Biggest 'Black Lives Matter' page on Facebook is fake

"The View" co-hosts discuss Facebook's role in the scam page.
5:39 | 04/10/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biggest 'Black Lives Matter' page on Facebook is fake
As FaceBook chief Mark Zuckerberg prepares to testify on Capitol Hill today is being reported that the biggest black lives matter page on based well. Turns out to be a scam now tied till I'm middle aged white Australian back. Matt has been around for at least a year and head 700000. Followers. So how could it lasts this long and and the black watch him out of folks said I'm. You wanna take this down this because you don't donations to do was take me donating money and the money the black lives matter the real if they are like anti matter like unsupported in Australia now. And I I I think not what but the question is. The black lives out of folks said sue banks that pay you make it down taken down this is not us and they and. He retires we're calling vessels to say yeah this is not not 830 I can forgive if they'll law doesn't catch up with our technical advances 'cause they grow so fast you know what I can't get. Behind us this idea that a lot of these things from Cambridge and a wedding at analytics with face up to. This fake page where it's been reported over and over when feast becomes obsolete and says now that everyone knows more about to eat. Kind of exposed now we're gonna say we're sorry that bothers me because they often have sat on the east Spain and not changed and that's a trend people don't admit anything until that cloths not. Not people it. Testifying today right and those are not what you not a structure Puno yeah you know rising in Atlanta today when they they too false tweeted me yeah you know it's like they should call it fake book from now watch. Until I'm. David Morris I but he says there's a need he admits that the privacy. Issues and fake news problems he says there were on me he says there are out and he's sorry he's sorry about it but. Who decides who's honest I was trying to decide what is making news on social media and the consumer because 67% of Americans get their news FaceBook I just found that out and that so shop but here's a does. Bye -- is on rules that he's on his own personal messenger he had the capacity to leave whatever messages he was announced FaceBook act which we as a normal FaceBook users don't have I used to have faced buck and I recently found out that the push notifications you got about the messenger. That's on your wrapped every single message you've ever send anybody. FaceBook hasn't can use against you it's very detailed and are a lot of our agency I have sent out garrido is authorized found yeah well that is their private messages your friends and I will say it like going forward with commodity they have more power than we ever could've possibly conceive DeVon what he chooses to do without power. Is why congress should. Beat asking serious questions my problem right now is the average median age of people in congress and senate is quite old. I don't know how many of them are actually using. These does that faced a national airlines have and I just keep they have adjourned the senator from Alaska that said the Internet was not at big truck it's a series of tubes and it became this hold me Amani international this old joke. Because our digs can Janet three million dollars to federal candidates so. They felt said yeah. I say how in the hell would you know inexcusable Jen did fail a lot when they deal with FaceBook skews older guys I think I think a lot of local people are. Our our. Using head and I think you know what happened with this election and we now know that all these box where. We're using information through Cambridge analytic guts is so waive certain views I. It is October passages he's a box. I think I think this is LA did that you note. The thing is not put on inflammation math tell everybody. The pattern Agassi's but now when I was in college. Life like having ads something media it's like especially when you're working social media is fine yeah but I don't need to know. They're chip putting injections and you're up up up I don't mean I know that you're not listening and I yeah. When I didn't have a have told you that yeah. It hasn't helped that I. Active that what got them wouldn't then hands. You can put all your information not you put all of Europe now. All of you personally and is noted how old I send this I'm Michelle long time now in the old days I used to have to climb in a window. Break the glass. Go into the room figure out which one has your information. Open the locked behind information I want to take it out go back. It used to take a very long time as real people over than what is happening. You know but the idea of right you can't. That you cannot. Get your stuff back pictures dumped ms. Allen I mean either everything you've put out is not it doesn't appear it's inside out into all of WiMax is not. I could I clarify one thing it wasn't just Mark Zuckerberg that donated that it was FaceBook and its employee OK just aren't I still went up and the in his book. But not validating my site but. I wasn't sure Stamberg thousands come out and take every season she is leaning back right to help him. Without cancer we not pretty useless immediately and to reducing martyr and how you do it. Yeah he's smarter don't assume that because your kid to do and it that is OK if you did you should be cited a man wasn't this is going to pummel you. Back clutch picture that you ask sends to your black is out there you know when your name on I know he's smarter.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Facebook's role in the scam page.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54369659","title":"Biggest 'Black Lives Matter' page on Facebook is fake","url":"/theview/video/biggest-black-lives-matter-page-facebook-fake-54369659"}