Gina Rodriguez on Latinx representation and her new movie 'Miss Bala'

The actress explains this year's Time's Up initiative and opening doors for the Latinx community in Hollywood.
8:46 | 01/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gina Rodriguez on Latinx representation and her new movie 'Miss Bala'
So -- 2019 looks like the year of Gina. Gina Rodriguez. Because she is everywhere right now. She's kicking off the final season of her series, "Jane the virgin." She's the voice of Carmen sandiego and a new action hero to the screen, "Miss Bala." What's your deal? My father is an American. He opened a factory. Where is my -- It's gone. And your father? Gone, too. I can help you find a friend. But you to do something for me first. You do that, I'll help you find Susan. You mess around, and I'll kill you both. Please welcome Gina Rodriguez. ?????? ??? I want to do my thing ??? Hello, ladies. Oh, let me see how you get in this chair. And, we're in. Taxes a minute. Takes a minute. So, um, you were at the golden gloves. Golden gloves. I'm a big boxing fan too. You were at the globes recently. You had a time's up ribbon on the back of your dress with a little X -- what is that? Time's up times two. And I'm not one of the -- you know, the named circle of time's up. A lot of wonderful women lead the time's up organization. I'm not saying I should be the representative of it in the moment pip can say that the initiative for this year was to just double the number. Double the number. You hire one female, hire two. You hire one female director, hire two. Just the idea that that's how easy it is to create change. The first year was very profound on the red carpet. Win standing in solidarity. Making sure that the time's up legal fund created resources for those that didn't have them to make sure they were safe in spaces of work for sexual harassment and beyond. This year, the initiative was just to double the number. It seems very easy. You would be surprised when we had not in female directors last year. We hired one. And they said hire five. Yeah. Hire one, hire five more. And you are doing it. Because your movie, "Miss Bala" which I saw yesterday. Terrific. It's breaking all kinds of barriers. It's directed by a woman. Stars a female for for Yan. Hey. 95% of the cast and crew are Latino. Yeah. It's just incredible. Do you feel extra pressure for to it be successful? Oh, for sure. Yeah. 100%. It's petpetrifying, as an actor, a producer. I did not produce "Miss Bala." But as a producer, that is a space where I realized you have the power to kree Kate change. Being an actor, you have between action and cut. Having said just that sole responsibility on this project. To have a big sense of pride to create this with any community. It was the entire community. 95%. I mean, everywhere you turned. It was a different dialect. Span ir, English, slang, different food. Different music. It was mariache. I would have enjoyed that set. So much, girl, so much. Tell us a little bit about the film. So, the movie is really a woman's journey from ordinary to extraordinary. You see a young girl that is going through a tumultuous dangerous situation. You watch how she uses everything she's learned in her life to row ticket herself and the ones she loves. What is beautiful about that is because I know many women in my life that when action is called for, they take action. Whether it be using their feminine charms, or their intellect, or their wit. To play a character with such agency. Such drive. That used everything about herself. Everything I have seen my mother and sisters do. Just entertaining, fun movie. It's an action movie. It's an action movie. It's a go and have a good time. And have a roller coaster of experience. When you're an actor, you only have so much control. We all know what happens when a project is successful. Because the business says, oh, now that community is worthy of returning our funds. Yes. Get another deal. It is important. Not for me, but for my other Latinas, my other Latinos, who would like to be the leads in movies, as well. Similar to what happened with "Crazy rich Asians." Yes. Constance Wu can think -- now somebody else is going to be able to do that. To be in front of and behind the camera of Asian descent. People need to see this film. How many of the young people in the country say, that person looks like me. I want to get to the physical part. You're amazing. You did most of the stupts yourself. Boxing is your -- to go. It is. Golden globe. Right on it. Your dad passed that down to you, right?sto My dad. And my home boy, Julian. And your fiance. Wow, baby. Wow. So this was in training for his last fight. He is -- his discipline has taught me so much about my own body -- Wow. Joy is -- Wow. He's a wow. And he's a -- he's awesome. He's incredible. Is there he's letting himself go. It's terrible. I know. Yeah, but so I did some crazy training. I was able to do all my own stuns but one. I had an amazing stupt woman. Monica, I love a fellow Latina on the set. Stepping in when I couldn't. I had to say something. I loved "Annihilation." I thought it was a badass movie. This movie did not get enough love. I think you're a huge fan of it. I had to say that. Please watch that movie. Fwl thank you, Meghan. You're beautiful on the cover of "Cosmo" right now. Look at you. It took you a long time to accept your body. You tell us why it took you a long time to accept your body? I mean, am I the only one that it took a long time to accept your body? No, I'm still trying to figure it out. I got -- disease when I was nine years old. I felt like it was a huge curse. Anybody with hyper or hypo thyroid. It makes it hard to stay like this. Very hard for me to stay in a comfortable space in my skin. I thought I got the curse of an actress. I was like, okay. All the leads are really thin women. Thapt's never going to be my reality. But it turns out the be your reality. Because I learned -- Because you learned what to do. You have to come back. Never enough time. I talk too much. No. You're perfect for here. Our thank to Gina Rodriguez. "Miss Bala" is in theaters next Friday. We will be back, Yo.

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{"duration":"8:46","description":"The actress explains this year's Time's Up initiative and opening doors for the Latinx community in Hollywood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60548222","title":"Gina Rodriguez on Latinx representation and her new movie 'Miss Bala'","url":"/theview/video/gina-rodriguez-latinx-representation-movie-miss-bala-60548222"}