Alyssa Milano on Georgina Chapman's getting blamed for Weinstein's alleged crimes

Milano said on "The View" that "there is no possible way" her friend Chapman knew about Weinstein's alleged misconduct.
4:57 | 05/18/18

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Transcript for Alyssa Milano on Georgina Chapman's getting blamed for Weinstein's alleged crimes
Divorce the final. And Anna wintour defended Georgina saying she knew nothing, but there are more than 80 women. 80, who have made accusations against Harvey Weinstein, so I have to ask, is it possible to know nothing where there are 80 women that he allegedly assaulted? I think with men oftentimes, when something like this comes out, everyone is, like, there was a reputation there. I think when referring to men often, we hear of reputations, but that is kind of philandering or he is definitely not faito his wife. I don't think that necessarily translates -- maybe with Harvey Weinstein it's different, but to assault, or harassment. Criminal. Criminal activity. Reputations can sometimes seem much more -- I can tell you this. I have known Georgina for seven years now. We have raised our kids together, and I sat next to her on "Project runway," and there is no possible way she knew he was assaulting women. What do you think she did know? Maybe they had some sort of arrangement or a marriage that was open or she was just aware that, you know, maybe he was a flirt or someone that could get, you know, a little too close, but I -- there is no doubt in my mind that she did not know that he was potentially raping women. There is no way. And I think she is a victim as much as the women that he hurt is. What do you think, sunny? She said to "Vogue" magazine, she thought they had a happy marriage, and didn't know. I prosecuted in sex crimes against women, and a lot of family members come in, and say, I had no idea this was going on under my roof. Some of them I believed. You can -- there are perpetrators that show one face to one person, and are very, very different and demonic to other people. I believe she did not know. Part of that disease, that predator behavior is to be able to hide it very well. Pick their prey. They pick their prey. Comedians are making jokes about it. Seth Mcfarland made a joke, and "30 rock," they had a reference joke. You accept the reality of the world you're in, and don't look outside of it. I just know from friends of mine that have experiences with their husbands cheating and being so blown away when it came out. My experience this, is Karen and Georgina designed my wedding dress. Yeah. I bought my wedding dress before the scandal broke. It broke literally the day before I was going to do a fitting. There's my dress. It's so pretty by the way. So gorgeous. Thank you very much. They were so lovely to me. I got married in a really intense, emotional time. They couldn't have been nicer and my publicist was, like, are you keeping the dress? I'm not penalizing women for the actions of the company. I love it. This is not Georgina's fault, and she is too talented and too lovely of a person to not come out on the other side and be okay. I'm praying for her. She is so talented and her designs are so beautiful, and with me, my stylist, I was, like, I do not have time, and I need to find a designer who can fit my body because literally I had three days to do it, and they are designers who fit women with all types of body. They go up to a 22, you said? Very high. I'm a 14. It fit perfectly, and it was amazing and the part I didn't like was people were saying that she only had these designs -- or only this popular because of him, but her talent -- her dresses are arbitrarily gorgeous. Sunny, read the statement please. Harvey Weinstein has denied any allegations of nonconsensual sex. We have heard that. He has denied nonconsensual sex allegations. I want to add, oftentimes we blame the woman or the wife for the sins of the husband. We have to step away from that. Why is she being held responsible for what she did? Well, you know, because she was there I guess. It's, like, I don't want to open up a whole can of worms, but Ruth madolf? She didn't know what her husband was up to? Mafia wives. I don't know anything. You live in a humongous house in New Jersey with a yacht. He says he is going to a construction site every day. We'll be right back with more. ??????

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"Milano said on \"The View\" that \"there is no possible way\" her friend Chapman knew about Weinstein's alleged misconduct.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"55268133","title":"Alyssa Milano on Georgina Chapman's getting blamed for Weinstein's alleged crimes","url":"/theview/video/alyssa-milano-georgina-chapmans-blamed-weinsteins-alleged-crimes-55268133"}