What should we expect from Trump's State of the Union address?

"The View" co-hosts discuss what they're looking for in tonight's address.
5:50 | 01/30/18

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Transcript for What should we expect from Trump's State of the Union address?
of the union address by you know who. They're calling it the state of the uniom. Because the tickets are called -- Oh, that's terrible. Who doesn't read -- don't they red anything through before sending out. I guess trump wrote that himself. Could have been worse. Could have been the state of the covfefe. Tonight's speech will cover a whole bunch of stuff. Infrastructure. Immigration. Terrorism. Anything you're looking for tonight? I think he's going to take a victory lap on the tax cuts. I think he's going to talk about all the businesses that are giving bonuses. He's going to get an applause line for that. He'll also talk about victories regarding foreign policies. He'll say ISIS son the run. He'll have Neil Gorsuch, a new supreme court justice sitting there. He does have things to celebrate. Most of them were Obama policies except for kneel gneil gorsu Gorsuch. Well, the tax policy is trump's. In the short term, it's good headlines. We have good headlines out of the tax reform bill. Think the problem he has and the question we have to ask each other is does it matter? Does it mat sner ter? We awe him give an address to congress last year. Some people thought he became presidential at that moment. And he's had 365 days of not being presidential. Does it matter? Does it even matter anymore what he says. To the Republican party, who missing bahhing him up, and collaborating in his law breaking and his disgusting speeches, it matters. I don't think it matters. It doesn't matter. I mean it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter to either side. If you're his 35% of his base, no matter what he says or does, you're going to support him. If you're the rest of America, no matter what he says or does, we no longer believe him. I do think people watch. I think a lot of people watch. What I'm looking for is, is he going to stick to the teleprompter? Or go offscript? We know that Stephen Miller is writing his speech. We know he's the most biased, anteimmigrant person who writes these speeches for trump. I'm also looking to see who they bring as guests. The guests brought by the president and others highlights their policies. My understanding is he's bringing family members killed by ms-13 gangs. I would like him to bring some d.r.e.a.m.ers out. If he's serious about immigration policy, I want to see families like -- The Democrats are going bring d.r.e.a.m.ers with them. He's not going to do that. Some Republicans are bringing them. You know what I want? I want to hear somebody yell out, you lie! Just like they did to Obama. You remember that? Obama hardly ever lied and they said you lied. I don't want anybody yelling you lie. I don't. Because it's no good. It doesn't matter who does it, it's bad. It's bad to do. There has to be -- you know, look. We got two, three more years of whatever is left of this guy's ten your there. Maybe seven. I don't know. Maybe seven months. I don't know. In that time, I want some decor rum returned to the office. I agree. I do. You're not going to get it from him. You can get from the the people around him. If they're not doing it, you have to change the people around him. One thing I want to bring out. About the truth about the economy. I think it's important. The economy hasn't actually dramatically changed. They want to give him credit for it. It's grown steadily for the past 72 months. Okay. 72 months, the economy has been growing. The stock market first hit record high territories, I'm sorry to bring it up, under Obama. Because you remember -- Absolutely. After bush, Obama pulled this economy out of the toilet. That's right. And it went up and down and up and down. Let not forget that this began before this man. He complained last year, that 94 million Americans were out of the labor force. It's now 95.5. But Yo do know that some of them retired. There's a lot that goes into -- you can't just spout these numbers without doing it. And the trade deficit, sorry, has increased. Some Democrats are not showing up. Max se maxion wh Maxine waters. Is that good? It's a big deal. The state of the union is a lot of pomp and circumstance. It's respect for the institution. People like John Lewis take it very seriously. The fact that they're not showing up shows you how unrepresented they feel. For a lot of Americans. They're representing Americans who feel unrepresented. So now, there's folks over here unrepresented. And then over there unrepresented. And at some point, we're all going to have to figure out if we're all Americans and how to work this crap out. Because this isn't working for

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss what they're looking for in tonight's address.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52709736","title":"What should we expect from Trump's State of the Union address?","url":"/theview/video/expect-trumps-state-union-address-52709736"}