Could the border deal unravel?

"The View" co-hosts weigh in on GOP leaders urging the president to sign the border deal even though it doesn't meet his demands.
8:41 | 02/13/19

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Transcript for Could the border deal unravel?
So trump, here's the thing lately, trump has been many things, many, many things since he took office. I won't even go into it because you all know what they are. But the past few days he's shown a side I never thought I'd see in him. He's becoming really boring. I think he's boring. I mean, he's still ranting no collusion, no collusion, going on and on about his damn border wall. He really needs new material, I think. In order to keep my interest, come on, come up with something new. We can't find a good topic. Am I right, ladies, in the morning? Well, he's still our lead story. I know because we have to talk about the country. Yeah. But he personally is boring. A little boring, yeah. Maybe that's a good thing. Oh well -- I think it's the back and forth of the tease of the will you make the deal, will we not make the deal, will we have the wall funding, will we not have the wall funding. I said this morning it's like groundhog dog back and forth and we don't know if he'll come out the 15th which is Friday, whether he will concede to not get the funding. What we've said before and we're saying again, Sean hannity called the deal garbage. Ann Coulter tweeted, trump talks a good deal on the border wall but it's increasingly clear he's not going fight for it. If I have to crystal ball with it, he will end up making a deal with the Democrats. Unfortunately for his base, who are they going to vote for, Amy klobuchar and Cory booker? No. That's not enough to get him 2020, his base. I would disagree though. I think you could argue it would be a win-win so we don't have a shutdown but you keep the issue of the wall going. That's his only issue he has. The base is losing money with his tax reform. Pretty soon it's going to catch up. He could still threaten to have a shutdown with a nato emergency. Maybe he'll do a national emergency. I don't know. But I sense is he will continue to articulate the way he did at the rally the other night. But he will keep this narrative going with his base of, like, I'm fighting for you. Many cooks in the kitchen. But if he blames Democrats -- listen, this is a deal that could have been done. He could have gotten more money a month ago. The agreement includes only $1.375 billion for a border barrier they're calling it. We know during the shutdown this country lost $11 billion. I think that's really significant. He actually, again yesterday, took credit for the shutdown and in my view, federal workers still haven't been compensated for all that they lost. People got bad credit. They were behind on their mortgages. Some home lost their homes. Federal contractors still haven't been made whole. My understanding is if he doesn't get in this deal all of the money for the border wall, he's going to start pulling money out of the military. He's going to start -- Yes, disaster relief. Out of the V.A., and Puerto Rico disaster relief. Flood control projects. People should be up in arms over there. Can he do that? Yes, he can. I think he has to get congress approval in order to pull out some of those funds. I don't think it's as easy as I can going to take money wherever I want. If he declares a national emergency, which again, I say that is -- Rush Limbaugh says to do it by the way. President Limbaugh says declare a national emergency. But it's the most dangerous of all, for me, of all the hypotheticals going forward. Again, Republicans, if he declares a national emergency over the wall, when Democrats -- whenever it is that they are in power again, they can say it's a national emergency if we don't get the new green deal. Policy will trump actual emergencies like hurricanes, things like 9/11. Disaster relief. And that is a very, very dangerous precedent to be set. And it doesn't even work. If he does sign off on it, did Nancy Pelosi show him on the art of the deal is done? Yes. Is this a big win for her? Yes, and I conceded I was wrong on her, that I underestimated her. She actually -- We knew, when she went like this, that's when I knew. With the original negotiations she wasn't hedging at all. She actually beat the president at his own game in this thing. It's nice to see someone do it, that there is a match. He blamed Obama when there was a much shorter shutdown and said if you are the boss then you should be fired. Well, he always says stuff like that. He's the biggest hypocrite walking. You know what, I think that there are -- just to put a peg on this, there is some issues that there's a lot of hypocrisy on the left in regards to this. This one in particular, no one gets credence from me whatsoever. When you're talking about veterans not getting paid, it is the lowest of the lowest of the lowest. It is gross. Again, I'm saying it now and I want someoneo show this little reel in case someone ends up doing it, the precedent that is set we will not be able to come back from. Republican senator Richard burr claims the senate intelligence committee has found no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and Russia. Ranking Democrat however, mark Warner and also Angus king who's an independent, are saying he's not reaching any conclusion until the investigation is over. So if the senate finds nothing wrong in terms of collusion with Russia, does that he's not guilty? Well, not to me, only because if you look at the Mueller investigation, we have 37 I believe indictments or guilty pleas, 4 prison sentences, 199 criminal charges, 6 trump associates have already been charged with making false statementss just lying, and they've lied either to congress or federal investigators. What have they lied about? They've lied about contacts with Russia. So why are young about contacts with Russia if nothing bad is going on with Russia? Right? Their answer to that would be that maybe those people are doing bad things but trump knew nothing about it which sounds disingenuous. This investigation is bipartisan so it's different than what we saw come out of the house which was far more partisan. There were over 200 interviews conducted within a two-year period of time. We have to wait for th Mueller investigation to come out but they said as of now there is no direct collusion between the president and Russia. You have people expecting when the Mueller findings to come out him to be handcuffed out of the white house, a lot of people, I'm guessing, will be underwhemd. She just gave you a list of circumstantial evidence against him in addition to real testimony, so what do they need? Hello, Vladimir, should we collude, baby? What are we waiting for. My understanding, and correct me, but my understanding is there's too many conduits in between, meaning a Roger stone was the person. There's also an interest assesser betweenit. I'm not a lawyer but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck. Just on a national security level I have a problem with how cozy they were, specifically with the don Jr. Meeting with the Russian spy at trump tower to petition against the magnitsky act which is there to have safeguard so Russia can't use the west as a way to use their money as a slush fund. But the problem is my understanding is collusion is not actually a crime, is that correct? Conspiracy is. Conspiracy is, and some people are saying collusion can be a crime. How do you define collusion? Let me say this, the senate came out and said there's no direct evidence. Guess what, senate, I've proven many a case with just circumstantial evidence. In fact, circumstantial evidence proved cases all around the country. Carl Bernstein said that because of watergate you now have to have a smoking gun. That's not true. Well, he believes that. I think that that's what everybody is waiting for. Like this phone call that I just described or some kind of an e-mail that he sent or something like that. I agree. All around D.C. Every single day.

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{"duration":"8:41","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts weigh in on GOP leaders urging the president to sign the border deal even though it doesn't meet his demands.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61052833","title":"Could the border deal unravel?","url":"/theview/video/border-deal-unravel-61052833"}