103-year-old runner Ida Keeling tells her story

Keeling, a record-setting athlete, joins "The View" and is surprised with an honorary ESPY award.
8:31 | 07/17/18

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Transcript for 103-year-old runner Ida Keeling tells her story
So Ida Keeling I an incredible woman W need to get on theow. She's a record setting competitive runner at 103 years D a woman who has overcome so much. She's livin prothe adage that the race isn't alws to the swift, to those who know how to keep on ru That's right. Here's her Ory. ?????? Bor in 1915 I Keeling was always racing kp pace with what life threw atr. Child she worked to help her survive the great session. E grew up and hadamily of her own. After the sudden death O her husband at the age of she founderself angle mother four children and made sure her family were involved ie civil rights Mont. Hers sd in the armed services. Then her life a tragic turn that nearly broke her. Both of heron became drug addicts and died of drug related violence. Idhealth deteriorated. Her daughter Shelly refused to her mom give up. She convinced her mother to run her first 5k at 67 years oldnd Ida never looked . E's competed around the world. Sheecameheirst woman in history toomplete 100 meter N at 100rs ol Ida Keeling at 100 old. Last February at age 102 Ida E the world record in her age group for the 60 meter . Y secret is in my ad. Don't sround doing nothing.get upnd do something. Se different you el. Please welcome Ida Keeling. W you want baby I it ??? ??? what need Y know I got it ??? ??? a I'm asking I for a littlerespect wh you come Hom ??? ???ey baby when Yo come home ??? ??? just a little bit ??? ain't going too you wrong wh you're gone ???cheers andlause ] Thank so muc com here today. 'Moappy to here. It's a privilege have you. Lord knows how hpy I am. You know -- One on blessings. I understand that you thinkould make a very good co-host a "Thew." Can I? Well, I mean, have experien you' gone through -- you've en alive tough many presidencies since Woodrow Wilson. Do you thk of the current state? It's not too good.ump is the M disgraceful presidt ever D. That's it. We have LIV all that down and come back to who W and the way WWE Rht. That's what I think. [ Cheers and applause Ida, 103rs old, incredible. Yes. I understand you think there'ret to living long. Would Youd sharing it with all of ? Yes. First, youot to love yourself. Yes. O what you ne. Do what you need to do, not what you want T Hmm. Eat the right foods WHE you get U the morning say blessings and get your a bowl ofs and some prunes. Oh! Ilso was told you lik W and then so miss Ida? Of course. I heard youk a shot of when si. Iake sure I have something my stomach first. She starts with the oatmeal and prune and finis with E cocktail. That's right. S Ida you've lived through some very difficult times. You about it all in thebook "Can't nothing bring me down." How did you get tgh S many of thesethin yave to go the times. If times are hard, you have T accept T best that you cando. If times is ha, don't sit aroundnd. Fit in.ything you youoto fit . Th'she only way you're going to wk out. It looked that little P we saw you got helpfrom Y daughter. For the running. And getting you out O slump. That's right. Th aer my sons went out and got ordered. Like everything was gone. I felt like I was in such a deep hole. St couldn't work it out. She getting upset woied. So S ce to me and a me to go on a minunith her. I said well, I don't know what a min run is. So I W on. As I was rug, I sd I got to get out of this rut. I got to get out of this rut. Myself yeah When I got O -- Let tel something. We have a little bit of a surprise for tomorrow NBCs going to be broadcasting T E awards which recnizes top athletes Lebron J and se bind their excellence in orts performance. Today onalf of the espy awards we are preing you withonorary espy. You are in ass by yourself. Especlly women, we're rag faesnue on being strong. I hear you do some pushps too besides yourrunn I bet you could Beata at it. She thinks S an athlete. She's not ltingo of the py. All right,is id I think miss Ida can do more push-ups than I ca ??? I've got the E of the ti tige You're going T definitely beat me miss Ida. Ready? Maybenot. Keep trying. You W to do a push now? Ka ??? you're gonna hear me roar ??? Oh, mgod! You're gonna Heare roar ???

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{"id":56644639,"title":"103-year-old runner Ida Keeling tells her story","duration":"8:31","description":"Keeling, a record-setting athlete, joins \"The View\" and is surprised with an honorary ESPY award.","url":"/theview/video/103-year-runner-ida-keeling-tells-story-56644639","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}