Donald Trump agrees with Kim Jong Un's attack on Joe Biden

"The View" co-hosts discussed backlash the president received from both Republicans and Democrats for his comments made in Japan over the Memorial Day weekend.
4:35 | 05/28/19

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Transcript for Donald Trump agrees with Kim Jong Un's attack on Joe Biden
Bags and I am though White House. Boom. Spent this weekend in Japan. Wishing US and Japanese troops I happy Memorial Day. I guess he didn't read. How the war broke down and why we celebrate memorial to resolve yeah but. While noon is broke that North Korea's Kim Jong-un had recently tested the water missiles the test didn't concern him. But he did have some thoughts on the dictator's view of American politics. Take a look at. Kim Jung on made a statement that Joseph Biden is a low IQ individual he probably is based on his record. I think I agree with come on that but I can tell you that Joseph Biden was a disaster his administration. With President Obama. They were basically a disaster. When it came to so many things where there was economy where there was military defense. No matter water was they had lot of problems tell. I'm not offended. Yeah it hook up up up at the self wow is this I mean. I think about all the people who have been nonfarm sciele and say it's something. Like The Dixie Chicks Dixie Chicks got their behind it mean for criticizing because they were a way for America I'm criticizing American people pissed off. You know several. Other folks have done the same thing and I'm waiting for the big opt war. I haven't heard a big all stink he suddenly uprise say what I held my they don't mean in cam on the inmate labor Republican leadership anyway. They don't seem to care that Russia incipient in the election which basically they would that they there would have been on fire through the Democrat right out. But yeah hits and that is that at about hero he he's like a monster right Tom he's done his mom died. And yet he broke the cardinal rule of being a mobster you don't talk about the family outside of the thing that's right. A. And god father before you go to North Korea and start bad mouthing what a bite out former vice president of the United States today. It's just his but he doesn't consider Joseph Biden part of the family well that's the problem he seems to consider in junk Poulenc. Part up the Fam right. Right because. He's he's I guess you know said nice things about jobs in Iraq though if you say something nice about troop you become part of the problem that's that's that's what's going on. I think mostly we had a great joke like to have but I can't do. OK I guess they just cross my mind but it's kind of you know what. What is I mean. Is it okay now because I noticed. That as long as he makes that joke it's okay then ends okay. If you like to joke it's not a pack site. I mean I don't think it's okay for whatever it's worth I actually abide by what I call the Dixie chick were all. Which is when you are overseas in any capacity which salute. I've spoken at parliament and actually how hard will that you don't criticize the United States or trying to make his political as possible but they do think. No matter who you wires right size ripper appearing on television we're not president but. You are representing your country see gas they do have a problem with that and I guess I call the Dixie triple. Might my biggest public this is I think they Wear as Americans sort of getting gas split about him John Allen a little bit and I just want a reminder of what happens in North Korea extermination murder in statement torture imprisonment rape forced abortions sexual pilots persecution of political religious and racial and gender grounds. The forcible transfer of populations forth to our starvation. Is one of the worst human rights violators that has ever existed one of the worst dictators all time and I think the idea that. We're all gonna get gas flip that Kim Jung un is still someone that we can be speaking wet or having any kind of relationship what and then at the same time keeping you want to give a crap what he thinks about our internal politics we have free and fair elections in this country. You're disgusting dictators elsewhere does anyone who speaks out against them so it. In that don't lose sight of the acts that all my head by about those. Coffee club record two. How to believe she is tallying. His base this is the truth. You know Megan is telling you now listen you can't don't let. Don't let them do OP dealt going to Google. Because that's what you are getting when you hear that he's a nice guy is isn't is that she just laid out it all that cool and what this guy and yes.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discussed backlash the president received from both Republicans and Democrats for his comments made in Japan over the Memorial Day weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63324729","title":"Donald Trump agrees with Kim Jong Un's attack on Joe Biden","url":"/theview/video/donald-trump-agrees-kim-jong-uns-attack-joe-63324729"}