Chuck Schumer says he has no concerns about Biden facing Trump in debate

Ahead of the first presidential debate, the New York senator discusses his confidence in former Vice President Joe Biden.
7:29 | 09/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chuck Schumer says he has no concerns about Biden facing Trump in debate
Senator, tonight we'll have our first opportunity to see president trump and Joe Biden go face-to-face on the debate stage in Cleveland. We saw how president trump operates in this kind of situation. Now we know Biden is a good debater. Do you have any concerns about how he'll fair against someone who has no qualms about taking low blows? No, I don't. Joe Biden will focus on the issues. Americans as a whole want to see what a president's going to do to make their lives better. We've had 200,000 people die from covid. We've had tens of millions unemployed. We have hundreds of thousands of small businesses go under every we had so many different problems -- people being laid off left and right by local governments. Joe Biden will stick to the he'll say here's what I'm going to do to make things better. Donald Trump is going to play his game. You know what the last few weeks have shown, the American people, and particularly those voters in the middle don't like all the divisiveness and nastiness. I think if Donald Trump performs the way he has in the previous debates with all the misinformation and the name calling and nastiness, he's going to hurt himself. My advice for Joe Biden is don't fall for the bait. Don't play his game. Talk about why we Democrats have policies and proposals and desires to do things to help the American people, not just play a game so I can call someone a name or something like that, which is what trump always does. Yeah. You know, senator, Joe Biden seems to have this idea that once trump is out of office, dear god, this spell over Republicans will disappear and bipartisan ship will reign in the land an everybody will be happy. He has this idea he can work with these people. I've been watching it for four years now. I don't see it. You've been in the senate and know more than I do trying to work with Republicans over 20 years. Things seem to only get worse. To your point before, do you think Biden is fooling himself to think this? Do you think it's possible to have bipartisanship in this country? You know, I'm an optimist. I believe god brings justice, justice, justice. Here's what I think, there are about 25 hardliners and they'll stick with trump and create trouble. There's a bunch of Republicans who I think deep in their hearts and souls want to get something done. The question is, once the trump and Mcconnell is no longer leading, god willing, will they work with us? We'll have to get things done whether they work with us or not, but there's a chance that happens. Same thing with the American people. The trump hardliners, they'll stick with him. There's a bunch who voted for trump last time and don't enjoy the way he's operated. They'll say let's start over. Joe Biden wants to get things done. Let's give him a chance. America is hurting. We've had a terrible year with covid and with the economy and with racial injustice. I think the American people after this four years of divisiveness and nastiness have a yearning that maybe we can get something done. That's my mission. I think it's Joe Biden's we have to make it that young people in particular, but everyone, think there's a hopeful future in America. We've got to get it back. Yeah. We're going to have more with senator chuck Schumer when we come back. Never Run Dry Of... Killer attitude. Or hydration. Neutrogena Hydro Boost. The #1 hyaluronic acid moisturizer delivers 2x the hydration for supple, bouncy skin. Neutrogena. Vicks vapopatch. Easy to wear with soothing Vicks Vapors for her, for you, for the whole family. Trusted Soothing Vapors, from Vicks Colgate Optic White Renewal removes ten years of yellow stains. That's like all the way back to 2010. They're jeans. They're leggings. They're jeggings! Whoa. Remove ten years of yellow stains with Colgate Optic White Renewal. It's just a cold. If you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. Most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. Choose Coricidin hbp. The brand with a heart. For powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure. Does scrubbing grease feel like workout? Scrub less with Dawn Ultra. It's superior grease-cleaning formula gets to work faster, Making easy work of tough messes. Dawn takes care of tough grease, wherever it shows up. Scrub less, save more...with Dawn.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"Ahead of the first presidential debate, the New York senator discusses his confidence in former Vice President Joe Biden.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73317732","title":"Chuck Schumer says he has no concerns about Biden facing Trump in debate","url":"/theview/video/chuck-schumer-concerns-biden-facing-trump-debate-73317732"}