Andrew Yang reacts to Warren's campaign suspension and Biden's lead

The former presidential candidate weighs in on what Biden needs to improve in his campaign, and announces his new foundation.
6:28 | 03/05/20

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Transcript for Andrew Yang reacts to Warren's campaign suspension and Biden's lead
air, ABC news has confirmed that Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the race. And, you know, it's now, you know -- Two. Two old white guys. Two old white guys. Back to, you know, back to the time that we had before. You know, it's so funny. You would think we had 50 black presidents. We had a whole bunch. We had all -- we had one black president and it's always been a lot of white guys, so this is not a shock, y'all. But, any predictions who you think she'll endorse? She's discussing that right now. I think that most people would imagine that she's going to head towards Bernie, but there's also a chance that she doesn't endorse anyone for at least a particular period of time. They're going through a really emotional process right now. Her campaign team worked very, very hard, and I was stunned myself at super Tuesday's results on several levels. So I think they're deliberating right now. I believe you're going to see them come out one direction or the other pretty soon. But she goes back to the senate now which is good. I mean, she's still going to be fighting for -- Democratic senator in Massachusetts. -- For years to come. I want to tell an Elizabeth Warren story. I got calls from many of the other candidates when I suspended my campaign, and Elizabeth's call to me was so magnanimous and generous and she had a tough night herself that night in New Hampshire and you never would have known it. She's an amazing human being and amazing leader behind the scenes She would have made a great president I think. She would have made a great president. You all would have made great presidents. You know? I mean, there are different -- there are different -- I don't think everybody would have made a great president. I could have lived without Marian Williams. Yeah, but in looking -- well, no, she has a whole other thing that she brings, but to me -- That's certainly one way to put it, yes. But what we have right now doesn't work at all and I'll take any of them over this. Look at the fantastic cabinet, whoever wins the democratic election is going to have -- you know, all of you are a fantastic group of people for the cabinet and for other positions in the administration of probably Joe Biden. We don't know but we'll see. Someone called us the avengers. Yeah, yeah. Great. Get this country back on track. Have you thought about endorsing anyone? Joe called me a couple days ago. I've said I want to have the democratic process play out. I've also said that everyone knows I ran on this idea of universal-based skin comment that if a candidate were to come out powerfully for the freedom dividend, that would go a very long way. Just to let you know, I asked each and every one of them that came to this table about that and about the things that you were talking about and they all kind of blew me off in a funny way. Because I think it's scary to them because it means having to go outside of the norm, and I think that's one of the things that I think got me excited about you, was that oh, okay, I hadn't thought about this before. When you said, listen, we need to be telling these people they got to pay their taxes, like, hey, that's right, how come nobody's talking about this. You also wanted to give money out, too. That's not the thing that got me. The thing that got me was finally somebody said you do know that Amazon and these other groups are not paying any taxes, and they should be. And we should be getting some money here. That was like, oh snap. Okay. And I just -- it was a fresh idea that seemed to be for the people and I like that. Anything that suggests something great for the people, I'm all Well, I assume that you will have a platform at the convention to give a speech. I'm just making that assumption. You were a major presidential candidate and maybe you can use that internet to implore the rest of the party if it's that important to you to do the freedom dividend. Besides yourself who do you think would be a great vp? Like you said, there are a lot of great choices. I do think that if Joe is the front-runner which he is right now, he needs to shore up his support among young people in particular and I think his running mate might have a good opportunity to do that. And Latinos too? And Latinos. Joe's support and Bernie's support are almost like mirror images of each other so you need someone who can attract many of the same Latino voters that Bernie is attracting. AOC would be a good choice except she's a Bernie person. She's not old enough. As a vp? You have to be 34. It's conceivable that the vice president is going to be president. What's this I heard you wanted to run for mayor of new York? I love this idea. That's a good idea. I'm looking to solve problems and add as much value as I can. Certainly I'm more attracted to executive roles than I am legislative roles but I'm going to make an announcement today on the show that's not about the mayoral race. It's about trying to further the ideas of the campaign in the days ahead. You want to do that now? I can do that right now. Fantastic. Drum roll? So I am thrilled to announce that today we are launching a new nonprofit called humanity forward that will champion the main ideas of my campaign, universal basic income for all Americans, an economy that works for us, and the fact that our data should be ours even if we're loaning it to the tech companies. Mm-hmm. So we already have prejudices of $3 million that we're going to give away to every day Americans around the country in the days ahead. That's really good, right? How far would that go? But the goal is to build a movement, and so this is going to be a grassroots campaign or organization in the months ahead, and one person who supports humanity forward in the month of March will get $1,000 a month for a full year just to show that we can make this economy work for us, the people of this country. If you want to find out more, you can go to "The view's" website and find out more.

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"The former presidential candidate weighs in on what Biden needs to improve in his campaign, and announces his new foundation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69413969","title":"Andrew Yang reacts to Warren's campaign suspension and Biden's lead","url":"/theview/video/andrew-yang-reacts-warrens-campaign-suspension-bidens-lead-69413969"}