Ayesha Curry opens up about growing up as a multi-racial Canadian in America

The "Family Food Fight" host discusses her marriage to NBA player Steph Curry, her diverse heritage and when Joe Biden visited her restaurant.
4:50 | 06/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ayesha Curry opens up about growing up as a multi-racial Canadian in America
You have known each other since you were 14. We have. That's so cute. You have been married eight years. You said your mother has given you the best advice. What is it? You know, going into this thing, she said, never lose yourself. So always make sure that whatever it is you're doing, if you are a stay at home mom, if you are not, whatever it is in your marriage, make sure that you have a passion that you are fulfilling wlrks it's on a small scale or a large scale, and I took that to heart, and it has kept me who I am, and, you know, I want my husband to always see the same woman, if not, better that he first laid his eyes on when he married. I don't want to lose myself inside of the children and the marriage. I always keep a passion for myself. Good. Your mom is Jamaican and Chinese. Your dad is black and Polish. Mm-hmm. So forget being biracial. Yep. You're not biracial. You're, like, quadruple racial. You say it makes you a little hard to know where you fit in. So actually growing up in Toronto, I always -- I was I'm a black woman. I moved to the south, to north Carolina right at the start of high school, so at 14, and there it was, like, you're, like, who do you choose? I have always, like, loved every part of me, and there it was, like, no. You're going to go here. You're going to go here, but then it seemed like my own community didn't, like, want to wrap their arms around me and embrace me, and so that kind of hurt, but, you know, I just want my community to embrace all shades because we come in so many different shades. Melanin is not one thing. It comes in so many different shades, and so I just encourage people to -- melanin. I love my melanin. Well, you have three kids. I do. Ages, 6, 3 and almost 1. Mm-hmm. And they're gorgeous. There they are. They're gorgeous. They're gorgeous. Hi, babies if you are watching. Your youngest, Canon, is your only son, and while most people would expect him to gravitate towards basketball, I don't see him with a basketball in his hand. No. So the men in our family are obsessed with golf. Die hard. Die hard. Really? Any minute they get they're on the golf course, and the first thing put into his hands was not a basketball. It was a golf club. We'll see what happens. Is Steph happy about that? Loves it. All your kids were born in July, right? All three of them. Yes. Which means that you and your husband get busy in September. I guess so. Oh, man. Do the math. Do the math. But for some reason, like, what the heck? Right before the NBA final. Right before the season starts. Right. I don't know the difference. God has a way of laughing at you sometimes. I'll tell you. Is he particularly -- Welcome to "The view." Woo! No. He's Randy all the time. Is that a thing? Just run with it. I don't know what it is. Our second child we tried for maybe seven, eight months and it still happened at that exact time. You have a lot going on, the two of you. How do you get together? To have children. We -- okay. To live your life. We make it a point to make sure we, you know, our relationship comes first. Our family comes first, and all of this stuff is great. You guys know. Yeah. But the family comes first, and I think when you have that perspective and you take that time and put that effort into your family, everything else falls into place. Absolutely. Well, you're the owner of a barbecue restaurant called international smoke. Yeah. I read an unexpected guest showed up. Who was it? Yes. Joe Biden. Oh, wonderful. He came in for some ice cream. Isn't that funny? I love that. He loves ice cream. He goes for ice cream everywhere. That is so funny to me. We don't traditionally serve ice cream on our menu, but we -- we were going to make it happen for him. President Obama I understand also went? Yes. Yes. So we had the honor and privilege of hosting him for his Obama foundation dinner, and it was up to the 11th hour. I didn't realize we were actually invited to the dinner. We were just going to make sure everything was great at the restaurant. I was floored and I think the person who has gotten closest with a knife to our former president. Because I used a bottle of champagne, and I didn't realize that secret service was slowly inching towards me.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"The \"Family Food Fight\" host discusses her marriage to NBA player Steph Curry, her diverse heritage and when Joe Biden visited her restaurant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63868626","title":"Ayesha Curry opens up about growing up as a multi-racial Canadian in America","url":"/theview/video/ayesha-curry-opens-growing-multi-racial-canadian-america-63868626"}