George Lopez says he ‘will not be rushing out to perform’ in front of crowds

The comedian discusses his stand-up special, “We’ll Do It For Half” and shares if he believes today’s Black Lives Matter protests will end differently than protests for Rodney King.
7:33 | 06/26/20

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Transcript for George Lopez says he ‘will not be rushing out to perform’ in front of crowds
It's -- good morning. It's your first Netflix special, and you said, preparing for it was like training for a boxing match. Explain to people what you mean. Well, whoopi, you're going to have to throw some blows. You know you're going to have to not pussy foot to people don't want the hear. You have to be sensitive in these turbulent times, and we'll do it for half in my response to what was alleged against our leader, and it earned me a visit from the United States secret service which took it as a threat. I explained to them that I considered it an estimate and not a personal threat. Find somebody to do it cheaper, be my guest. Meghan? Well, Mr. Lopez, on a strange note, Sammy hagar said he would feel comfortable risking his health. In order to help save the economy. I think he's also doing a festival in Wisconsin where he's going to have people come together even though covid is on the rise. Your friend D.L. Hughley collapsed on stage and found out he had coronavirus. How do you feel about doing standup for crowds right now? I know Sammy hagar. I think he's a fantastic musician, and also the guy who can't drive 55, but when we start listening to elderly rockers as intellectual speakers, we're in worse condition than we think we are. D.L. Hughley having coronavirus. It could be affected by having a preexisting condition which in d.l.'s case, is trying to fit size 8 feet into size 7 shoes. So his clothes are too tight. He's got hardening of the arteries, but to rush back to work, it's also like -- almost like hearing that one of your coworkers has contracted the coronavirus, and I will not be rushing out to perform in front of anyone at any particular time. Being Latino, seeing ufos, you know, everybody is thinking the ball just got higher. I don't need to be out there with a kidney that's not mine and a compromised immune system which could be great at parties to talk about. Well, George, you're used to working a lot, but quarantine has forced us all to slow down, and you said that this time at home has given you a clearer chance to see life a little clearer. So what did you mean by that? Well, I mean, you know, as a country, you know, you look at having to work so hard to not have any disposable income. I think a lot of families have been impacted by the financial crisis of not being able to go to work, but for me, I have been working pretty hard since I was 14. I have been doing standup 41 years. I'm divorced. Im a compromised immune system. My kidney belongs to my ex-wife, so when the dust settles, I'm thinking, you know, I may keep my elderly half fat ass at home and not risk being involved in a pandemic or any sexual activity that is not responsible. I understand that. George, you're a huge sports fan and we had NASCAR driver bubba Wallace on the show this week to talk about his experience being the only black driver, and his call to remove the confederate flag from the races, and it was great to see how bubba's NASCAR family rallied so quickly around him. What did you think when you saw the support that he received at his race on Monday? You know, NASCAR is a great sport. I mean, I'm not judging the intellectualness of making four left turns into a circle 500 times. That's for them to decide, but for NASCAR to have the things that remotely look like nooses and have their answer be, like, that old thing? It's been there for years. I just think anything anybody can do to make something just a little more embraceable to all fans of NASCAR -- I'm a Lynn ard skin ard plan, but I see the confederate flag differently, and sweet home Alabama. We need more understanding. Maybe monuments are like lipstick tubes, and if you turn it, Andrew Jackson comes out, and when you turn it, Andrew Jackson goes away. Okay. You and I were both in L.A. In the Rodney king riots, you know, and I look at -- I look at what's happening now, and I look at what happened then, and I see -- I see, like, this this is -- this is the outcome of this is going to be a bit I wonder if you see the same thing. Well, you know, civil unrest, but, you know, when people feel unheard and when they feel like they're not safe, they gather to display their opinions. You know, I lost a friend of mine to police violence when I was 19. A guy I grew up with, and I went to every day of my school with him and I thought we would grow old and be together, and he's the only one missing. It's not fun to see your city burned down, but it got better, and went from nighttime to day time. So I would say I'm not a fan of looting and rioting, but I am a fan of being able to get together and to demonstrate and protest things that you don't think are fair. Well, Mr. Lopez, you have been a critic of trump since he was elected, but you spent a day golfing with him in 2007. What was that like? Well, you know, he arrived in a helicopter and he was wearing clothes and his pants went to the middle of his chest. It was a humid day in bedminster. He sweat in places people don't usually sweat from, Meghan. The tips of his shoulders, the back of his calves, and, you know, I'm calling in question his honesty on the course, but also afterwards we went to go have lunch and he ordered a bratwurst on no bun with about a pound and a half of mustard, and these Latino guys come out with what looked like a surfboard of fajitas and he said, wait a minute. What's this? I got a bratwurst, and George Lopez is here and he got all of this stuff. That's not on the menu, and the guys were, like, senor trump, it's George Lopez. But it's not on the menu. Senor trump. George Lopez. Order off the menu at trump courses. Well, you know what? It is always such a pleasure to see you. Thank you. To me, you are the funniest man on the planet, and this new special, "We'll do it for half," is out on Netflix on June 30th.

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{"duration":"7:33","description":"The comedian discusses his stand-up special, “We’ll Do It For Half” and shares if he believes today’s Black Lives Matter protests will end differently than protests for Rodney King.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"71478343","title":"George Lopez says he ‘will not be rushing out to perform’ in front of crowds","url":"/theview/video/george-lopez-rushing-perform-front-crowds-71478343"}