Daniel Krauthammer discusses his father Charles Krauthammer's legacy

Krauthammer talks about his late father's new book, "The Point of It All."
7:02 | 12/06/18

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Transcript for Daniel Krauthammer discusses his father Charles Krauthammer's legacy
My job to say when I think it's true it's my job to say what I think will work it's my job to Carla Farley post. Whether it straightens and Matt I don't know I don't know whether it's gonna have an effect on them but there's no other way fair and honest critic. To be. That was Charles Krauthammer a one of the most powerful and brilliant minds and conservative media of all time. His son Daniel is sharing an intimate portrait of his father's life and legacy and battle with cancer. In a new book called the point of at all please welcome my friend in a hammer. It's incredible dot but the country is mourning the loss President Bush we just wanted to know what you think your father would've sat at his Pasadena secret a photo. A band together actually. If there. Who. Yeah I had you know it's. It hits me hard seeing I'm sure as you feel too. For the bush family just knowing how they feel right now and when I heard the news about. President Bush is passing an excellent back. I wonder what my dad would think and read some of the cons he had written about President Bush and I found one. That he wrote just after the election 92. When President Bush and lost and as a time when the comedian was piling on criticizing and left and right. And he said something and I think cold so true today. I was amazed that it was written over twenty years ago but he said. You know President Bush may have lost but that's not history's verdict this wasn't a failed presidency it was a completed presidency. But he rose to the great challenges of the time of ending the cold war on our terms of meeting Saddam Hussein. And he finished his job for history essentially had my dad at a very deep sense of history and compared him to Churchill and Truman and other presidents did great things but then essentially they're turning history was done. This is why I would race home Ed free night. At 6 PM to watch your dad on special report on fox because he really helped shape the modern conservative movement but. He was able to disagree so respectfully and he would. At times he would be very critical of president trump for example and when it's not popular many places and he would go places that many conservatives would never go. We read about courage come from. I think. It was courage for sure but not for its own sake I think he felt a real duty. An obligation to be honest. That in the inner you clip you played just earlier on an interview. He's saying. You know look I chose this life to to write about politics to be a critic. And if I'm not gonna say what I really think what's the point of this and he and actually had an earlier period as a doctor was a psychiatrist. And he chose to leave that a professional Reid knew he was helping people having a real impact. And so he said you know I'm will leave that to do this which I care about which I've passion for I better be honest and say what I think Carlson betraying everything I've done. And he sticks it true that to the area and yeah he was an honest and I like yeah. Because. You don't. I always feel like. If you couldn't give somebody the respect of saying you know what. I don't agree but I like how you do act. I just never. Thought infamous faltering ever so I was a huge fan of his we didn't agree on a lot of stuff went you know he had. He had that thing. That you want and people who are telling you what's going not. A sense of what the country needed not the party but what the country needed to know and so. You know it's just 66 months how you doing a man. I'm okay you know it's it's still a hard time. Still. It's still very recent and fresh. But if really dedicated myself and this time since two completing his book for him and that's. And that's something he entrusted to me. And some thing I've taken. More seriously. And more meaningfully at and parlay anything else I've ever done. And that's been hard. But it's also been good and I felt like I've been able to. To fight for him still and to do what's right by him and and also by everyone else. Who read him and who look to him and that's actually some and it's grown in the last few months are realizing. How many people's lives he touched in a way that I didn't even fathom a more and realizing. Pounds at this to be something good to do for them for for the rest the world really. Yeah and Daniel you and I have this and strange unique lines. My dads are very good friends might actually wrote about your dad's legacy on the back of the book saying in part. Charles you group will be remembered as one of the greatest public in spikes of his generation there's a bullet. On the back of the book for people who want. To learn more about your dad tell everyone where to go and also. Here we have this horrible connection and I I really. You know how often and I have leaned on you and I'm deeply appreciative but what would you say to people out there. That know that there's a finite amount of time left with their loved ones. I would just say in spend. Every minute you can. Enjoying the beauty that love is with family and as you know I we have. Very difficult time and my dad was sick. Ten months in hospital but I'm actually. Grateful every day that I had that time with him. And I'm. You know just holding. I look at his dad very much and I love my dad very much and it's the holidays and your wonderful friends and very grateful for you and I'm still happy finished your father's book. Because inning it's so important and I just wouldn't wish what we've gone through on anyone but a tipping is born to keep talking about this because. I felt so alone and then when we connected I felt so much less along a nice to fill us salon and I want people out there Philip salon. And I know the only time ever current television as we're talking about cancer but it's just hard. And it's still fresh for both of us to please tell everyone else where they can tell your dad where it up where they can go to find exciting others about site. Ray if there is an official website from my father Charles Krauthammer dot com which not only can find the books there. But there's all kinds of materials about his life his ratings archives of his work from charities he cared about so. Tom that some and it's also important to me along with a book. And he'd be so proud of he would be so proud you are really carry on a slight way as are you Iraq Megan. But we're just proud of you and we all of your dad so much. He released continue to be an inspiration for all of us and asked him. And it wanna throw the but we are on the everyone thank you so much Daniel as usual the point of at all is not members of our audience are getting a copy slugger dad sell my.

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"Krauthammer talks about his late father's new book, \"The Point of It All.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59660900","title":"Daniel Krauthammer discusses his father Charles Krauthammer's legacy","url":"/theview/video/daniel-krauthammer-discusses-father-charles-krauthammers-legacy-59660900"}