Gloria Allred on whether men accused of misconduct can make a comeback

Allred joins "The View" and discusses allegations against Tom Brokaw and more.
2:49 | 04/27/18

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Transcript for Gloria Allred on whether men accused of misconduct can make a comeback
Las Vegas, lise-lotte lublin. I have to ask you something, Gloria. We have been reading a lot about the guys accused in the me too movement trying to make a comeback. I was realing about batali today. Lauer. People talking about wanting to come back. Should they? I think each one has to be evaluated on the facts alleged and the person alleging them on the internet or elsewhere. Obviously, many the court of public opinion on #metoo, there are no rules or standards. There's no way of actually knowing. It's the court of public opinion we're talking about. 100%. If they want to come back on television, I don't know if they can. The public has decided if there there are enough women and the type of women that they'll believe, then there will be consequence ifser the person who was accused, even without any Sil lawsuit being filed or adjudicated. Everyone without any criminal case ever being prosecuted or decided in a court of law. Do you thing Al Franken should be allowed to come back and run for office. I mean, look. I like Al Franken. I can't let that get in the way of numerous accusations against him. Think that look, those who hurt women, if the public believes those perns accused have hurt women, have sexually harassed, raped, sexually assaulted, or all of the above, the men have to be accountable in some way. They have to be accountable in some way even if they have assaulted other men. Former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw was charged by two women. One is a former NBC correspondent Linda Vester. He's denied it. What are your thoughts? It has to be investigated and evaluated. I don't represent her. I won't take a position. I do think that the claims have to be take. Seriously. Women's word about what happened has to be taken seriously. And there have to be consequence IFS people believe it. That's all. This somehow the tajt women are not going to be silenced. They're not going to be intimidated. They're not going to be bullied by nowerful figures. They're going speak their truth. Are they going to be believe snd how many women does it take to make accusations for one woman to be believed over the power of the man. One of the the victims on TV said it took a male keed Yan to start the whole thing off on Bill Cosby. All the women coming out. One male comedian started it. One male African-American

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Allred joins \"The View\" and discusses allegations against Tom Brokaw and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54786786","title":"Gloria Allred on whether men accused of misconduct can make a comeback","url":"/theview/video/gloria-allred-men-accused-misconduct-make-comeback-54786786"}