Alison Brie on how 'Glow' fits in the age of #MeToo

Brie joins "The View" and discusses her role in the hit show.
7:47 | 06/20/18

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Transcript for Alison Brie on how 'Glow' fits in the age of #MeToo
That's fair is out there and Alison brie as bad as that gorgeous ladies of wrestling whose friendship is just sucked Aaron hope and so to wreck. Take me steady fed doesn't make any sense you're supposed to be totally distraught because your daughter was just kidnapped. You can't win against me the first time around if you win there's no chased and chased means no story Anderson concept of the chase race at liberty bell is on a winning streak she's won fifteen straight matches mean. I'm Wendy a little weird heard and suddenly lose someone who has ring rust ring rust is that an actual thing did you make it every two okay. He's a leader a lot better job keeping your weird French it's not out of the ring it will not be a problem for me Simpson who keep up. So now. How then I'm told that back that you have. Do you have when you lust you're dignity little thing to do well I I'm sure I have more than one riot the first came to mind Inergy. Excitement that is. I'm years ago I worked on a show called community. I don't know yet amazing cast an early night. Donald Glover AK childish Gambino entirely on and doing next O'Donnell threw an amazing party. Very cool very cool crowd at. I am not cool yeah I and for some reason at that party may have been drinking I just vividly will never forget. Calling attention from the whole room and being like. Any so sad and then proceeded to just. Slowly my body backward that like brake lamp. Light and buying that was not you're not a cool day I don't know what does life. Generally up my hands and this bring back on my feet. I had sort of drunken brain I haven't I don't think they understand. What it's. What's gonna. Indeed the operative word I didn't get invited back to attend and could cool her right is you did send to have to that now. How did and we hear you had just gotten engaged. Yeah. This brother yet. Indict you celebrated than in March when your hundreds of would be I don't decorated them when we did. Pretty that's not saying. And we not all are so low key get a really small mellow wedding we're so. We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day and anniversaries I feel like we're very loving on a day to day basis in a kind of slips are mined and then we're like yeah. Today and saw what the sink ended up happening Wheeler one year anniversary we just didn't plan any thing and we look at that morning. And definitely. I regret it there was definitely a feeling I woke up it was like I wish we hadn't. Thought of some of yeah so all later do you live look at a pulled out a little bit personally I am yeah. How lovely day together we. And saw a movie you know we don't like Saudi I have it was a good a couple day but I was like in the future. Does let. You didn't you didn't surprise me and he was like it is Brett me that he's exactly I was like. We're hopeful we think is important here is he in the future he'll have more you know I don't know you can we knew you now as you have sort of landing it believes that you're mad at this renewing your not here to do I like her. A lot of times that to Boortz follows them just want to actually aren't I have got a lot of extra. Again. A big glow is they have gotten a gorgeous ladies of wrestling which was a real thing actually in the eighty Alec the hair the outfits. The body slams act you have actually said that it's the perfect show for them all to era. How is that. Well I mean it has been really wonderful to feel like the show is part of that movement in a really positive way I think the heart of this show. Has always been a feminist concept but you know a group of women who feel like they don't fit in they haven't quite found. Their way to success and now through this strange vehicle of wrestling there empowering themselves and making them selves those star of their own story. And are working together with other women. Ted said. Rise as a group. And he had and there are a lot of women to you know I've. And yes I'm speaking obviously about the themes of the show course we have two female creators loosely hiding partly Mench. We have. And over half of our directors are women every season there are. Fifteen women in the cast of the show lie and a lot of women behind the camera as well so it definitely. Is a very positive place to work and a lot of it has time yeah a lot of hot yeah. Drama of any said I've ever been on to note you know that just goes to. Asia is you know I wouldn't roller derby on Saturday as I am happy you know I don't happen because it can tough it felt I was seeing seeing those women when I was a kid sing those women. You don't on that escaped but yeah I would like to do that I would love that and it may just feel like you could do everything. After. The wrestle has been the most empowering thing. And I think it's so cool for all of us as actresses. Where you know a lot of our careers been spent trying to be as slim as possible but now learning how to use our bodies and it differently in the focuses on story that he only world stock mutual the united shocking to me especially I saw on social media you're doing like. One arm pull ups you well that's not for the show that's to set just. This isn't saying you know how do all like yeah. And me well I didn't. I wanted to get released strong to do this show and again. You know it's a female run show which none of us were ever asks to change our bodies in any way they want to celebrate every different body type I was like. Wouldn't get released to us like can do these wrestling moves and and we're very proud that we can get Muller cells and now my trainers has been. Running with that and and liked what he witnessed I don't know anybody doubted another amazing being at your characters is Aaliyah that destroy yet and you have a very sick. It's battery. Russian act half we couple lanes here we like you read our water this Darden wants me gets exaggerated is the key we're not going for real is in here. Yeah it did it and that. I'll hand built rooms deep so. This had chips and. I don't forget the last line well. There is no collusion that yeah. Yeah. This cell is wonderful 88 why didn't want to fun it's fun and it's evidence. It's kind of grades and and not a bad thing women should learn to wrestle and the rest a great man great way if somebody messes would you want to street you. You would have not been an egg that would I have. Hey yeah did a shoe. Quit embodies action I can't hack it come back Ronnie yeah I don't know thanks Alison. Friday.

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{"duration":"7:47","description":"Brie joins \"The View\" and discusses her role in the hit show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56033140","title":"Alison Brie on how 'Glow' fits in the age of #MeToo","url":"/theview/video/alison-brie-glow-fits-age-metoo-56033140"}