Alan Alda discusses how to be a better communicator

Alda joins "The View" to discuss his podcast "Clear+Vivid."
7:26 | 07/27/18

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Transcript for Alan Alda discusses how to be a better communicator
cheers and applause ?????? The Gren Alda is hedirects, writes, and now he is a hosoflledclear and vivid," and he nsleeps. Please welcome bulous alaalda. So Alan, before we get T your podcast which is really O a great L about ication I nt to talk you about a topic we were discuss E sex topic. The ot here was no other one. We talk about mhael Cohen. You D'to discuss that. That's boring. How abhe people rushing into engagements after knowing other a Y before we got married. It asked out, hast 61 years. It's funny. I think I a les applause than I did when I said 60ars. It's a more roundmber. Secr of your marriage, and all you said was, we love each other. It was always so simple and so to the pot. I love at Arlene, M wif aa T answer to that. WHA H an?he says the secret T long marriage I a srt memory. She I R that. That's aood one. Mr. Alda Ng of counication,nd you were talking about it in your cast. You started the Alan center for communication science nine years you say that -- and I T this is real really stening unless we're wing to be any the other on. Think that more important now than maybe ever, but do you thk ople with do that in these political charged times? I realizet's a radical thing to say. Is Buthink it's true for me. I don't think I'm rnless -- underneath I think whaver this person is telling me, there may be someth I if Reay listen. Not J to the T rt, underneath. At impulse? Why are they saying this? What they try to figure out, and maybe TRE is someing positive about them that can change meor the be.ould always changed for the better, but I I listen morerefully. I was listening to a conversation on YouTube thing, and som W talking about how they think actually possible that the worldsflat. An I were in conversation with that on, I hope I would say, how did alive at that? Tell me where you W D you G that this something goodut it which they are T to W Beuse is the Earth round at what is it? So underneath sometng use that I can identify with. We don't have to yel at each other all the time. I always at, like, you are ING to soon sang here? Tr it. I say out loud. Maybe I'mrit, a inteied judge . Hat did Shey? She says she has a negotiating technique she will say something self-depry ka story. Ieveen that. St, it's very -- and of the people I have conversations with about relating and communicating show a differentide of tms than you see in public. Very intful ING I thought, and very sensitive. Shsa the person in a dip T person who is angry hasnasier Tim controlling than person who is . , Yes. That's true, I think the peho is angry maybe oughtiv little leeway person who is. Do you think covers though? Sure. Why do you sayth Mr. Alda, wemunicate fferently than we did, you know the not Stant future. A lot of it plays on Thi ke Twitter. I men by the way. Okay. Weird. Because underneath it all, I'm rely a millennial.laughter ] 'S true. Kay. I'm goto go W a-bomb but okay, Alan. But weommunicate a lot on Y. Does this even count as coation, Andre we getting it wrong? Well, there is aroblem with these extra short communitions I think with texting and that kif thing. Ye H reading a lot of lerom people from old days from 1ears ago, and they wrote long, beautiful letters, especially love tters, younow? Ure, they Aring to find a trove of L letters on some decaying hard drive, and they will say, thousand letters that say, hey, what's up? Tell thbout -- do Y mind if I dothis? Tell ussaail verman. S got a tweetomebody who was veryangry, and it was the worst word you can say to a woman, astead of getting angry with th, she looked up his profilend saw he was in lot of pain and figured his pain was causing theanger, similar to wt said, and S said,m a placef love. He id, it. I was abused by a M when I was a child and I have no abi to lo, I can't get . I'm or. She found him a where he free is ea oeeling insulted, she helped M. He is taking the therapy. He is changing his life as fries. You go, Sara Wow. And you can hear wonderful storlike that"clear and D." That'sng to say. Your podcast is all about communication, "Clear and vivid." It's just smart. Re working with these reallytnnials, yog peoplewho K you were a plinennial. They have thought oow you communicate though. Let's take I think my boss should stay inis own generation. He sends me theseails with all of theseacronyms. Idk. Rofl. Bmbts. He is the d'syou really are. Reallyare. He is the most -- Alan from many, many years ago. We met in 1990, and we we on a woody Allen mov he is E most childlike mature person I he ever met. Sometimes chilsh. Think childlike is it. Okay. Sod out how you can Sten to his fabulous N pot- Go to I'm 82. I haveriends my don't know how T get to it don't know what aodcast is.d" and boom, yore a millenal.

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{"duration":"7:26","description":"Alda joins \"The View\" to discuss his podcast \"Clear+Vivid.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56869325","title":"Alan Alda discusses how to be a better communicator","url":"/theview/video/alan-alda-discusses-communicator-56869325"}