D.L. Hughley on black community's relationship with police, uptick in hate crimes

Hughley joins "The View" to discuss his new book, "How Not To Get Shot."
10:14 | 07/11/18

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Transcript for D.L. Hughley on black community's relationship with police, uptick in hate crimes
The list just S on growing of things you can't do while being black in Thi country, com D.L. Hughley htten the survival divide that America needs right now, called "How N to get shot." Believ me, it's really Fu It is. Please welcome D.L. Hughley ?????? So I -- I didn't read the ful title to you. It's called ow not to get shot and othdvice from white people." So, les talk about the book. Because it's sociaommentary on what's happening to black folks in America. You about advice that white people have given on how not T get shot like don't break the law. Anmply with police. What - what are we not hearing? What are we not getting that you to write the book? Here's thing. The most dangero place for black people to lives in white people's nation. Honestly. You can be -- Yan have just shot up 17 people. And the police will arrest you. Ey know you have gun. But they'll shoot T kid they thought hadone. Ey'll shoot him in the back here's the thing. We L inn America right now where have evolved. We believe that can be a woman trapped in man's body. We inhery believe that a black person is a - we can't buy notion that all black people not inherently cral. Really -- it really -- and that we don't like -- every T something happens, they'll say, these dualities can'text. You can't tell us yiv in a try where we're innocent unti proven gy okay with you being murder becse the cop said you recall guilty. They didn't tryyou. The truth of the matter is, americaasever -- there have been 0 race rionrica because black people or people of color have beenilled by police and no one W bhto account. That was befor black on black crime. We've been murdered whistling at somebody reading. Looking mb in the murder of black people at the hands of people ofuthority has always happened. And police areoingt they have always done.thpolice, us, have never about protecting and serving. It's about keeping you your community where you belong and inou out of places you don't. I --he some good officers out there. A lot. But nobody needs to say that. We know that. Same sfr that patrols communities of wealth are not the same ones pl communities ofr. Ey're not the same officers. That I true. That is true. Ther manager the book for every I though it was funny. I loved it. You dedicated to it yourson, Kyle. Why? Ause M son is a young Blac man who asperger's syndrome. E that get shot the moyicere people that are mentally or emotionally urbed. Yo going take my son awaybecause he didn't understand some? Right. To , serve alw saying, we need to have a conversation. Well this is my entrancento the conversation. What do Y tell about the police? I tell him to be respectful. I tell if he does derstand what they're , officer, I'm not trying to be disrespectful to. Call my father Y grew up in L.A. If a predominantly black communit Not predominan all bl What was your peerks like with the police? I was years old. On 135th and Avalon. I was ki I didn't kno right wrong. All I K about police was 1 Adam 12. I'm walking dn the street. The please screech up and go E is such such. We , we don't know. They said, put your hands on the car. I said,cer, Thi I hot. He said, nchld word, if you take your hanff car, I'm going to bw you head off. Two weeks ago, I see black kid in Chicago who gets handed and he pees O hims I said years ago, thousands files away, the kid is going to have the same introduction to police T I do. It made me sad. What do you think the issue certainly none of us can change who we are, what we look like if you get shot because you're driving your car and you think you can smoke your cigarette in yourarr you get shot because S thinks you're being disrespectful? I have heard peopl say, well, if people justouldn't bre the law. We wouldn't need police judges,juries. Listen, we're human begs. We me mistakes. One of the words they user black communities all the Tim accountability. Ho come that word doesn't work both ways? If you make a mistake -- they docare. Take for instance the shooting in Pittsburgh. That officer had been fired January because he wasrutal and a liar. Was hiredy Pittsburgh, 90 minutes later,e murdered a kid, shot him the back. 90 minutes after being sworn . The same type of police officer this case have in communities O wealth, like, communi of privilege, they get the army corps ofengineers. We get the marine and you can -- no one is more respectf no one teaches their children Abou policemen more than -- we talk to our child like they're going out the wild animals. Isn't that the trh? Isn't that the truth? If you're white, youon opias, it's a crisis. If you blacknd on heroin, it's a crime. I love my children. I L family. I don't want themo die. If M son did something, the police wn't have to come get me. I' take there. I want to you Abo "Hot topics." Earlier, we were tk about the Puerto Roman berated with the police officer standingby. The Mexican man,92 years old, hit W abric Beaten. Beatn a brick. You know about the situation that happened to my friends and I when we we in on vacation recently. The "N" word yelled at . Why do some people- today, feel emldened to do this? What do you thin I think we have a wclimate oft. Let's not pretend like we don't know what W know. The very strip chs they used to put us in chains,hey use put children I cages. An you can't -- in California, you could treat chickens like that have cage-free chickens. U couldn't do that. Yes. Yes. In this society -- we live in a society that -- where it's -- whenebody canal the police on you for barbeg or going T airbnb falling asleep, it'sausethey want a result.it's becau they wana result. This whole book W about me saying, I know that I do is make people laugh at ality. And I want people to -- we're humans. That's it. And- but -- We have had to say But we never said it in a joke. Maybe they'll get it. They get angry. If you want to start a fight with so, say fair.st fair. Treat me it is -- you could not treat peopleikes if you didn't beli they were inferior to you. E's no W you could do it. Applause ] I have a question about another hot topic. The new nfleason is right around the . Me people have been quite voca about wanting to leave politics out of fo. Yo said white people want us to leav sports on the field but leave R off of it. What's funny. When people say we should leave politics out O sports, you forget thehire rush mbaugh to be an announcorfootball. And Dennis mille W B an announ for football. What they is for black people to shut up and play. I'll say this. It makesse for theathlet the physical atttes that you drafted in the NFL get Y killed when you're off THA field. If you're big, ye big. If you're fast, you're fast. You're Ng, you're strong. I want ask you one more quick thing. Should everyone take a look a the second stanza? The third stanza ofhe nationaanthem? Obviously, itas a poem. Let's S io say, there N poems or songs from the 1800s T black people are going T like. But what you can do ise racism off a pm O words that were -- telling you how they nt to murder usnd then honor field of play. Take a look a the -- everybody. Black, white, pink, Orange, whoe you are. Take a look athe stanza. You know what? Thank you, D.L. You have to keoming back. Eers and applause ] "How not to get shot other

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{"id":56518218,"title":"D.L. Hughley on black community's relationship with police, uptick in hate crimes","duration":"10:14","description":"Hughley joins \"The View\" to discuss his new book, \"How Not To Get Shot.\"","url":"/theview/video/deadline-passes-reunite-immigrant-kids-families-56518218","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}