Dr. Darien Sutton discusses rise in coronavirus cases

The emergency medicine physician and ABC News contributor shares what states should be doing to combat the coronavirus and why Americans need to take the reality of the virus.
6:55 | 06/25/20

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Transcript for Dr. Darien Sutton discusses rise in coronavirus cases
Now New York as we know was the epicenter of the called it crisis in the US and thankfully now our numbers have gone way down in no small part thanks to Frontline heroes like yourself. And two great leadership from our governor. We've. Since. Seen in at least twelve states rise. And cupboard as they began to open so what can other places learn from us. On how to accomplish what we were able to do which is you know. Beaded into submission. Yeah that's agree creek question. As locker we've been able to survive this specifically working queens which tower which had the most seasons at or near cities. To cause other states we're seeing rises and I think a lot of the success that has been done in New York City. Is attributable to the community the education has been given out has been concise and cleared to let properly diesels we descends washing their hands continue to work vast. And it's not a divisive issue here but I zenith national states. So doctor yesterday in new York New Jersey and can edit get. Issued a mandatory fourteen day quarantine order for people traveling and from more severely affected states. How do you think they can enforcement's. Do think it'll work. I I I think that. Helping people understand the education of the importance of self isolation specifically traveling. But -- rich states such as Florida is important but I have a lot of caution on resorts and enforces its legal and financial penalties because it appears that it targets specific communities that are more horrible in the first place are we seeing what happens we enforceable rules. In your city we compared pleases communities and Harlem's communities and terrorists and we had very different outcomes I think it's important shouldn't have used. But I do have a lot of caution sergeant force that physically on communities. Doctors had my home state of Arizona as one of the states that seeing a serious rise in cases. I'm very very concerned about the plays that I love so much there are some studies at a plane to nursing homes and care facilities as a source for these rapidly growing numbers. Is it that simple and what can I tell my friends and Arizona right now who are scared. Few leaders here aren't having gone through this I also are that your seat he's continue to increase states and people don't respect the reality is artists is doing what it wants a duke. Regardless of where it is are in Arizona specifically when we talk about the source is I think one of the causes of sources can be homes but I do not think about is the holes source of the issue there's a lot of discussion over whether or not mass of people marched and what rule should be given Parcells does things and unfortunately I'm not seeing that advice I would give to people is that if you want to participate and defeated its you can help start wearing a -- social distance when you can't be appropriate and also making sure you wash your hands and feature those who follow. Doctors and we are also hearing reports of states comparing their numbers to what you work experienced do you think that's a fair comparison. Sorry I think the numbers specifically. A New York hat. Some of the highest numbers. Every state deals with the numbers and a different way and by that I mean the numbers that are affecting specific communities that are and in the hospital asked least amount of the rate and increasing cases. And the ability for people use our isolate get treatment and so when I look at a state. I don't really look at the numbers look at those variables see how state or community. Groups. Doctor Darian you've been fighting on the front lines of the yard during the pandemic now we've seen footage of people enjoying themselves without masks everywhere from shops rallies to bars. A jam packed cool up party in the lake of the Ozarks. Do mask wearing masks really work can they really cut down. The rate of transmission. Washing your hands does that really work what do you say people seem to think just because they're over the virus is it really over. So I think it's really ought to try to explain somewhat reasonable concert sometimes because people feel resorts of at least rates but what I try to advises that wearing a vast is an actor whose act terms of a caring and compassion. Passionate. And compassionate that you can absorb the community or more horrible if you think there weren't a mass mean I hope I advise people who look at your ex city and it it specifically for instance the resurgence of inspired by doing these symbols steps I think it does work and the simple answer is I think that everyone Edward last year we're asked. Right so. Here's a good one truck recently said that by having more tests. We have what cases. God. And now his administration is cutting federal support from at thirteen testing sites including seven in Texas a state with a rising numbers. What do you make of all backed sacked. Do so bless his frustration and confusion. I don't. Understand that Lasik because as a position fighting as buyers remorse Robert LT. Securities attract. Isolate and exerted people who need it tarot have been eighteen matters. Now look at this is like Florida as people line up on the highway to try to get a test and wonders how to get to this level where six months and as far as how we now Eric in -- states and its likely attributable to the fact that we haven't provided enough resources and preventative measures and now we're seeing these urges and please it is spreading may not be able to handle on it let me do it. Doctor Darian in addition to the viral pandemic the systemic racism so pervasive in our country. Came to a head after the murder of George Floyd you wrote an incredible article for GQ where you say I've spent months fighting corona virus in the ER police violence is what really scares me and and that struck me. A what is your personal experience bin lie. During this time. I think you so much particular artery that I often out of someone recently is that something that really struck it is as bad as this fighting. I one of which has called it nineteen. And the other is this pandemic it is realization of racism or Yates as it long before my hands on and I have to say that simply it has been tough. But luckily I haven't been. I've been raised by brilliant mother father took me to continue through this RN I think that as long as I have my quarries and sand on platforms continue to voice my opinions and how did you keep order reality that we did is ask what people.

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{"duration":"6:55","description":"The emergency medicine physician and ABC News contributor shares what states should be doing to combat the coronavirus and why Americans need to take the reality of the virus. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"71455154","title":"Dr. Darien Sutton discusses rise in coronavirus cases","url":"/theview/video/dr-darien-sutton-discusses-rise-coronavirus-cases-71455154"}