Dr. Phil discusses coronavirus anxieties

Dr. Phil joins “The View” from his home to share tips on coping with the fear over coronavirus and how to talk to your kids about it.
6:31 | 03/16/20

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Transcript for Dr. Phil discusses coronavirus anxieties
People are still having a hard time wrapping their heads around how much the corona virus pandemic will impact their everyday lives. For the foreseeable future so Dr. Phil McGraw is joining us live. Via face time to help put things into perspective please welcome Baghdad to fill got the well. So what can people do to reduce anxiety in the face of falling that's what are simple things people condemn. Well that's a great question will be at number one is without realized we are not helpless. The right thing that makes people really steal anxious is simply feel are just helpless and there's nothing I can do. Ever gets into the mental health aspect of this thing we've got to understand. Bat who we can do things to protect ourselves and the people that we love. Bad what are the things that we need to start too great to maintain our mineral hill. It would need to limit the sources there were getting information from first though we did. Stop politicizing. Rios and listen to the sign this you're what the politicians. Shia well. Listen to the sciences. Bad so you need to limit the sources you're here to play that well you. Boettcher spin obsessing about this terror camps sponsor today. To the media. There find out what's going on you don't need to monitor that is separate hours are. And we understand you human and deserve to hear what what monsters live in the dark is ever what is the what do you think will want to unit will play out to the net what are your computer. 85%. Of the people have my own symptoms like it had a normal flu that don't require hospital was anxious. So it if you're gonna play the what if you're about all the way Julia. And I think it's spirit important. That look if you help other people. There are still view updated version concerns are you need your life so is sure to sit around worried about yourself. Do you think you're averaging earlier look Guerrero order elderly people rail that need help are there people persecuted. Do things forward drew up reels off do you think that you could help other people it rarely helps to zero. Well a strong believer. Crush east Bill Murray heroes or villains. It yes reveals who people really are and we're gonna see a lot about you people really are doing a tough luck this. Dr. Phil this is making an out we've also seen that. Wipes and there's obviously that great toilet paper crisis at 20/20 eight what it is psychology behind the behavior of people ordering the attack the things. Well your own list you just talked earlier and so I thought you should said you know this is normal. It's predictable. But I don't think it's necessarily normal I think it's it irrational fear. That you're were heading into the apocalypse the year. Then that's just really not true. People need a hundred stereo Brett how the people in the world. That her apparent this disease. Apple already recovered gone where their lunch bill Burke the whopper. 8000 people in charge there are verified that we're not the Chinese numbers bigger verified ever. And 8000 people were apparently has almost 65000. Already recovered and gone back to their wives go back who work so. We can ever think we're the seals aren't going to be restart. It's sort of just the original the year that we're born to be holed up in Carey's forever crest is simply what happened. If we do those strains that are required to tell you met and mitigation. This story can really turn around in thirty days that you could start seeing a decline particularly what is looming end the war whether. Well I have a question for you Dr. Phil this is sunny you know we'd been so I. We've been told to self isolate or socially distance ourselves from others in order to keep the virus from spreading as you just mentioned. How do you do that how do you keep yourself sort of going stir crazy right in our homes for these extended periods of times they're that there are streaming channels and all of that but what's your advice to folks. Well first off I think we should. Cooperate with the added do what we're being asked to do bad I spoke trait being Dr. Phil. I wanted to do that to lead by example. A sip calls home last week mandatory. Random then we shut beginning today. Art I think we care to cooperate with the it would your home. It's very important. Richie is really normal lives as you possibly can't for example outside is but it. This is not according to the experts that your board. Altitude it hurts to actually. Objects you'd so it's not airborne so you're outside. Walk to your if your Gardner good guard who worked outside yet but the evidence normal high you're forced to be also used that time. Hi Dr. Phil it's actor Jan Ashton. How aria a couple of things on casino where plugged into the latest here I think it is really important to remember that there are people have recovered. According to the World Health Organization there at least 73000. People who have recovered rate now. We don't. Yet no. US clinical data that has not been reported yet so we don't know how many people have mild illness here in the US how many are requiring icu admission. Those numbers are a total will big target. And we also don't know what will happen in this in the warm weather we have to remember there's a global outbreak and wallets warm weather here it's. Winter in the Southern Hemisphere and so when you hear are people like doctor Anthony found she say. Look it could be eight weeks no one has a crystal ball here so I think as you say we have to buckle down. Take care of each other. And listen to credentialed medical professionals.

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"Dr. Phil joins “The View” from his home to share tips on coping with the fear over coronavirus and how to talk to your kids about it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69625040","title":"Dr. Phil discusses coronavirus anxieties","url":"/theview/video/dr-phil-discusses-coronavirus-anxieties-69625040"}