Amber Tamblyn says the country is having a 'national existential crisis'

The actress and writer explains embracing change through her new book "Era of Ignition."
7:18 | 03/06/19

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Transcript for Amber Tamblyn says the country is having a 'national existential crisis'
I pretty much I'm totally different planet when it comes to almost every political issue but I am proud to call her it's good friend of mine. And I love the bravery and unflinching honesty she brings to her new book air out of ignition please welcome amber camp land. Yeah. This is a really and had Spock. And you start the but gap by writing about a period of time in your life in your twenties when you say you were going to a crisis he did know he wore. What you were supposed to BA I can certainly relate back and now you say you and the country are in an era of ignition your book title. What does that mean so I a lot of the book is part memoir it looks at my life growing up in the entertainment business and the sort of access central crisis that I went through in my twenties trying to figure out who and what I really wanted to be. Beyond this idea of an actress -- on this idea of just being assertive object that was performing for other people all the time. And while I was going through this and certainly changed my thirties now is well. I've really felt like this crazy state of chaos that worry and that is very scary to everyone. It feels like the foundation of our country's serve coming up thinking shifted in new thing he is its own sort of national axis central crisis. And I talk a lot about pro active change in the book and how we can all use that. To affect greater better change and that is sort of the idea of an air of admission of not being. Afraid of the chaos because with the chaos leads to clarity ultimately we shouldn't be afraid it would help. Yeah we hope it does eventually it just takes time so Abby you travel the country. Working for Hillary Clinton did yeah and may read this because there on the ground and yes while I was pregnant it was. It was very very intense experience to be pregnant especially with the daughter during the DTL young sixteen yeah that let it doesn't think that about. You say that I quoted in the deeply misogynist tone. That spurred the 2016 election did not begin Mittal trumpet be gamma Bernie Sanders what do you mean not. So what I mean by that and I understand too that there are you know Russian box at play we now hill like a lot more than we did before. But I went to between 2008. 2018. In specific I went over 25 states. So I'm not a lot of people I understood that the talent why is. Bout me apologizing her into something that she wasn't. I was not about seeing this woman who is fully capable of leading the country Al bait her many lives. It was about creating this caricature of what a woman is supposed to be or not supposed to be. And that is totally relatable to any woman whether you're conservative when you're Democrat. No matter what your job title is what industry here is industry here in. And I'm really saw that that. That the initial rumblings coming out of those primaries and that moment that's where I started to feel it and then trump started to feel like this secondary. Tidal wave of cruelty in a certain sense and it's set off a whole other dynamic. What could happen again we have a woman president up for election. Well I think you're already seeing some of that egg don't think it's a coincidence the fact that so many women out of the G-8 are running for president and I think that there are some women here in the should be running for president none lane. And who do have true. I think India should be won by eleven threat. Would love to water running who du lac. I I I genuinely like all of them and I think for me I'm not really interested in endorsing any candidate or or picking her eyes of the Internet and buckled the women relay gold 25 who have no highlight golden went up. Island all the women act and very much you know and didn't look if it's an amazing conservative woman ran I would rent but Republican. So I am I am all about women being in positions of power right now I mentioned now. So is about her because honestly he I whenever I needed like Hillary perspective of a die hard core should Hillary supporter of her money where our mouth is campaigning. You're the person I got jail yet I think it's important to remember what we're talking the book again talks about this idea of working together in an intersection old values which means. Across party lines a car across gender and race and class and saying. How can we all out lift each other so that there's not just a few of us and that we're not just standing in a corner saying. Will this is what I believe I'm not interested in knowing what you believe. And so much at the power is gonna come when we are all working together as hard as we can to change thing and needing each. There where we can because it's our differences. That makes each of us you me and so much of that is listening to each other and I bring that up because you're one of the founding members of time's up and and you're really one of the first with a publicly shared their stories of sexual assault and harassment at a time when you had to go up against many people but didn't believe you. And so much has changed. I just and that's record time we talk about these stories all the time but it still seems difficult for survivors to often be believed why is that. So I. Bigger a bigger connection to back Q I think even outside of the realm of survivors and those clips you we're just showing of the that should show you enough white survivors might be contaminated how to speak out its galleries adding. But there's other forms of speaking out you know and making ends being able to speak out it it would that this conservative pride president's seat. And you even being able to speak out I think. Stepping out of our comfort zones and saying. In my gut I know this is wrong in my gut I know there must be things that we have to all agree on not just shell led. But have to you like we don't put children in detention camps. We don't do that we don't separate children we don't do that no matter how we feel about anything we should all agree yeah I'm. Right I thought about. What men need to do differently and what they can do to help and the need to Leah. Tell us what you think that is so there's a create section of this book that I am that I really love called the male manifesto which is for anybody whether it's your. Possibly work with your high as being your brother you know and anybody but no one has sent one in big spots like trump. I don't know front and read and I. What do you mean hey it's great he's a stable opinions on what are you're talking about him I got. And why you think he's ready to grant them but I think it's really important for me for men to be included in this. Ignition igniting air in this in this kind that we're living in right now. We can't have the fundamental change that we want for us individually as women without now. And that's legal hat and and they are important and they are valued as much as women are not buying Harry people are and when we talk about includes Sydney and equality. They must be part of it so like I bring that into say that men are honored in the book and talked about it and I'm given giving them real tools as to how to be a part of all of. How can help people buy it but because you talk a very a lot about your personal. Life about the abortion that you have which I think is a very brave thing to Joseph in this time to put that in a book and she also talks about intersection malady and black women being excluded from white feminist yes I thought chapter fifteen to discusses that was very brave and very interesting so yeah do you remember about coming I am I right Peter Buck. Her new book is error of ignition is out now.

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{"duration":"7:18","description":"The actress and writer explains embracing change through her new book \"Era of Ignition.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61510285","title":"Amber Tamblyn says the country is having a 'national existential crisis'","url":"/theview/video/amber-tamblyn-country-national-existential-crisis-61510285"}