Donald Trump attacks James Comey ahead of book release

"The View" co-hosts discuss Trump's tweets attacking the former FBI director.
8:23 | 04/13/18

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Transcript for Donald Trump attacks James Comey ahead of book release
so the word of the day in Erica this morning for sev different reasons is leaks. Pe explain. The F director, James comey,ke to George Stephanopoulos about meeting wionald trump about allegations that Russians had video of Donald Trump with hos a hotel room, doing really, really gross's how H says trump reacted. Watch. Hys he may want me to investigate it to prove that it DI happen, and thenes something that distracted me because he said, you know, if there is even a 1% ch that my wife thinks that's true, that's terrible. And I remember thinking, how can wife think there is a 1% chance you werehrostitutes peeing on each oer I Moscow? I'm a fd human being, but there isero chance thy wife would think that is true.what kind marriage and what of man thinksre is only a 99%hau can't D that? I there denial? I never thought these words would come outf mymouth, but I have idea with the ident of tnited states was with prostitutes in Moscow in 2013. I have to pick my jaw off the ground after hearing that. If someone told you Y husband watched hookers pee on each other -- Oh god. Ld you thinkn minute there was a possibility? 1% chance? He is wed Melania would believe it 1%. Ne my husband doing that. Such a ING. And I would say, what are you? Nuts? Inkpreshenceable. Trump is asking the then-fbi ctor to be his own , rsonal investigator. He wants the justicedepartment to be his own lawyer . S not how it works. Gives you insight into inner workings of his brain he thinks, you know, he is the boss. I forward this interview. Again, ABC, 10:00 eastern, 9:0 centeveryone, with George stephanoos. Lking togeorge. In a minute. He said C -- George could not believe G. He said he was holding nothing back. There is L lost between these two. Clearly. At all. I Thi what's inter right now, and I'm also -- H also coming one view" so give that a shouto Wednesday. That will be veryexcing. I will say that M problem th -- I hoblems with James Comey, but on one dewants to be this standup, I'm the H of the FBI, aapolitical, and I here for the FBI and national sec and on thher hand, he is talking about the size trump's hands. Yes. E is talking about a these salacious things and ting these highly political twe about president trump. Once again, I don't know WHE stand or who you are. Nailver tweeted, Comey's decision to release the letter on October 28th was influenced by hispretation of the polls, andwas being expedient and trying save his hide. He is a fwed human being. Epublicans don't him, and Democrats don't likehim. They are D a hit job on Comey. I myself, you know, hg worked at the justice department, I thought he was an honorable leader. I think when you havehe ident of the United States and Republicans trying take down our law enforcement itutions of thete states, I am horrified B . It was one of the best J I ever had. I a public servant made very littlmoney, but I was presenting theple of the united statech likell the people. I'm ly disgusted that the RNC has a website called lyincomey. Here it He is a decorated marine. Former director, former southerntrict of New York United States atto. The sstion somehow that pe will believe these horrible things about him because Donald Trump is saying them is shocking to me. He hasn't done himself any favors. Again, he has made himself this hiitical animal, and I wi say there are great people whok for the justice dement likeho just doing it because then to be publer I think James Comey wants his own late night show. I don't agree with that. Is he in it for the cash? Is he in itor the try? Here's another one. Mey also claims that trump, like, mob boss,uote/unquote, was obsessed withloyalty. Even corleone had loyalty. He has no loyaltyo anybody. Maybe ivanka. That's about it. Ink there is aference though. You talk about demanding loyalty. I wouldn't sayob boss. Not in that way. I think there is a differ between -- if I want somebody to Y inner circle or producer, id know that I can trust them. Yes. And I neo know they are going to be loyal, and there I difference between trust and loyalty and just blind enablement. Ri I don't we H made a big Dea about him asking for theloyalty. I want you to be loyal to me, but I want you to able to call me out when going down. He doesn't like any of that. His staff call him out. It's dre when you ask the loyalty of the fbidirect they are not -- you don't get loyalty from the FBI director. You get truth, and then so the suggestion somehow that he asked O loyalty because he want- he wanted him to lay off of investing one of his colleagues. Also, like, some of clips that have come out, and the excerpts and we have the book and W reaver the weekend. On the things T came out is him saying that he was crying to president Obama after he had outbout Hillary Clinton's e-s ten dayore the elec. So, like, again, are you politica why is either president's admiration -- why are you crying rebama in an emotional way if you want th validation of presid. You're supposed be compl separate, and apic This was after he washed as my understanding and he did go to presidenama because he -- I think -- and aga, I Ven't finished reading the book, but I think it's you ow, president Obama appointed him. George W. Bush appointed him as well. He was a Republican. He is a Republican. But I think more so, he felt and he has sai this, terrible guilt about perhapsis role in that electi and I think the suggestion somehow Thate is in it for the money. In the party. Lior example,hey're going after Mey. Something's very, very scary to about this book because the language, they compared the FBI totalin ahe gos tau Poe. That's ridiculous. Going intocohen's stuff, and I would like to point out that the had a search war which is an American thing we do inhis country. That's not issue. I don't think that was illegal bucks nt to say one thing as weexit. Do you know what Mueller looks ? Hwitter account? Do you know anything about his Pers life? Comey in a Twitter act. He does a lot of things that are nontraditional fhe head of the FBI. Right. There are a of pe who do great work, and I have no idea whoare,t they look like. He is litical animal. Comey denied that. He is not on the same level as Mueller Y opinion. Like you earlier, you can see James Comey' interview withorge Sunday 10:00, 9:00 central on a 'll be he with him on tuesda --Wednesday. Stormy dls will be hereor her own only interv I have T say this. This is reallyething great this is the only TV inteiew. Sh only coming on "The view." Pl Live. Not tg it. You get what you get when he is -- she is here.

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{"duration":"8:23","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Trump's tweets attacking the former FBI director.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54447623","title":"Donald Trump attacks James Comey ahead of book release","url":"/theview/video/donald-trump-attacks-james-comey-ahead-book-release-54447623"}