'Desus & Mero' on their new late night show

The comedic partners discuss "Desus & Mero" and why Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is their first guest.
8:10 | 02/20/19

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Transcript for 'Desus & Mero' on their new late night show
hottest topic on late night TV right now. They have skyrocketed from their wildly popular "Bodega boys" podcast to "Viceland TV" stars and now co-hosts of the first weekly late night series in showtime history. Please welcome my boys from the boogie-down bronx, desus nice and the kid Mero. ??? How are you? Hello. I'm so excited you guys are here. Thanks for coming on. Yes! We've officially made it now. Well, welcome, welcome to "The view." You almost bent me over like that photograph we were talking about. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't make it hot, joy. Now, you both grew up in the boogie-down bronx as did I. It's true. But you didn't know each other and years later, Mero, you were a teaching assistant, and desus, you were writing for a website. How do you connect and start this comedy partnership? It was via Twitter. Like he would make a joke, I would make a joke. They met over Twitter. It was like we knew each other previously from -- From summer school. 15 years way ahead of this. It was like, oh, my god. Why were y'all in summer school? Here's why -- no. It was in New York City, one of the only places that has ac in the summer is summer school. See. You go to summer school and just hang out. I skipped gym class, go to somebody else's gym class, fail gym, go to somebody else's school for free food and ac. You started a podcast called "Bodega boys" I love that name. Yes. Explain what a bodega is. It's Walmart for New York City. If you want to go to the store and buy kitty litter, some brillo pads, go to the bodega. So you went from the bodega boys to mtv 2 and then viceland. Yes. Whoopi was a guest on your show. She gave me a shoe. They're at my house. Those shoes are epic. You come to my house, I'm showing you whoopi's shoe. So now you are the first late night show in showtime history. Showtime, yeah! What's that success like for you, bodega boy? It's a long way from the bodega. You say that you wanted to be different from all other late night talk shows so how are you going to do that. First of all -- Also, our show is a lot looser, we're not wearing suits. There's no house band. It's just like you -- you watch the show and it's like kicking it with two friends and we have a guest and it's very low -- What are your topics? Everything. People are talking about politics, culture, Tristan Thompson allegedly cheating. Allegedly. We are honest, faithful men. There's no monologue. There's no -- I like it, I like it. Bodega boys it's like there's a conversation over here at a bodega. You have a huge fan base and starting way back as we said from your move from viceland to showtime. How are you going to be able to keep -- I'm sure they'll follow you but keep that fan base? Shoutout to the bodega fans which is one of the most loyal fan bases ever. I was in Vermont the other day and people were like, Yo, your brand is strong. I was like the only black person in Vermont. Also, they cut the price of showtime to help our struggling people with cable. That's nice. Amazing. You guys have always sports us. I understand that Alexandria ocasio-cortez is your first guest. What are you looking forward to asking her and I have to selfishly ask this, will you please have some Republicans on. Here's the question. Have any Republicans asked to be on. Meghan is a big fan of your show. I'll come on. You'll come on? Sure. Why not. When we're picking guests we don't pick them by any political entities. It's just people we're cool with. If you're going to come on the show and be boring, it's like no. Why her? We know her from the bronx. The rapport was there. We've had lunch before. That's our home girl. It's very conversational. Did you guys know her before? Yeah. It's like seeing your friend get a really good marketing job and you're like, you can't do this. All right, all right. She's in the office and you're like, Yo, you came up. That's what people say about you, sure. Oh yeah. We don't usually talk politics at this table. What is your view of the mood right now in this country, and is there anyone that you like of people that have been announced so far? I feel like it's 2020. Like there's so much there's always somebody that pops up and like three months before it gets really heated. You mean trump? Exactly. Hey, I'm going to run. You can't really put a super hard opinion out there and be like I'm riding with so and so because you never know. Politics right now is kind of like if you've ever eaten in a restaurant and got food poisoning and you come back. I'm like, I'm going to take my time right now. Let's read a little more. I'll have the calamari. You were saying Howard Schultz, I like Howard Schultz because the whole thing is like I'm from the projects and I don't think he realizes what that means. He does not. Not the way we mean it. That's right. It was very different in 1940, You own Starbucks, why do you want to be president? That's my point. You have $300 billion. All the rich people are bored and don't know what to do with R money. I'll spend it for you. He knows. I got to pay my house off. I got four kids. If you want to donate to me, I'll be your super pac. Go to the Versace store, bro. Also, he smells like coffee beans. I heard that president Obama used to listen to your podcast in the white house. Yes. He could have gotten impeached for that if people found out about that. They tried to impeach him over the tan suit. He listened to the podcast out loud and he comes in the room like, these guys are funny. All right, Obama. Does trump listen to the podcast? I don't know but he would probably like it because we're kind of nasty. He would be like, yeah. Maybe he'll be a guest. Trump is a New York guy so we would probably get along. He would be like, remember when I did -- I would like to see president trump on your show. If he hears you -- Open invitation. Jamaican, Dominican. Thank you. Thanks to desus and Mero. Their new late night show, "Desus and Mero," premieres on showtime. You got to check it out. We'll be right back. From the first loving touch

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{"duration":"8:10","description":"The comedic partners discuss \"Desus & Mero\" and why Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is their first guest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61193292","title":"'Desus & Mero' on their new late night show","url":"/theview/video/desus-mero-late-night-show-61193292"}