with optional goodies for doing it and then arrive on the ledge with grinding on your phone on -- from chart. That's gonna do to sixty keep it close right. For the park competition five judges score each run on a scale from zero to 100. The high and low scores are removed the three remains quarter averaged and the skaters that's gore counts as their final score. For each around the street competition by judges or each run our trip on a zero to ten scale. The highest and lowest scores are removed and again the three remaining squares are average for each runner for the top foursquare are added it's eaters final score. So basically that says you know you really didn't skid. You doing to fight nor and you do very good you good ode between 1000. Thought it too and thought it dates. Well there you have it now this knowledge in your back pocket you'll be able to watch judge and enjoy the new Olympic competition like a proud. Let's look and. And I'm.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"Olympic Judge Alexis Jauzion teaches us what to watch for during the new skateboarding event at the 2020 Summer Olympics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"78937853","title":"How to watch skateboarding like an Olympic judge | FiveThirtyEight","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/watch-skateboarding-olympic-judge-fivethirtyeight-78937853"}