Ben Carson confused over 'REO' and 'Oreo' mix-up

When the Housing Secretary's exchange with Rep. Katie Porter went viral, "The View' co-hosts discuss if he knew the answers to the HUD questions he was being asked.
5:06 | 05/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ben Carson confused over 'REO' and 'Oreo' mix-up
Housing secretary Dr. Ben Carson testified before congress yesterday and left people wondering if he actually knew what the -- his job is. Take a look. Do you know what an reo is. Oreo? Not an oreo. An reo, reo. Real estate. What's the O stand for? Real estate owned. That's when a property goes to foreclosure. Do you believe the public housing conditions pose a risk to tenants' physical, mental and emotional health? You know the answer to that. Yes or no? You know the answer. Yes or no? I know the answer. Do you know the answer? Reclaiming my time. You don't get to do that. That's the funniest part. Listen, man, get out of there. Just stop. You're a great surgeon. You're a magnificent surgeon. I know this because sunny told me, her husband. You need to get out of H.U.D. Get out of there. The housing is bad. I know. It's so frustrating. Whoopi and I talked about this. My husband went to Johns Hopkins and Ben was one of his professors. He was so welcoming to us. Brilliant surgeon. He's the only person to do surgery from the back of the Yes. He's not placed well here. He looks like this cavalier guy. As someone who grew up in the projects, Ben, you're not in the right place. He's saying things like, you know -- he said he's trying to come up with a better more efficient way so he doesn't leave people in a situation where they become dependent. These are people that need his help. These are people that need him. He's turning his back on them. I want to toss to clip of representative Presley from Massachusetts. Do we have what she said? It pains me that you're gifted hands and mind are doing the bidding and carrying the water of what I believe to be one of the most morally bankrupt presidents in this nation's you're not here as a doctor or as our surgeon general which I think might be better suited for your talents, but with the task of overseeing our nation's crumbling housing stock. For that I think you're unqualified. He is. He's absolutely unqualified. Go ahead baby. When you were talking about a brilliant surgeon he was, he's a pioneer. One of the things he was working on was developing new methods to treat brain cell tumors and revitalizing techniques to control seizures. For me, what's difficult for me is my dad had glee I don't blastoma stage four. For me when you have this gift where you could be helping families like mine to sustain life, to help brain tumors, I don't understand when you have a gift like that why you're doing this. I think he's a genius doctor. I would prefer his talent going to helping brain tumors. That's the thing. He's in a position now where he could help families like mine who lived in the projects and he's not doing it. I don't understand why he's not. I'm not trying to make this personal -- It's not that he could help it. What he can do is he can stop trying to evict people who are here legally living with families who haven't become citizens yet. Yes. He can stop trying to cut the damn budget to buildings all over the country that have -- Why do you think he's doing that? Because he doesn't know any better. He's also under the influence of Donald svengali who created this cult of mentally crazy people. Everybody who believes Donald Trump has to -- Politics, power, celebrity is is he seductive. He had a movie made after him in 2009 called "Gifted hands." I said to him why are you doing this? You said the guy wasn't the guy to be running the country. What is happening? He said I tried it the nice guy way and now I'm getting on the winning train.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"When the Housing Secretary's exchange with Rep. Katie Porter went viral, \"The View' co-hosts discuss if he knew the answers to the HUD questions he was being asked.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63208910","title":"Ben Carson confused over 'REO' and 'Oreo' mix-up","url":"/theview/video/ben-carson-confused-reo-oreo-mix-63208910"}