Controversy over protest in gated community

“The View” co-hosts react to police investigating a confrontation caught on video of neighbors of the St. Louis’ mayor pointing guns at protesters marching past their home.
11:55 | 06/30/20

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Transcript for Controversy over protest in gated community
There was outrage after a video was posted on Sunday of a St. Louis couple brandishing firearms Goens protesters headed to the mayor's house. The couple says they're victims of a rush to judgment by some media outlets because they didn't threaten peaceful protesters. They responded to an angry mob who tore down Gates and threatened their lives and the lives of their dogs. Police are investigating. What's concerning you most about this when you saw this scene, joy? Well, it's like there are a lot more questions. Steve, I can hear you. There are a lot more questions than answers here. We're on the air, Steve. I think there are a lot of questions here. Sorry. He's trying to help with the technology and he's too loud. I miss Steve. Here's the thing -- that's right all right. It seems like sense we don't have official footage we don't know what happened. There's two sides to the story. I would say two things. Number one if I were a protesters I wouldn't appreciate having an ar-15 headed my way or a woman who seemed crazed with her finger on the trigger. I wouldn't enjoy that at all. The other thing I wanted to say they claim they're black lives matter supporters. In that case, why not go out to the protesters and say I appreciate you're protesting. I agree with you. Acknowledge what they're doing and lend a hand. Don't shake the hand, an elbow maybe. Neutralize the possibility of violence. Instead of -- she had her finger on the trigger, this woman. Even if she didn't mean to kill somebody, she could have. That's all I have to say. Steve, stop it. All right. So were both the protesters and the home owners potentially guilty of violating rights here, sunny? Is that something we could possibly know by now? Well, I understand the police are still investigating. Missouri is an open carry state. The fact you had two home owners with guns in that particular state is not what is at issue. What is at issue is that it would be a crime to brandish a weapon in a threatening manner. That is actually a felony. What I saw on the video is the brandishing of a weapon in what could appear to be a threatening manner, right? That is a felony. I agree with joy in the sense that the couple's narrative has changed a lot. At first it was this angry mob came out down my street. I felt threatened. Now they're saying I wasn't threatening the peaceful protesters, but I saw two white men in the group and those two white men had weapons, but not the peaceful protest. If someone has a -- if there's a peaceful protest around you feel threatened, I don't know why you decide to go outside of your home and brandish a weapon. Don't you stay inside of your home and call the police? So it just seems to me there's a disconnect there. What they did was very aggressive. There wasn't a need to brandish a weapon in a threatening way. Right. I just -- that seeped at the lone use to me. Meghan, do you think this is a snapshot of a very divided America right now? Oh, yeah. This image of the mccluskeys brandishing weapons as sunny said out of their home is an image of what goes on in the country. I have six things to say. The first thing sunny and joy pointing out she had her Fenger on the trigger, at this point you guys know me very well. Me and my husband are legal gun owners. Second amendment is a big thing of mine. Second amendment rights are a big corner stone of my beliefs. I'm for legal gun ownership which is responsible. This woman had her finger on the trigger the entire time. Trigger control is a big thing with pistols. The man has no muzzle control whatsoever. That means the front part of ar-15 he's pointing it in all directions. It's highly, highly dangerous and irresponsible. There's a clip where she's moving her pistol around. She could have easily shot her husband in the head. I have a problem starting there. If you're going to do this -- me and my husband go to the range often. I'm very responsible. The first thing you learn in safety is you never point your weapon at something you don't intend to shoot and hit. There's many different angles of videos. I've seen about 40. I think this is what happens when people go into the suburbs in this kind of style. We've had conversations on this show about protesting and what happens in different cities. There's been an impression for some people in the media that violence and looting, which is not all the protesters of course. The majority of it has been extremely peaceful. There has been some violence and some looting and rioting that's happened. The question I always had is what happens when you start going into the suburbs when people a lot of times are armed and do feel intimidated. I don't know. I agree with what sunny is saying. It's confusing to me. Their statement has changed. If a mob of people comes into your neighborhood and breaks a gate, that's one of the things they're claiming, people are going to feel intimidated. I don't agree with how they did like I said, I went into detail about how the ir responsibility of how they were using their weapons. It's a snapshot in what's going on in America. In people like New York City you'll have people like de Blasio saying petty crimes are fine. Some violence is warranted and we have to deal with it. Then you'll go to other parts of the country and they'll say not here, not now, not my neighborhood. It's a blueprint of the cultural war going on in the country. I want to point out one of the things about this that I found interesting is that people going through the gate, not rushing through the gate, but walking through the gate going away from these people's house. They're going in actually. That's a private property. That's going into that. I understand that, but I -- from what I'm looking at their house is over there. Their house is to the right. The protesters seem to be going away from the house. It's not a mob in front of the house at that moment. There's a couple of folks, but they're on the move. If you go in your house and grab your gun, it means you could have gone in. They said they called the police and they called the people that are supposed to come check on you, the neighborhood watch. They said nobody came. I have to wonder how many people were there. Were they out there waiting for them to come out with their guns? The timeline is odd to me. Can I ask you a question, I agree the narrative is confusing. There are castle laws in Missouri where people can stand their law and appropriate. If the narrative is defund the police and you can call the police and there's been audio and video has been played all over Fox News of people calling the police and there's an audio saying please call your representative instead -- if you call the police and they won't come, it breeds hysteria and it breeds fear. We have to clear about the role of the police is in the united States of America. Let me just say I don't know the situation in their neighborhood. All I'm saying is, if you're living in an enclave, you have city watch or a town watch or -- I don't live in a gated community so I don't know. I do. That's why I can tell you. There are people around that you call. So you also call the police, but you call the watch. The other thing for me is, you know, I wish we could say that New York does this and this place does this. I believe in small towns people are gathering in their towns and protesting. It's not necessarily people coming from big cities creating this issue, but people watching and having an idea that all that happens is looting and bad stuff because that's what they're being shown on television. There's a lot of peaceful protests around the country. Yeah, I think defunding the police so we can retrain them, so we can get a better idea of how they think so we can figure out how to keep everybody safe is never a bad idea. I don't believe that any place should not have a police department, anywhere. I believe I've said this. I want to reiterate it so everybody is clear. I do think that there are things that have to happen. The police need to be retrained. They need to rethink how they handle just American citizens and black people in particular. But now, you know, it seems that white people are having the same issues. Maybe it's just an American problem that we, as citizens, have to say, listen, the police have to be retrained. It's that simple. These people I believe they're protesting the fact that their mayor read out people's names on television and maybe endangered their lives. And addresses. They went to protest the mayor and she lived there. I think everything might have been easier had people not brought the guns out. I have to agree with joy. If you believe that they're marching for the right reasons, say, listen, we support y'all. Go ahead. She's over there. We'll March with you. We're going to walk the dog and come and be with you. They could have done anything. Once you bring out the ak-47 that you don't know how to handle and handgun -- I can't see jack. Ridiculous. Whatever it is, people have to do it better. Go ahead, sunny. And using a weapon they truly don't know how to use. In a statement released through their attorney Marcus and Patricia Mccluskey claimed they witnessed violence, destruction of property and acts of threatening aggression by some of the protesters which gave rise to trepidation and fear of imminent and grave harm. Okay.

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{"duration":"11:55","description":"“The View” co-hosts react to police investigating a confrontation caught on video of neighbors of the St. Louis’ mayor pointing guns at protesters marching past their home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"71537720","title":"Controversy over protest in gated community","url":"/theview/video/controversy-protest-gated-community-71537720"}