Expectations for Democratic debate?

“The View” co-hosts discuss the 10 Democratic presidential candidates who will debate in Houston.
4:47 | 09/12/19

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Transcript for Expectations for Democratic debate?
Many are expecting a faceoff between the front runners Joseph Biden is Elizabeth large what do you think is an ounce at eye patch. I'm on Thursday Thursday Thursday real hot it's getting a little boring to me I would like to see Elizabeth Warren. Put Bernie in a headlock I really yeah. Something like that. Abhorrent and what's his name Yang is that it and can't get any he's got a surprise what is it what does this fry the last time he wore no tidings of first president of the net or not whereas high on the day. Think tonight by my below more aggressive and what are his new Eddie let's get aware a gold chain on Twitter last night that I support that the Atlanta what is the reason for the what can tell he's joked I appreciate his sense of levity in all of them yes but. Actually do hope he has a moment tonight because I think there are a lot of intriguing fans out there. This is what I love about democracy you've got so me different people on a stage in the same political party. Bernie. Sanderson when Warren are really fighting for the same voters in their neck and neck in the polls so I would rather see and I'm I agree with you I rather see them go mad at him then again show. I think of people are wondering if Biden can continue to be. Like I like 97% of Democrats right now and he's not running and he's not riot and evidently that was valid or not and sell it it Biden can be the adult in the room and say it's not about all of us fighting it's about. Getting as a certain person out of office S tank that's what our focus is if he can do that. Productively I think that'll be a win providing we'll see a lot of you. We'll also talking about sort of but I didn't Elizabeth Warren matchup and I I know they have been some polls that said that. A lot of people think that a woman can take on trump best. Because he doesn't really know how to do that well in BC madam vs Nancy Pelosi that it out of all the book party and he's already is such as sexist insults that insults yeah and but he hasn't really been able to gain much traction against the Pelosi typist I think Elizabeth Warren. Maybe the person to take on trumped the best I'd like to see how Elizabeth Warren. Does. Verses sort of Biden and and perhaps Bernie what I thought was interesting is that Biden said you know. It takes more to women having a plan. I I liked that she has. A plan as temple lot to land again I say how would you implement these plans may we need data that could I understand that we're fighting for the soul of America and I love that about Joseph Biden's message but I want to hear more about policy from him as well some. Yeah I think you also have to there's always that genetic plot huge candidates that and up taking the forefront that you it's an intangible factor. Com club we haven't even brought up yet just an interesting thought that came into the first dip to date debates ago. Was supposed to be surging really has a if she doesn't come out in one way or another even. Just like slightly memorable tonight it's over we're not talking about book are we're not talking about eight we're talking about Yang it. Bite and more rain and Bernie those the candidates were all talking about this morning and I think those are the fort watch. Can I say something about Elizabeth I love Elizabeth Smart very much and I think she would make a really good present. But I don't believe. I mean maybe I'm in the minority with liberals on this I don't believe that this country who vote for harp because of two things number one. She believes in. Medicare for all without private insurance and I've said before Americans don't like kids take anything away from them we like having that and she's put that out there she needs to take that out. And say well you can have it if you want. As an option give Americans the choice. And number two they must students set up an account to acts trumps lie. That Democrats want open borders. And Democrats want legal immigration they want. People to come in legally the way we've done for the since this country began starting with the Dutch okay. And I think that those things need to be clear otherwise Elizabeth is not going to capture the heart of them about the. Heartland we're not always the problem that is always the question now is how far left to run in a primary trying to went over the base your right now vs how brought you can become an a general and she I would agree there are things that a lot of CNN climate change debate that. I mean I just think. Being in Republican operative circles the ads are writing themselves and I understand you're trying to win again and again against track. And elegantly trumps ads are writing themselves. But when I when I watch some of these the mountaineers holding your hands up saying I believe all illegal immigrants he's mean done documented immigrants should have health care and we don't care about that their ads that will. Hit the base of America will be quite even they even if there is a reason what I understand I get hit for saying you have to think about a general election trainers up like a primary voter are. Who is it you know a far progressive. Won't like that let him at a certain point are going to be running for all of America not just this last.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"“The View” co-hosts discuss the 10 Democratic presidential candidates who will debate in Houston.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65567446","title":"Expectations for Democratic debate?","url":"/theview/video/expectations-democratic-debate-65567446"}