How Chelsea Clinton is changing the narrative about female athletes

Clinton discusses her new children’s book, “She Persisted in Sports,” and why she felt compelled to write it.
4:30 | 09/22/20

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Transcript for How Chelsea Clinton is changing the narrative about female athletes
Hi, Chelsea. I want to talk about the book a little bit. You have this one called "She persisted in sports." As an athlete growing up, there weren't a lot of female athletes to highlight. Tell us about the book. Thank you, Sara. I loved sports as a kid. I loved watching sports. I also -- the olympics were the only time my parents let me watch unlimited television. I watched every sport all day long. I loved playing sports. I learned so much being an athlete and watching the athletes that awed me on television or when I was lucky enough in person. The ability to work to be your best for yourself and be the best for your team. How important persistence is on the field and off the field. This felt like a book I had to write and felt like the perfect continuation of the "She persisted" series. My daughter is a basketball player which seems so natural to me because I played basketball as well when I was younger. Many girls in this country and around the world are told sports are for boys. How do you think we change that narrative that just seems to continually be perpetuated? Sunny, I thought about that a lot through "She persisted in sports" and with the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg a few days ago where she fought so hard to create equal protections for women, partly because she knew that was a vital step to ensuring equal opportunities for women, whether that was in the workplace as an office or on a television set or workplace as a field or a court. We think about the wnba. You said your daughter is a basketball player. I think about these extraordinary women in this bubble and how exhausting it must be to still be doing their jobs, giving those of us who love watching them so much joy and feeling a connection of a little bit back to normal when they're apart from their families and friends and leaders in black lives matter and demanding justice for James Blake, George Floyd and just what our women athletes do for us is extraordinary. Part of how we encourage more girls to play sports is by celebrating women athletes from history and today to show them what's possible for them. I love that. Let's talk about some of those women you feature in the book starting with Mia hamm. I remember watching Mia hamm and the 1996 team. I think I went hoarse shouting for every game. I was lucky to see a couple world cup games in person in I remember where I was, the people I was with, when they clinched the world cup in that iconic scene of brandy Chastain taking off her shirt and the joy. She was criticized for that. She didn't apologize. Mia hamm didn't apologize. The team didn't apologize. That taught me an important lesson of owning our victory. Simone Biles is in there which your daughter thinks she might be as well because she's a fan. Oh, my gosh. We love Simone Biles in our family. Yes, my daughter has every single one of her little leotards and she puts them on and tumbles around. She's like mom just like Simone. I'm like maybe. We have to keep working on it. She knows Simone Biles is the greatest gymnast of all times and she has this extraordinary woman who is inspiring her. I couldn't have written this book without Simone Biles. Charlotte never would have forgiven me. Chelsea, thank you so much. "She persisted in sports" is

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"Clinton discusses her new children’s book, “She Persisted in Sports,” and why she felt compelled to write it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73172456","title":"How Chelsea Clinton is changing the narrative about female athletes","url":"/theview/video/chelsea-clinton-changing-narrative-female-athletes-73172456"}