Chelsea Clinton talks arming teachers, her message to Trump

Clinton joined "The View" to discuss what she'd say to Trump about what troubles her most in the country today and whether the activism inspired by Parkland will create effective gun control policy.
7:12 | 03/06/18

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Transcript for Chelsea Clinton talks arming teachers, her message to Trump
but I'll give you a hug, too. Shimmy up here. Shimmy, shimmy. We know you in so many roles. Being a mom to Charlotte and Aidan who is just under, must top the list. You recently started to become more active, I think, to most people. Politically and talking about the things you're seeing in the world. Do you think it's important for you to show this responsibility in your kids are young. But sit important to show this responsibility that if you see something, you should speak about it? Absolutely. So, it's great to be back on "The view." Thank you. And thank you. And I -- you know, whoopi, my children are the most important part of my life. Being a mom is my most important identity. But son Aidan called me Chelsea this morning. I was like, oh, gosh. Mom, mom, Aidan. How old is he? 20 months. That may be who I am to everyone else. To you, I am your mother. Being your mother is what motivates me. It motivates me to work for what I believe in. To stand up against what I oppose. And to talk to them about why I work so hard. That I only work so hard because I want there to be a better, safer, healthier, more ek table world for my children,ore amber's child, your grandchild. All the children in all of our lives. Absolutely. As you know, we talk about this table almost every day if not every day about the the state of our country now. And how it is -- can disconcerting for many. What troubles you the most about the state of the country right snow? And what would you say to the president about it? Um -- please do your job. Focus on your job. And -- please don't worry about the Oscar ratings. Or -- how my mom is doing, though, thank you, she's doing great. Like, please worry about -- you know, what's happening. On the Korean peninsula. Worry about how to ensure that what the parkland students are saying never again truly is never again. So we never have another school shooting in our country. Please worry about, you know, what you can do from the federal fochlt's perspective to ensure that teachers in West Virginia and everywhere are paid appropriately. Whatever issue you care about, please, like, lead us forward on that. That's what I would say. Good luck. Thank you. So Mr. President, if you're watching. You heard what I said. He watches all the time. We know. Um, the most recent Gallup poll of trump's approval rating, by Republicans, is at 85%, though. There are a lot of Americans. Even a trump supporter in here today that do approve of what he's doing. What do you think trump supporters are seeing in the 85% approval rating that Democrats are not? I would never speak for anyone but myself. Sometimes people ask me, what would you mother say, I say, you should ask my mom. I wouldn't speak for my parents or my children. Much less someone with very different views as to what I believe is right for our country. You know, that being said, I do think and I would hope that regardless of where we sit on the political spectrum, we can agree on what our common kajs are and hopefully, spend time and energy about how we best solve those? Pu I would, any of the trump support es want to talk to me, I'll be curious to hear what hay have to say. Does that surprise you that it's that high? I'm not a Republican. I wouldn't speak for the Republican party. If we look at the -- president's approval ratings broadly across the country, it's clear most Americans are looking for a different type of leadership. Both in terms of the problems being solved but also kind of the approach of how they'ring the solved and the language that historically we have heard from men who have held that office. Again, think if we can agree on the common challenges, that C catalyzes our ability to move forward. You mentioned parkland and everything going on. And one of the things that's been most upsetting for me is Donald Trump's idea that arming teachers is the best way to keep our children safe. My mother has been a teacher in the L.A. Unified school district for two decades. She teaches in private school, public schools, every range of child, every age of child. She's an extraordinary woman and mother. I cannot possibly fathom the thought of my mom having to carry a gun on her. And I -- I strongly believe that teachers roles are to shape the minds of our children and we should haven't to be worrying about the this. It should be a conversation everyone agrees on. I wanted to know your thoughts. I first thank your mom for being a teacher. I'm still in touch with my first grade teacher. Mrs. Mitchell. If you're watching, Mrs. Mitchell, thank you so much. I couldn't agree more. We expect so much out of our teachers. Teachers, social workers. Psychologists. Nurses. Disciplinarian. Not being adequately compensated or respected for the work they do for our children, our shared future. I continue to think we should also expect them to be law enforcement officers. We have so much research that shows more guns in any setting lead to more gun violence in any setting. In a home, outside a home. And so, I would hope that we would listen to the research and also listen to the moral call of what we should be doing to support teachers to help them teach our children and provide whatever public safety security, but also, social and emotional support for our children around the teachers. That they deserve and at all our kids deserve. I agree with than president I was a teacher. I would never be able to handle a gun. A gun in my hand, you're in trouble. You know, we have been watching the whole gun thing for awhile. This last parkland shooting. Opi think, was a tipping point. Do you? I mean, do you think thinks will change now because of these kids? We're already seeing changes in Florida. We saw new legislation pass in Florida that hopefully will become law. We're talking again about the assault weapons ban. From 1994 to 2004, where we did have a marked decrease in -- People -- I was talking to somebody at that. What's the point? There are so many millions of these assault weapons out there now. You would never be able to get them back. We have to start somewhere. That's what I said.

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{"duration":"7:12","description":"Clinton joined \"The View\" to discuss what she'd say to Trump about what troubles her most in the country today and whether the activism inspired by Parkland will create effective gun control policy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53558690","title":"Chelsea Clinton talks arming teachers, her message to Trump","url":"/theview/video/chelsea-clinton-talks-arming-teachers-message-trump-53558690"}