Dolly Parton gets COVID-19 vaccine she helped fund

After the music legend received her first dose of Moderna’s vaccine, which she helped fund with a $1 million donation, "The View" discusses if taking it publicly compels others to get vaccinated.
7:41 | 03/03/21

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Transcript for Dolly Parton gets COVID-19 vaccine she helped fund
And one of the financiers. Of them and turn a vaccine posted a video. Of her vaccination. Take a look. Vaccine vaccine vaccine that C I'm begging you please don't hesitate. Vaccine. Vaccine. Vaccine that she could Washington AM impact so they too redundant. I don't have been flooding yeah on Jay experience. About that actually think we already get back to normal whatever that eight years and that would be a great shot me I'm yeah. People get it right oh yeah. And her. Welts on July. Does this make you feel manna. You don't get our all around like it's such a wonderful thing. I would just love Dolly she put her money where our woes and she got that vaccine. And she also is basically. Instructing people. See I'm not afraid of it I'm interested in it. So you guys and these she has a lot of fans who may be skeptical and scared of it and she's saying basically do that now. Not to bring his name up again but odd a Trabant just got also the vaccine but he did it in private he would and maulana. Now here's in this situation where the man has all of these loyal followers look at this guy at C pack for example. Here's a picture of a guy. That's a pack worshipping the statue of the golden lid add. He's battling down to him now you tell me that that guy would not listen. To Donald Trump and this constituents who follow and worship at the leaders. Satcher would not go out and get a vaccine correct. Feeling welcome when it was half that so. Sandy do you think CN Dolly get to shout what help people. Feel more comfortable getting vaccinated. Our white. Definitely think so I mean she's country music legend I agree with joy I'm I think though that what's the really important message is that. Did you know as a country we have enough vaccines now to backs in the eight. All. Adults by the end of may that's two months before. We thought that that we would be fully vaccinated as a country right now 51 point eight million Americans. Have been vaccinated but that's only fifteen point 6% of the population we know we need at least seven need to 80% of the population. To be vaccinated and I'm hearing. You know all over America that people are afraid to get that Johnson & Johnson vaccine and that's because somehow they think it has less it's less effective. But that really is not true because what all of the vaccines do is prevent 100%. Of severe illness and hospitalization. And bats what you want. If you if you if you don't want to be hospitalized. And died did you get any vaccine the vaccine that comes your way. Mean if you think about the numbers the flu vaccine only prevents forty to 60%. Of getting the flu. And so if you look at the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in comparison to that I think the Johnson that I'm just a vaccine is has a 60% efficacy rate. So you know anyone she'd get any given he had I was available to them. Now please think Megan do you think seeing Dolly did get vaccinated will help people feel more comfortable. And that love her and I think you know she it was going to be able to help fund this vaccine and she's doing such a great service to our country and she's like you out to the beloved icon. For all of these reasons. But things are going forward with the vaccine is just the fact that we still have a really high rate in the country at people who don't wanna take it it's around 30%. And I actually blame the messaging. That's been coming out of the CDC for this problem my friend Robbie swap between it that he was in Florida at his cab drivers that I don't care about getting the vaccine because. If I get it nothing changes and I think I really implore. Are our medical field in people and charged. Instead telling us what we can't do after we get the vaccine that nothing changes and I can't have a dinner party with joy. Tom I can deal after I get the vaccine tell meal we can hope for because again the messaging just seems. Really unclear even for me after I get the vaccine and if nothing changes and I'm still getting data business I'm allowed to you. I just think we need something to hope for and it's great that I can be guaranteed now by the Biden administration that I will be vaccinated and two months. But what we'll changed if we're just gonna live like this forever with master lock down. I think people are starting to you to get anxious about it and and I just began wouldn't alert. Hope and and something date shows that America can have some semblance of normalcy moving forward if that's possible. Right. It it it is I think said so Sarah won't what's your feel about August I love this because I think anytime need your platform as Dolly Parton did it she used her wallet and her platform to help with this vaccination. It shows people that you know that you. This is a good thing I'm doing it I also find it reassuring when all of us know health care workers Frontline workers who are they heroes. And they continue to be of 20/20 going forward they've saved our lives on this pandemic and they continue. To put airs on the line every day. When Nate post I took the vaccine I find hopeful I find it another layer of security that I'm Mindy do it too and soon. And I see it as. All being hopeful because I feel like when you look at the generation centuries of what people had to endure you know when we say were called to our couch is not the battle field. This is our wartime efforts are not wartime effort at Biden invoked actually about for too competitive incumbent. Com and competing companies. Johnson and Johnson and Merck to allow for this vaccine to backseat every adult I the end of may. Which we don't see a lot of cross file or art. Different parties different people different you don't ideologies coming together much these days so I think it was all hoped. I think he's Earl layers to shield us keep a safe as we discover what's coming next I'll take it I'm I'm very much looking party getting my vaccine. Well I'm looking forward I'm I'm hoping to get to Johnson & Johnson vaccine and you know fact and get in and we can show you mean getting in in my arm would tears running down my face. Well I'll let you seen that. But here's the thing that I do want to save. Megan because I understand what you are saying here's the Hulk. The hope is that. When folks get their vaccines. They continue to Wear their masks and they don't start doing stuff before we can do it because the biggest problem I think we're gonna happen this country. As we have to make sure that every one. Where's their masks gets vaccinated. So that we get to the place where every one. Is comfortable and not we you can go just out but I don't wanna go around people if they're not wearing masks. Especially while we're waiting for the rest of the nation to get. Vaccinated so I think we have to. Gets a place where were all working towards the same goal which is an amount see that we keep talking about that we would like tax so that's when I think. That's rack I hope. Then the next group of messaging will be that if we do what response to duke has let people are saying there's been a flu. There's been whispered the flu meant people had a mascot but very few people got to float so there is something to be said for wearing these masks for our. For the time being and and doing what we can't say at he beach have a safe so that's that's my two cents are not that house and up but that's an epic.

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{"duration":"7:41","description":"After the music legend received her first dose of Moderna’s vaccine, which she helped fund with a $1 million donation, \"The View\" discusses if taking it publicly compels others to get vaccinated.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76230479","title":"Dolly Parton gets COVID-19 vaccine she helped fund","url":"/theview/video/dolly-parton-covid-19-vaccine-helped-fund-76230479"}