'Fire and Fury' author Michael Wolff on Bannon's ousting, Trump's mental fitness

Wolff said he was "the recipient" of Steve Bannon's "enormous frustration."
3:00 | 01/10/18

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Transcript for 'Fire and Fury' author Michael Wolff on Bannon's ousting, Trump's mental fitness
Hey, so the hottest topic in America right now is this book, "Fire and fury". The book that claims to blow the lid off the scandal and shady business surrounding the current white house resident and his crew. Please welcomehe author, Michael Wolff. Welcome, Michael Wolff So my biggest -- all of the stuff in here is like second to second almost. It's like your face is moving almost the entire time. Michael, who thought giving you this much access was going to be a good idea? Well I think that's the thing. Nobody thought. Nobody thought this through. There's another thing and it's sort of good and bad. When you say I'm doing a book to people, they completely lose interest in politics. A book? I said to the president I would like to come down and you know maybe observe. Actually he thought I was looking for a job. I said no. I want to write a book. He said a book? It was clearly why would you want to do that? What's a book? Then it was kind of like yeah, sure. Knock yourself out. Then I went around to everyone and said the president said it's -- you know, he's given me his approval on this. Then they went back to the approval. He said oh yeah okay. Literally I slipped in through the cracks. Lucky us. 18 months? Well, from the -- I started talking to the president covering the president in June of 2016. In the white house obviously just after the inaugural I went in. Then I kind of finished up as Bannon was pushed out in August. That's when it was like okay I got to start over. Michael, to get into the white house. They let a wolf into the white house. You have to have a pass. You have to be cleared. Who put you on that list? Everyone was basically told I'm writing this book. Why don't you have a chat with him. You go down the list. You call up. Make your apartments. They put you on the list. You get passed in. Then you're sitting in the west wing. The west wing is very small. You're sitting on this couch for your 10:00 apartment and your 10:00 apartment never happens. If you're lucky it happens at 11:00. You're seeing everything -- Like a fly on the couch. Completely. The reception area is a pass through area. You see everything. You hear everything. People get used to you. You're sitting there and someone who you spoke to sees you and they say who are you waiting for. I would say Steve Bannon. They would be like oh. That could be hours. They're like come back. Let's have a chat. You're just hoping every day that somebody is not going to say -- Get out. What is he doing? They never did? They never did. I have a question for you. I really enjoyed your book. One of the recurring themes is trump's mental stability. You say 100% of the people around him question his intelligence and fitness for office calling him a moron and idiot. He calls himself a stable genius. You got to see firsthand as that fly on the wall. Was he a moron or a stable genius? It's very important this is not my impressions of the president. It's the impressions of the people around him. That's the conversation I was having with them every day. I actually watched the change take place in those early days. Raw trump and we're doing this. Then it sort of went to raw trump we're doing this. Then they would go blmf. Then it rolled further to real concern. We don't know what's going on. Maybe he's doing these things. That's where the 25th amendment thing started to come up where people would go it's what co. It's probably not25th amendment stuff yet. I have said this everywhere 100%. Everybody says it can't be 100%. It's 100% of thnior staff of this white house, the people dealing with him on a daily basis who said this is -- this is unusual. He's unstable. This is -- it's not just unstable. It's unpredictable, erratic. Let me ask you something. Yesterday at the DACA meeting I sort of felt like maybe he did that meeting to show you and other skeptics out there he's not the whack job everyone is saying. That's clearly what happened there. I mean this is -- Did he succeed do you think in making that point? He seemed okay to me yesterday. Well, I mean, he didn't seem to know what the policy was and he didn't seem to particularly care about the policy, which is pretty much the thing. You do it. Go do it. That's more like he's unprepared and income fent. It doesn't speak to his insanity or erratic behavior. I can't speak to his -- whether he has -- is insane or have dementia or anything of these things which are legitimate questions. All I can do is say what people told me. One of the constant themes and among the most disconcerting ones were the repetitions. They would monitor these. When you speak to this guy -- remember, this is the whole nature of being president is people speaking to you, trying to communicate information. You would sit with him and he would repeat the same stories over and over. That's that short term memory loss thing I keep talking about. A weird thing. Scary. Then they would set a measure on this. It used to be in 30 minutes he would tell the same stories. Yeah. Then it was in 10 or 15 minutes he would tell the same story. Michael, let me ask you because when you were in white house being the wolf in the when house Steve Bannon was like Allex Luther. He was trying to control the world, the white house and the Republican party. He was one of the most important men in the country. Today he's Steve jobless. He is deported from Breitbart. He is out of white house. He had a fight with trump over the Republican base and he's lost. He's lost his biggest funders and donors. Do you think it's a direct result of this book and is this something you expected? It certainly wasn't something I expected. It's certainly not something I feel good about. Do you feel sorry for him? I do. I came to like Steve. You feel sorry for him? No. I feel good. He said he doesn't feel good. I do. I don't agree with anything -- probably 100% of what Steve says I don't agree with. I came to brish yat, a, his insights and B, to believe this was a man who thought he had a job to do, who had his eye on the prize, who was very focussed and who had made this interesting compromise that he was going to do this with Donald Trump. Shortly after arriving in this white house he began to understand that Donald Trump was not a trumpism and Donald Trump were at a significant distance from each other. I think Steve wrestled with that in very, very tough ways. Ultimately I was the recipient of his enormous frustration. So you're the reason he's out. I'm the reason he's out. Give the man a Nobel peace prize. In this book you refer to -- I guess Bannon refears tonic hail as a jarvanka Republican. Nikki Haley is very respected. He's one of these magic unicorns respected by both segments. I don't understand why you would include this reduck TV slogan. Would Bannon and you call me a jarvanka Republican? Steve's point was she was introduced in the white house and her effective sponsor in the white house was Ivanka Trump. So she was wholly aligned with that side of the white house. Let's remember, the white house was absolutely split. There was no -- I mean, this is one of the central problems of this white house. It's not as if we're all trying to reflect Donald Trump's beliefs and arrive at some consensus about that and agreement on how we proceed. This was really three different white houses. There was the jarvanka white house. What is that? Jared and ivanka, hope hicks. So Steve Bannon thought she wasn't qualified or conservative enough to work in the administration? He was -- I don't think even that was the issue. The issue was she was aligned with them. They were against him. Against -- I don't mean just mean against. They regarded -- each of these fact shuns, the jarvanka side, the Bannon side and preibus side regarded the others as assassin. This is like "Game of thrones."

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{"id":52262419,"title":"'Fire and Fury' author Michael Wolff on Bannon's ousting, Trump's mental fitness","duration":"3:00","description":"Wolff said he was \"the recipient\" of Steve Bannon's \"enormous frustration.\"","url":"/theview/video/fire-fury-author-michael-wolff-bannons-ousting-trumps-52262419","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}