Chelsea Clinton condemns Trump’s handling of coronavirus

The author of the children’s book “She Persisted in Sports” opens up about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death.
7:29 | 09/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chelsea Clinton condemns Trump’s handling of coronavirus
Chelsea Clinton is continuing her celebration of powerful women with her latest book "She persisted in sports" and she joins us now to give us her view of election 2020. Please welcome Chelsea Clinton. Hey, Chelsea Clinton. Go ahead, joy. Hey, Chelsea. Hi, joy. Your dad was the president who nominated the great Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the supreme court at your mom's suggestion I was reading. How is your family feeling about her passing? I think I heard your father talk about it on TV the other day. I think we're all so sad on a personal level. Very also worried for our country and so it's just overwhelming. As we were talking before I came on, it's just in a moment where there's already so much to be worried about and so much sadness as we cross the threshold of 200,000 Americans now who have died of covid with the passing of the great rbg, even more sadness and even more worry as I think we're all You know, how concerned are you about who will replace justice Ginsburg and I guess the impact it will have on important issues like health care and reproductive rights? I'm so concerned. I mean, I'm concerned about the two issues you mentioned reproductive right especially given what president trump has said about looking for someone who will repeal roe V. Wade and strip American women with the right to make the right choices for ourselves and our families. I'm deeply concerned about health care given we have already a hearing date set for November on the affordable care act. The supreme court could strip away health care in the middle of a pandemic when we should be strengthening the affordable care act. I'm worried about voting rights, the environment, gun violence protection, lgbtq rights, civil rights, everything I care about with the court in the balance. You know, Chelsea, you are a mother of three. I don't know if everybody knows I hope it's okay. The last time you came on the show we had a conversation about motherhood that resonated with I never talked about my pregnancy on the show. When you come from families like ours, people are particularly cruel. How do you juggle having three young kids, being so in the spotlight, so with your parents? Quite frankly I need some advice right now. Meghan, I've been thinking about you and everyone I know who is pregnant in this time where we're not able to be with our friends, family, our loved ones. I hope you still feel all the support and love that I know your family and friend and "The view" community has for you, even though you might not be able to get the hugs that pregnant women especially need. I think about that question every day. How do I protect my children? My most important identity with all due respect to my parents who I love, is as Charlotte, Aiden and jasper's mom and also ensure I'm raising them to be the good citizens and good people I want them to be. We talk about covid a lot. They're clearly aware of covid because they have to wear masks all the time. They see their friends, as I'm seeing you, through a screen. Talk to them about why we think it's important to be engaged. We're not just citizens on election day. We're citizens every day. Sometimes they'll hear people say mean things about their grandma, their pop pop, their mom, but they have to make up their own minds about what they believe is true and what isn't true. They're always loved. That's what I tell them, Meghan, they're always loved. I hope they'll be resilient and engage in the world from a place of love regardless of whatever nastiness will come their way because of who their mom is and who their grandparents are. You're doing a really good job. Have we lost our sound? I can hear you. Can you hear me? So, Chelsea -- for a minute I I can now. I want to ask you about the coronavirus. We heard president trump admit he wanted to publicly downplay the threat of the pandemic when he spoke to Bob Woodward even though he knew it was spread through the air and knew it was going to be deadly. He lied to the American people and said it's going to disappear. America is about to hit the grim milestone of 200,000 lives lost due to covid. How much do you blame him and his response? I blame him pretty fundamentally. I think it's unconscionable he lied to the American public about covid, that he continues to lie to the American people, that he has such a blatant disregard for public health and the advice from public health experts that's uniform around things like masks, social distancing, how much safer it is to be outside than inside, how important good ventilation is, things we have known for months, things that certainly the president as we now know knew -- or at least had been told in February if not in January. So, I blame him full stop. I also blame him for all he's not doing now to help prepare for when the scientists have proven a vaccine is safe and effective at scale. I blame him for not kind of marshaling a real effort to build public confidence and demand for a vaccine that is proven safe and effective. I blame him for not building an army of vaccine workers to administer that. I blame him for not having a transparent national plan for how he'll ensure our frontline workers are vaccinated and then how the rest of us get vaccinated. Joy, I blame him for lying to the American people, for continuing to disparage science and for not helping to prepare and protect us today, including prepare us for when we do have a vaccine. There's a lot of blame for the president and his administration for where we are and where we're going to be.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"The author of the children’s book “She Persisted in Sports” opens up about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73172402","title":"Chelsea Clinton condemns Trump’s handling of coronavirus","url":"/theview/video/chelsea-clinton-condemns-trumps-handling-coronavirus-73172402"}