Gabrielle Union discusses diversity behind the scenes of 'LA's Finest'

Union explains why she and co-EP Jessica Alba want to incorporate the national conversation on police reform into the show.
4:44 | 09/16/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gabrielle Union discusses diversity behind the scenes of 'LA's Finest'
Yes got re also your shell LA's finest is back for its second season and it's an action packed show review and the wonderful Jessica Alba plays Ellie detectives. And there's a national conversation happening right now about police reform and you film seasons you of your show before all of this half an. But I have to ask if they giving you any ideas about the stories you want it's how going forward. Oh yeah moving forward I. Our show along with every. Police procedure older or any show that deals with law enforcement. Have a lot of work to have more accurate. I'm urged trails. Interactions is a police and marginalize you. We all have a lot more to do if we're going to Al fruitful sources added that it rain now you know art show our industry. Pump it or ate it earned that is not rooted in the reality that we're seeing. Oh. Well you and Jessica Alba are also executive producers on the show and together you have created a very diverse working environment in front and behind the camera which I think is. So incredible what do you think it will take for other producers. And networks to follow your lead an edge. You see change happening. Changes happening slowly. And get our break it you're somebody that has been waiting for seems. Change feels like it is moving at a snail's pace if you're someone that is standing in the way your change and in the way of progress it feels like. I'll I'll aren't. And it's not it just call ability. And consequences. I'm so it happening. Spirits only. And Jessica Alba and I created a production. We always streamed. I'm very inclusive incredibly diverse production. Matches this city he said our show. Our show would not be successful it it are. Whole production at writers' room actor as well it. You know every department that added that it takes ever so did not reflecting the beauty there are buried. There in the earth you lot. Into your audience your show. I hear production and reservists not embrace diversity he wouldn't say hello you either inquiry that because it's the right thing to do. Or you can embrace it be it actually read it's we all are our our local market but it more production. What will you so much. You're are so want to eat your. Cairo also we're not at the start Britain being the producers and a change let's start with. And it didn't it didn't cost more we're still aren't you know all of our assets on but it's still the eight Jerry Bruckheimer. Bonds show that very much in the bar where numbers so for us it worked out an excellent brits and diversity includes an art production. It at six. I don't need that you know you can resist it it want. I'm on it what are warm welcome yeah. I'm Natalie Allen you now you've been home in quarantine for months with your family but you into Wayne think you're eighteen year old son's I air opt to school a few weeks ago in New Hampshire. And usual talked about how emotional this what are you tell us about that. Oh my gosh I hate. Never thought I was getting beat this kind of parent lives you know. Everything leaving the net. I always sort of blank our over and then it happened. And I. Awfully and we literally elect follow him out out but it car. A whole at least we beat up or writing. It's it's you're buying especially now it sitting here across the country. And you know not a banker familiar with you need new England and specifically cancer so we just hope the good people of New Hampshire you know art 82 rate that we do it. And value in him. It was here aren't I became a mother like already are all what a parent and I needed eight. And up up up. Yeah. And and at a and they know it. It's like you get ready. Yet if his teeth into LA's finest. Is available right now exclusively for spectrum video subscribers and it will be making its network broadcast from react. Season one on fox September 21.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"Union explains why she and co-EP Jessica Alba want to incorporate the national conversation on police reform into the show. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73050863","title":"Gabrielle Union discusses diversity behind the scenes of 'LA's Finest'","url":"/theview/video/gabrielle-union-discusses-diversity-scenes-las-finest-73050863"}